In December 13th, a netizen in Renqiu, Hebei Province, issued an insult to the victims of the Nanjing massacre on the Internet, causing a strong dissatisfaction with the netizens. At present, Wang was detained for 15 days in accordance with the law. In fa

When the old man got off the bus, the bus driver didn't see it, and the old man's body … … the old lady fell to the ground and was rolled by the bus. The afternoon of December 13th, Mr. Cai introduced readers, in the vicinity of Shenyang mou

In order to make up for the problem of active gun power shortage, the U.S. Army was seriously considering seeking new rifle using a 7.62 mm bullet, to replace the M4 carbine series active power, because U.S. soldiers reaction M4 5.56 mm bullet was station

Recently, the Finance Bureau of human resources and Social Security Bureau, Hangzhou City, Hangzhou city issued "on the implementation of the" insured workers support the unemployment insurance in Zhejiang province improve Occupation Skills measures for t

The last time, micro-blog on a micro-blog fire on the surname! Micro-blog blogger @ you this is pregnant. Share a group of rare surname netizens self-reported, unexpectedly attracted nearly one hundred thousand responses, more than 10000 forwarding. Some

The Xinhua News Agency reported in December 11th. The world's first semi submersible intelligent marine fishing ground arrived in Norway in September and has been put into use in the sea area of Norway. The 1 marine fishing ground was contracted by the he

The office of the State Office recently issued the "official car management measures" provisions of the party and government organs, party and government organs shall be equipped with the use of domestic car, take the lead in the use of new energy vehicle

Original title: Sri Lanka Hambantota port will operate over China China proposed in Sri Lanka 9, the Sri Lankan government built Shekou, will officially take over the assets and the management rights of the southern Sri Lanka Hambantota port to China merc

Recently, an intensive pig breeding business as a core business recruited hundreds of thousands of high school graduates in Tsinghua University and many other famous universities. So, is this high annual salary reliable? Does a famous school have a pig to

If the transaction is completed, it means that in the short term but Jia Yueting left for home? The first electric combing found that on his way back to his home, there were three critical juncture. First, electric exclusive news. In December 1st, Jia Yue

Under the impetus of the editor's strong will to expand the influence of Southeast Asia, Japan has moved faster in recent years on the road to Vietnam. After Abe Shinzo was re elected as Prime Minister of Japan at the end of 2012, he chose Vietnam for the

You don't have to work is very busy with an alcohol home wife and children have to sleep without a word that you don't have to think about the holidays, to whom gifts, send what, how to send you don't have to finish the meeting will open a small work but

The Xinhua News Agency reported on December 4th, the 2017 China ASEAN Film Festival in Malaysia on the evening of 4 administrative capital Putrajaya International Convention Center ended, Chinese movie history "wolf 2" top grossing film Festival Award for

You don't have to work is very busy with an alcohol home wife and children have to sleep without a word that you don't have to think about the holidays, to whom gifts, send what, how to send you don't have to finish the meeting will open a small work but

In December 2nd, the largest in North China South Korea route to Korea Tourism Organization supplier Haitao travel group arrived in South Korea, has become South Korea in March this year, ushered in the first Chinese mainland tour. According to industry s


It's a big deal for many people to buy a house before they get married, but you may not know that even if the property card is written on your name, it doesn't necessarily belong to you. Look down the picture: if a simple photo network around the main pro

WeChat's recent big moves are more convenient for the small partners who often go to Hongkong because the Hongkong subway has also been supported by the WeChat recently. In November 23rd, Tencent Inc and Hong Kong Railway Corporation Limited formally sign

I'm sorry, meow star. Scientists now think that dogs are smarter than cats. This conclusion is based on the comparison of the number of nerve cells in the brain, papers published in the new issue of "frontier" Journal of neuroanatomy in switzerland. Resea

In November 29th, the Xinhua News Agency WeChat launched the "operation gang and so on APP yellow!" How does the online classroom be a dirty bed? "" the article, got the netizen and the parents' wide attention. Up to now, the amount of reading has been ne

Recently, Ms. Wang, from Wuhan, Hubei, found that on the website of Taobao exposure tester, Taobao's nickname and favorable reputation were all released together with real names, contact details and detailed family addresses. To her surprise, since August

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