2017 is the past, looking back over the past year, the photographer took us: North Zhu and, using the camera to capture his cavalry soldiers on the battlefield, battle and moment; ocean training, with the bombers, reconnaissance aircraft cruising around t

Caution! These four words have become what Chinese students often heard in Australia in the last few days. On the 18 and 19 local time, a security reminder to the foreign students from the Chinese Embassy and consulates in Australia received extensive att

Recently, there was a lot of news from the bank. Agricultural Bank of Chinese on-line ATM machine brush face money function, do not need ID card, bank card does not require, according to the prompts, money on their own vomit; Construction Bank China annou

In 1998, the American release of a film, called "Truman show", winning numerous. In the movie, Truman after the birth, almost all behavior in live. He is a year-round live soap opera, the protagonist, is known to the world, in addition to their truman. "T

Ye Zhengda. The morning of December 15th data from Ye Zhengda's family was informed, the son of general Ye Ting, deputy director, former State Department of Defense Industry Office of the deputy director of the former national defense science and Technolo

Recently, Chinese air force to carry out the routine normalization system of ocean training, more bombers, reconnaissance aircraft cruising around the island, exercise can improve the ability of safeguarding national sovereignty and territorial integrity.

According to foreign media reports, U.S. President Trump signed a 12 U. S. Congress passed the defense authorization bill for fiscal year 2018, which includes the possibility, evaluation of us Taiwan warships visits invited Taiwan to participate in red fl

Editor's note: the author of this article, Fujita Yoshihira, is a 26 year old Japanese young man. After his first visit to Shenzhen, he was shocked by the prosperity and development here. With emotion, he said his own words to the uncle who occupied the d

In November 30, 2017, Wu Qian, a spokesman for China's Ministry of national defense, pointed out that no matter how noisy and difficult and difficult it is, the Chinese Army's self-reliance and growth is overwhelming. Back in 2017, domestic water carrier,

2017 the results of the most happy city survey in China were released on the 7 day in Beijing, and the cities of Chengdu, Hangzhou and Ningbo were selected. The annual survey of the nomination to temper endeavour city China as the theme, highlighting the

The National Computer Virus Emergency Center recently monitored the Internet, and found that 8 illegal and harmful mobile applications exist in the mobile application publishing platform. The main hazards are two categories of privacy theft and rogue beha

With the arrest of the Zhejiang provincial Party History Research Center Zhou Jiyang former cadres, hundreds of red pass number has reached half court personnel! Just as the TV drama "people's name" reflects the people's ardent expectation of punishing co

As the same time, watch the German Railway of &hellip de iron; … German Railway once in time for the German iron words had turned into a Western proverb there. But Richard Luth, chief executive of Germany and iron, admitted in November 29th, ZAKER,


Recently, at the fourth World Conference of Zhejiang merchants, Ma Yun said he even thought of his epitaph. He wrote only one sentence: the Hangzhou guy who liked Taijiquan did a lot of things and made an enterprise by the way. Ma Yun said he had no comme

Dear mom: with the network for a long time did not write to my mother. Mom, don't be scared, don't be too sad, and don't complain too much about me. Failed to repay your parenting grace … … I and my lover are with the same apology with the s

Xinhua news agency, Shenzhen, November 23, Li Tuo, a 32 year old citizen of Shenzhen, did not expect to have completed his wish for a few years - to live in a larger, nearer house, and he became the first three year long lease loan client of ccb. 22, repo

The picture shows Ren Xiaoping's interview with Xinhua in the laboratory. Pictured, located in Harbin Medical University medical centers in the laboratory, Ren Xiaoping students in the experiment. In the interview, Ren Xiaoping's students are doing experi

&uarr will be published in February 2018; the English version of "Legend of the Condor Heroes" the first volume of "hero born" (pictures from Amazon) Reference News Network reported on November 22nd the US website Quartzy published in November 17th entitl

Data figure (source network) recently, a new type of shopping lighting balloon toys -- cool night, became popular in the network. Big and small friends holding red balloons on the net have taken photos, and some parents have seen photos, said, worried abo

Data figure (source network) recently, a new type of shopping lighting balloon toys -- cool night, became popular in the network. Big and small friends holding red balloons on the net have taken photos, and some parents have seen photos, said, worried abo

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