Recently, Trump announced that he recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and the news broke out in the world. Trump is Trump. When he took office as president of the United States, he had explosive functions with everything. After the incident, th

Image source: Vision China. In June 18, 2014, a week after the occupation of Islamic state (ISIS) in Mosul, the second largest city in Iraq, a blog named Mosul eye was launched. ISIS head Baghdad, ISIS recruits, decapitation - ZAKER, personalized recommen

In December 14th, the 11 edition of the people's daily was reported to be a successful conclusion of the Sino Russian cooperation 2017 counter-terrorism exercise. The exercise was held jointly by the Chinese armed police force and the Russian National Gua

The first author: military alone world day ago, the Korean Peninsula once again because of North Korea launched intercontinental ballistic missiles, South Korea held the largest in the history of the joint air exercises slip into the brink of war, and eve

[Global Times Roundup] 23, the Australian government published the first 14 years of foreign policy white paper. The white paper shows that Australia is committed to developing a strong and constructive relationship with China, rendering the challenges po

In November 20th, the Shepard air force base, Texas, the 361st Training Squadron of the air force was working under the guidance of the instructor. The instructor is concentrating on watching the student's operation, and the cadets are installing laser gu

Navy equipment red flag -9 air defense missile. According to the China network Chinese naval military reports, recently, the people's Liberation Army and the eastern theater belongs to the East China Sea Fleet Air Force held a joint combat exercises. Duri

I had for some reason, they decided to recover a set of native armor, over the investigation data found that Mr. Bai Rongjin the "restoration" (hereinafter referred to as the "armor armor") is currently the only possible research on real armor works. The

Experts said, according to Indian media satellite pictures to make the conjecture completely reliable. People's Republic of Beijing November 2, recently, India media according to satellite photos analysis speculated that China built 6 096 level strategic

On August 3rd, Mr. Xu, a Dalian citizen, took the night shift and led the way to Xinghai Square. He went to the seaside with his friends. At 11 that night, the sea wind was spinning the waves into the shore. Just as Mr. Xu and his friend were leaving the

Sleeping or bank card will be closing existing bank issued implementation plan according to the actual situation of the depositor will pay attention to idle account households! If you have a sleeping bank card in your home, or it will be cleared by the ba

Data figure: North Korea test fired missiles, the North Korean Central News Agency confirmed today, 29, that is, yesterday, North Korea tested a medium range ballistic missile from the mobile launch platform, allegedly successful test firing. It's the thi

This figure: Anping, male, the Shenyang Municipal Public Security Bureau narcotics police detachment precursor chemicals management battalion, a police inspector. Born in April 1969, Han nationality, a member of the Communist Party of China, a graduate de

Xinhua news agency, Beijing, May (reporter Wang Hongbin) - at the request of an international human rights organization, 24, the United States Department of Defense announced a declassified audit material 26. Materials show that more than $1 billion worth

NetEase technology news on May 9th, according to foreign media reports, the future of UAVs will be defined by the cluster uav. These small, inexpensive UAVs can save human lives by a number of advantages, but also can become a deadly weapon on the battlef

Note! Italy! La Since May 1st this year, the bank will be fully closed chip magnetic stripe composite card magnetic stripe transactions! What? There are several such bank cards in the wallet, will become a waste card? Don't worry, small make up for your l


In March 17th, the U.S. Army demonstrated the integrated combat capability of the Striker armored vehicle equipped with MEHEL laser weapons. (source: NetEase military) testing of laser weapons is MEHEL 2, the new device power upgrade from the original 2KW

Philippines President Duthel Te on February 4th announced the termination of talks with the Philippine Republic, and ordered the army ready to fight. At the same time, he also called the Philippines, don't put me into a corner. The army took me down or ki

January 1, 2017, a number of laws and regulations will be formally implemented. Which involves the small displacement vehicle purchase tax payment, flight delays, train tickets, go through the use of credit cards, medical insurance system etc.. Look at wh

According to foreign media reports, although Bill · Gates's wealth value again, but can not stop the bright younger generation to catch up, "Forbes" according to reports, the Spanish FMCG Brand Zara founder Oman Theo · Ortega surpassed the r

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