New Express News reporter He Shengting reported that while Guangzhou Metro Line 3 was crowded during the late rush hour, Xu, born in 1991, forcibly molested a girl Xiaoji (pseudonym) for 30 minutes, first touching the other's hip with his hand, and then using his body to push Squeezed to the side of the door to make it impossible to escape, and forced my hand into the skirt

New Express News Reporter He Shengting reported that the case of the female clerk of the Liwan District Court in Guangzhou was killed in a taxi at night, and there has been recent progress. On December 28, the Guangzhou Intermediate People's Court sentenced the defendant Gu Jingtao to intentional homicide, forced obscenity, and theft.

New Express News reporter He Shengting correspondent Sui Faxuan reported that on December 27, the Guangzhou Intermediate People's Court publicly sentenced Xie Dongqing in the first trial of the crime of intentional homicide and corruption, sentenced Xie Dongqing to death, deprived him of political rights for life, and fined 100,000 yuan. The illegal proceeds shall be recovered and turned over...

With the development of membership spending habits, many APPs have opened different types of members based on different user characteristics, interests, or product characteristics. New Express reporters recently evaluated 19 different types of apps on the market and found that 13 have at least

In addition to the variety of additional charges, there is a unique slot in the video app-that is, paid members cannot even perform the basic function of advertising. Member users still have to watch special advertisements inserted between episodes and variety shows, and there are even so-called member-oriented recommendations

The pit for APP members to pay for automatic renewal is not new, but there are still people jumping in constantly. Why? In response, a reporter from New Express launched a questionnaire survey on the automatic renewal of mobile phone apps. The results show that 54.72% of users said they have opened

New Express News Reporter Li Hongyun Correspondent Chen Muming He Kui reports Luomou used Chen's name to buy a house. As a result, Chen said that the house was hiss, and the two started a lawsuit. This is not a heavenly night, it happened in Jiangmen, Guangdong. Recently, the Taishan court in Guangdong Province closed the case. Luomou has to return to his own house.

On December 18, Guangdong traffic police reported a traffic accident. A collision accident occurred on the Yangdong section of the Shenhai Expressway, and five people died on the spot. New Express News Reporter He Shengting Correspondent Guangdong Jiaotong Warning Road December 17, 3248 km +670 in Zhanjiang direction on Shenhai Expressway

■ Experiments have shown that throwing objects down from higher floors will cause more damage. Therefore, to reduce the tragedy of disasters, we must rely more on the residents to abide by laws and ethics. A 30-gram egg will swell from the 4th floor;

In Guangxiaju, Tianhe District, people often throw debris at high altitude. Kitchen waste, peel and even used condoms are common. New Express reporters visited multiple communities in Guangzhou and found that the abhorrent phenomenon of high-altitude parabolic phenomena has always existed, because it is difficult to verify that victims often only consider themselves unlucky

New Express News Reporter Zheng Zhihui reported that on December 10, the organizing committee of the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou 2022 announced that Alibaba became the official partner of the Hangzhou Asian Games. Three years later, Hangzhou, China's first digital economy, will bring the world's first intelligent

Since September, a total of 510 forest fire cases have been investigated and dealt with in the province. Reporter Li Qiuling and correspondent Lin Yin reported that on December 10, the Guangdong Forestry Bureau organized a teleconference to further strengthen forest fire prevention. Deployment, emphasizing

On December 7th, the search progress of the Guangzhou Avenue subsidence search was announced. Tan Xiaochun, deputy chief engineer of the China Railway Guangzhou Rail Transit Engineering Command, accepted the current rescue situation. Reporter of the New Express Bi Zhiyi / Reporter of the New Express Reported by reporters Li Jiawen and Lin Gangwei December 2019 1

New Express News reporter He Shengting correspondent Wei Lei Yu Bingwan reported on an old case, and under the unremitting efforts of the prosecutor's team led by Xu Chunhui, Deputy Prosecutor of the Dianbai District Procuratorate, Maoming City, Guangdong Province, over 6 years of unremitting efforts, 6 copies Legal documents: 1 non-prosecution decision, 1 prosecution letter, 1 petition

New Express News reporter He Shengting reported that on December 5, the official Weibo post of the Chinese Fire Service announced that on December 1, Guangzhou fire was blocked by a white car while the fire was on the way. The fire truck raised the alarm and repeatedly honked, and the owners did not give way. For 1 minute and 16 seconds. Reporter from video

On December 1st, under the guidance of Guangzhou Medical Security Bureau and Guangzhou Development Zone Management Committee, Sipai Health provided technical support. Guangzhou Citizen Health Insurance, an inclusive inclusive health insurance for Guangzhou citizens, covered by Ping An Health Insurance was officially launched online. According to statistics, as of today,

At 9:18 on December 1, a ground subsidence occurred at the intersection of Guangzhou Avenue North and Oudong Road in Guangzhou, and the three were trapped. According to reports, the accident section is the Shahe Station construction area of ​​Line 11 of the Guangzhou Metro, where three people were trapped. The parties are currently in emergency rescue and the road section of the incident is...

New Express News reporter He Shengting reported that the birth of the baby is a very happy thing. In order to take better care of the baby, a mother in Guangzhou, Ms. Chen, spent 35,000 yuan to stay at the Boweidoli Maternal and Child Confinement Center. Ms. Chen found that her baby's fingers had paronychia. Remembering the whole

New Express News reporter Li Hongyun correspondent Zhan Danling reported that recently, Gongbei police detected a number of fraud cases. The suspects pretended to be dismantling the second generation. They used the name of love to defraud multiple women. In the end, they did not let go of the middlemen who helped cash out. The total amount of fraud was More than 1.8 million yuan. Currently, the...

New Express News Reporter Yang Yingjie Correspondent Guan Xuanxuan reported just now that the Dongguan Public Security Bulletin reported that the prostitution of a girl's dormitory in a college was purely fabricated and the two rumors were criminally detained.

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