Imagination of 2E missile. Taiwan "China Times" on November 26 Daily said, Taiwan has a medium range ballistic missile? When a medium range ballistic missile development program in Beijing and Shanghai was finished, many people did not believe that Taiwan

November 11th is not only a shopping festival, it is China Army Air Force 68th anniversary anniversary, 68 years of construction and development, for the air force China this is not what, in the future, she will continue to brilliant stride forward singin

In November 2nd, NATO issued a stern warning to one of its member states! What the hell is going on here? The chairman of the NATO military committee, Admiral Pavel from Czech made the unprecedented stern warning that if Turkey and Russia continue to perf

Foreign media said, China has made a major breakthrough, launched a powerful new high-altitude UAV, can make the country's military gain significant advantages. U.S. national interest bimonthly web site reported on November 4th, designed for 12.5 miles (2

Data figure: shield machine [Global Times - global network reporter Ni Hao, the magnificent palace of art] like the Moscow subway first opened the door, into the China power to help its development. Recently, Russian media reported that the construction o

One hundred thousand kilometres of landmines and unexploded ordnance are buried in the blue belt of the border between Lebanon and Israel, which stretches 120 kilometers across the east coast of the Mediterranean sea. The UNIFIL headquarters command, rece

Data figure according to Taiwan media reports, Taiwan surnamed Lu missile air defense missile command soldiers in the camp because the rest sleep was surnamed Mao who scolded, surnamed Lu missile even so angry at the officer surnamed Mao picked up the fol

South Korean foreign minister Kang (source: Yonhap) [World Wide Web Roundup] according to Yonhap News reported on November 2nd, South Korean diplomatic sources said the South Korean foreign minister Kang Beijing and will be the fastest this month on the C

According to the Russian satellite news agency on November 1st news, India's Atomic Energy Department officials, Selca Basu told reporters that India's second nuclear submarine made at the end of this year or early next year will launch, the ship has been

Data picture: in October 31st, the rescue ship carried out water spray fire on the cargo ship during the drill. Xinhua News Agency reporter Mao Xin Photo Reference News Network reported on November 2nd French media said, China and ASEAN countries held a j

Data figure: F-15 fighter overseas network November 2, local time at 1:55 on the afternoon of 1, located in Komatsu, Ishikawa, Japan, the Air Self-Defense Forces Komatsu base, a F-15 fighter emergency landing. The runway was forced to be blocked for about


Source: observer network according to Taiwan media reported on November 2nd, Taiwan Dominica allies defense ministry announced that Taiwan donated a total value of $35 million in military aid to the Republic of Dominica, including helicopters and hummer.

Alert submarine. (map / Russian satellite network) overseas network on 2 November, the UK National Audit Office released a report, the British Royal Navy is increasingly dependent on ships to maintain the fleet dismantling parts operation. According to th

Previously, in order to promote the marine nuclear power equipment industry, Chinese nuclear power, Shanghai electric and other 5 enterprises to be jointly funded 1 billion yuan, set up in Marine Nuclear Power Development Co. Ltd. in Shanghai in August (t

Data figure: the Russian air defense missile Russian media on their recent sales hot in a weapon that is proud of S-400 air defense missile, this weapon since 2014 China after purchase will enter the fast track to global sales. , Turkey and Saudi Arabia a

Reference News Network reported on November 2 of France's "world news" reported in November 1st, October 20th, the French Navy Auvergne multipurpose frigate of the latest equipment from Malaysia port brother Kota Kinabalu of South China sea voyage. This i

The island had the strength to let the world wonder, made has been involved in South China Sea Islands dredgerfill China self-propelled cutter suction dredger Tianjing in November 3rd, Asia's largest island made the strongest artifact will also unveil day

Local time on October 30, 2017 evening, Osmar Jef and his wife Adam Amie Chechens Noah Osmar Jef in the Kiev suburb of the town of Amina was shot and killed on the spot, Adam Osmar Jef was seriously injured. Osmar Jef and his wife's car -- ZAKER, personal

German media said that China has ambitious space program, the future will be launched on Mars exploration. Although China's space program has suffered some setbacks, it is a childhood disease that all space powers must deal with, and Chinese and foreign e

Hongkong "South China Morning Post" website published an article that, according to local media reports, the South China Sea Fleet Chinese set up a new rescue detachment, detachment commissar Ke Hehai said that the rescue team is a new form of this round

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