On December 14, Beijing time, the Pelicans lost 109-116 to the 76ers and suffered an 11-game losing streak. This summer, the Pelicans won the NBA champion Zion Williamson and traded Anthony Davis for several young potential players as well as

Lingard is under pressure from life After being criticized again by coach Solskjaer, Jesse Lingard decides to tell the truth about the fact that he has carried the burden of worry and unhappiness for too long . I didn't show performance, and he always asked me to want me to show better performance. therefore

On December 14, Beijing time, the NBA's official website updated the regular season MVP rankings. The alphabet brother continued to rank first. 1. Last ranking of Alphabet Brother: 1 Average per game: 30.9 points, 13.2

Currently in the Premier League standings, Mourinho's Tottenham coach is seventh, and this round they will have to challenge the sixth-place Wolves. Mu Shuai said before the game that he knew Tottenham should belong to the top six, and also believed that the team could be in this position at the end of the season. We know where we belong when

On December 14, Beijing time, salary expert Bobby Marks reported that an NBA executive told him that DeMar de Rozan was not worth the maximum salary contract. The executive said: I will use Demar as my third choice, but this player is not worth the maximum salary. Drozanben

On December 14, Beijing time, Liverpool announced through the official website that it has renewed the contract with Deputy Captain Milner, and Milner signed a contract in 2022. Milner, 33, joined Liverpool from Manchester City in 2015 and has made 198 appearances for Liverpool

According to The Undefeated reporter Marc J. Spears, he learned that Chris Paul and Dwight Howard were planning to go to Dallas together, but Howard later vowed. Spears emphasises that this is just one of many rumors heard

On December 14, Beijing time, before the NBA regular season Bucks vs. Grizzlies game, the Bucks routinely started a pre-match fight. The absolute loser in this fight was undoubtedly Lopez Jr., who was ruthless by the thick eyebrow Carried out. Xiao Luo was full of momentum before the duel started,

On December 14, Beijing time, according to the TMZ website, the Lakers ’famous Kobe Bryant witnessed a major car accident while driving at Newport Beach, California, but Bryant did not leave, but stayed on the scene to appease people involved in traffic accidents And direct traffic

On December 14, Beijing time, Reggie Miller, an NBA famous and current commentator, renewed the media and reiterated for the third time that he believes that the 2019 No. 1 pick Zion Williamson has been reimbursed for the season. Zion's NBA debut date has been pushed back and forth. October 2

James' quarterback pass Beijing time on December 14th The NBA regular season continued the fierce battle, the Lakers challenged the Heat away, and eventually they defeated the opponent 113-110. LeBron James once again showed a quarterback pass in this game and was amazed. Lakers play pair

Klopp and Liverpool officially renew to 2024 Liverpool club officially announced that Klopp and the team to renew until 2024. Klopp replaced Rogers to coach Liverpool on October 9, 2015, led the Reds to the Champions League final twice, and won 2019

Ding Yong's reputation is bad. On December 13, Beijing time, it was previously reported that former general manager Ding Yong was about to go to Shenzu. Embezzlement of tens of millions of public funds, the Public Security Bureau has opened a case and is investigating.

Greenwood shines in the UEFA Cup, Manchester United beat Alkmaar 4-0. The Red Devils 18-year-old forward Greenwood went wild in the field. He scored 2 goals in 6 minutes and created a penalty, setting off Manchester United's offensive frenzy. "BBC" said after the game: This is Greenwood

"People's Daily" focuses on the youth training editors. According to this year's World Cup, the women's volleyball team reached the top of the jubilation, the men's basketball team lost countless sighs, and the men's football road is still thorny. The three major goals of the volleyball team, with high attention and influence, are indispensable for building a sports power. Three big balls are...

Love broke out On December 13, Beijing time, the Cleveland Cavaliers defeated the San Antonio Spurs 117-109, and they ended their eighth losing streak. In this game, Cavaliers core Kevin Love has performed extremely well. He played 38 minutes and scored 30 points 1

Dongcic hits another milestone in Beijing on December 13, in the match between the Lone Ranger and Pistons, the lone player Luka-Donczic scored 39 points, 12 rebounds and 11 assists in a triple-double and broke a single Entry before by LeBron James and Magician

This is a multiple-choice question. Recently, the People's Daily conducted a thorough study of Chinese youth training, which revealed a case. Seven high school seniors from Beijing High School's High School Football Club received an invitation to try out a Super League club. I hope my child will take the college entrance examination first. College entrance examination ended, 7 players were

Suo Shuai always hopes to improve with youth training to win with young players. This is the DNA of Manchester United. Solskjaer said so many times. Manchester United's 4-0 win over Alkmaar is a classic match to win with youngsters, with Manchester United's 18-year-old youth player dominating Greenwood

Tomory and Chelsea renew their contract on December 13, Beijing time. Chelsea announced through the official website that they completed the renewal with England defender Ficayo-Tomori, and Tomory and Chelsea renewed their contract until 2024. Tomory was born on December 19, 1997

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