According to the December 15th Sina entertainment news, recently, claiming Hou Yaohua apprentice Anna gold became popular in the network, her online drying out Hou Yaohua gave her bag off, he was friends expose was bought in Guangzhou a cargo, triggering

Sina entertainment news video platform with popular, many people show their own personality in front of the camera, relying on the unique style of accumulated many followers, but the day before there is a network of red Tim Ye, in front of the camera when

Prior to this, the earthquake in Sichuan, Jiuzhaigou, affecting the hearts of compatriots throughout the country, the stars have donated to love, including Wu Jing [micro-blog] Xie Nan couple contributions 1 million. But because the "wolf 2" box office so

According to Taiwan media reports, rapper Gin Oy (MC JIN) rap skill in the United States and Hongkong are very famous in "Chinese" hip hop has previously visibility is significantly improved, but in the end was eliminated, Wu Yifan and other teammates sad

Not long ago, a "my first half of life," with outstanding performers and wonderful story in the summer archives suddenly hot, a lot of discussion. In the play, not only Jin Dong, Ma Yili, the actor and actress of the emotional entanglements exciting, Chen

Nana Sina entertainment news South Korean female group AfterSchool member Nana starred in the drama "four" is expected to. Nana brokerage firm Pledis entertainment 16, said: [Nana has received the "four sons" acting proposal, is actively discussed. [four

What the world is so big, with one or two stars is a normal thing, this is not encountered netizens in the subway station, they also did not wear a mask and hat, a noble human appearance! Recently, netizens to bask in the subway encounter a photo of Leon

Today, Du Jiang with his son, er hum appeared at the airport, and next to a group of troops with the shooting. Recently, there are a number of micro-blog account broke, "Daddy where" recently recorded, Du Jiang is in the list of guests broke the list. Tod

On Friday night, ten, Hunan TV "every day" broadcast [green development, green life] special environmental protection, [Environmental Ambassador] Xun Zhou airborne scene, and every day brothers share environmental habits. [Zhou childe] mad praise ("day da

Allen Lin's wife in the three generations of the family in August 15th, Allen Lin's wife Xihua drying out of the three generations of the family to go to Xinjiang travel photos, group photo all very close, especially with Lin Zixuan in this scene, a hand

The original art scholar Sunshine combination (3unshine) before the exposure of the company return to public view, before the date of visit a combination of programs, facing the fame they said: [want to use action to prove. [field 3unshine definitely made

Chinese restaurant media interactive conference August 16th. Star Partner running experience program "Chinese restaurant" media interactive meeting held in Changsha. General director Wang Tian, hand in hand guests Zhao Wei, Huang Xiaoming, Dongyu Zhou, Zh

August 16th is the birthday of Honglei Sun, just after the morning, friends Huang Bo on micro-blog blessed Honglei Sun [Sun Meili, also all Birthday Photo wearing glasses, looking for a forty-five degree angle, anyway, I wish you a charming enchanting gam

William Chan not long ago, William Chan in the TV series "orange's" boot conference speech, standard Mandarin pronunciation of rapid progress, shocked the audience. Recently, a conference staff exposed William Chan's speech, manuscript, and revealed Chen

Mignon [the same world, the same "drunk"] is exquisite, the domestic broadcast of the double space-time oriental legend fierce love blockbuster "drunk exquisite" in major mainstream video platform overseas is because of "drunk [Triumphant news keeps pouri

The evening of August 14th, Ada Choi [micro-blog] micro-blog issued a commemorative dinner: [really good night! You are so grateful for the love brothers and sisters!! we are so happy!] and drying out a Zhang and friends reunion photos. Ada Choi first for

Dong Jie and his son and the evening of August 14th, Dong Jie in micro-blog to share with his son to see a movie experience, wrote: [to take children to see the magic of the earth day, and bear children are very noisy, passionate for animal stories, the n

Baidu's annual Summer Party again, in addition to delicious, good drink, fun, the biggest highlight of this year's Summer Party is Robin Li's daughter Brenda. This inherited the father high Yan sunshine small beauty, a white T-shirt with jeans short skirt

According to Taiwan media reports, many artists Tia Lee and Ke Zhendong was photographed [micro-blog] with the import, suspected low-key dating for 3 years, although the two sides did not always willing to respond positively to the affair, but the day bef

According to Korean media reports, actress Song Zhongji and Song Hye Kyo are determined to have their wedding at Shilla Hotel in October 31st. Previously, the Shilla Hotel forged the star couple Gao Surong and Jang Dong Gun engagement, Kwon Sang Woo Son T

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