Kim Heechul & amp; darr; 83 years old, a member of Super Junio. It is famous for its milk skin and idou textbooks. After years of debut, he has accumulated a high degree of favorability. MOMO & amp; darr; born in 1996, a member of TWICE. The strength is obvious to all, the potential is no

01./ Yesterday I saw it before going to bed. The Japanese media revealed that Hamasaki had a son in the past 2019. The child's father was an amateur. At present Hamasaki and this amateur boyfriend have no plans to get married. This news is still quite present. On the one hand, for those who are going to be home soon after the New Year to get married

Sina Entertainment News On December 27, Sina Entertainment exclusively learned that Han Geng and his girlfriend Lu Jingshan will get married and hold a wedding in New Zealand on the 31st. The engagement photos taken by Han Geng and Lu Jingshan in August were also exclusively exposed. The two kissed sweetly on the Great Wall, set a lifetime for each other, and blessed. Han Geng Lu Jingshan on...

Wang Sicong Sina Entertainment News On December 24, three service contract disputes involving Wang Sicong were withdrawn, and three consumer restraint orders issued by the Shanghai Jingan District People's Court have also been revoked. Wang Sicong has partnered with equity investment fund on December 2 and Jiaxing, who initiated the arbitration.

Zheng Shuang and Zhang Heng were broken up again today? I asked the insider to prove that the two had broken up earlier. On October 17th, the recording of a certain program was rejected on the grounds that the schedule was inappropriate, and Zhang Heng was no longer responsible for Zheng Shuang's related work. In addition, the two people were not friendly, suspected of economic disputes, very

Ring on the ring finger & amp; darr; was also moved into a new luxury mansion of 12.768 million ? ? Everyone knows Xu Weining's boyfriend? It used to be like this. Later, the style became like this. This brother is called Liu Younian and his nickname is

Some time ago, Xiao Yaxuan came out of business for a long time. The new song MV will be filmed with a little boyfriend. The two loved each other by shooting various MV shows, and the picture was full of pink bubbles. After reading all kinds of emotions, you finally understood that Xiao Yaxuan's happy friends were really handsome and younger

In contrast, his expression is not exaggerated! Have you watched Lang Lang's three teaching videos? In the beginning, he taught the little boy & amp; darr; clapping his arms and shaking his hands for a while. Especially this expression, it is absolutely terrible .....

Before starting today's article, let's take a look at this picture & amp; darr; at first glance, how old do you think she is? 30 years old? Still 40 years old? If I said that she is 52 years old this year, can you believe it! !! !! This is the champion selected by the Japanese National Beauty Witch Competition this year.

The following article is from entertainment theory. According to the author's report on the 9th, some head casting teams recently received a list of artists blocked by the video platform. After multi-party verification by Yuli Studio, it was confirmed that this was indeed the case. This is the first time that the three video platforms combined

Renmeigetian's IU is signing. Of course, the signing meeting is not the point. The point is that at the signing meeting, IU begged to be shaken by the male fan! !! !! Is this the loss of morality or the distortion of human nature? !! Here's the thing ... In the beginning, IU was chatting with male fans, and they were very happy. IU puts the album

Early this morning, Zhang Liang made a Weibo official announcement and divorced his wife Kou Jing. It wasn't a recent divorce, but the divorce had already been done as early as 2017. It's hard to believe that the divorce between two people can be said to be without warning. After all, for a long time, Zhang Liang and Kou Jing are the representatives of fairy love in the eyes of outsiders.

Fei Yuqing held the final venue of his farewell concert at the Taipei Arena, officially announced the closure of the wheat, ending the 47-year career. Regarding his retreat, he has already announced on Weibo more than a year ago. In the following year, he basically made a farewell concert in various places. Last night last night

Your little Malfoy. The latest photo is the sauce... This messy hair style, the look-up pattern of this stealing mirror, and the wearing of this stream of consciousness are really too ruthless! ! ! Don't panic, don't be surprised, in fact, Tom Felton has long been a sauce. When he was a child, he still did. Blonde, blue eyes,

This, directly shot her as a lie! ? Have made it, Wu Yifan is on the line today. If you have heard anything you have never heard before, you can listen to it again. In addition to Wu Yifan's own new song, this new song is dedicated to the first costume style. Another topic is that the female MV is the female of Kimura Takuya.

I saw a cold knowledge today and scared me. Before we understand this cold knowledge, we need to understand two things first. First, in 2009, there was a TV series called "Snail House." Second, the Korean group There is a Chinese member in the NCT group called Zhong Chenle. Understand these two items, cold knowledge science can start science

The anecdote of Yang Mi and Wei Daxun was blown out from the second day of the seventh lunar year. At the time, the whole network was shocked. --What? Yang Mi and Wei Daxun? ? ? Are you together? ? ? At that time, I met Wei Daxun’s netizens and did not recognize the girl who was next to the parcel. Know that because the two wear suspected couple shoes, the first reaction may

Today's most magical news ----- Net red opened the plane. I saw this news at the time:? ? ? Things are like this... this sister paper. Big eyes, high nose, small v face, very typical red face. It looks pretty and looks good. For her, she was taken out to learn flight attendants. Look

Yang Lijuan 12 years ago, Yang Lijuan chased the star Liu Dehua, the father to help her daughter dream of jumping into the sea, since then she was labeled as a paranoid, crazy label. Recently, Yang Lijuan was interviewed and said that her family is not indifferent. When she was a child, she was very happy to go home. After the death of his father, Yang Lijuan took his father’s

In fact, there are a lot of news that is worth repeating. For example, after the news of Zhang Yining's second child born today, #张怡宁 has a strong heat. The hot search has climbed up, and Zhang Yining’s ping-pong event is worth talking about. Zhang Yining was last hotly debated by everyone or three years ago. That year, we

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