Edison Chan teacher in micro-blog "shelling" others is also targeting the It is often seen., but always in the circle of good reputation of Lin Chiling, let netizens are confused. Notice, tomorrow afternoon, Lin Chiling and Edison Chan will appear in Shan

Hubei this time suffered heavy rain, a large number of affected population, suffered heavy losses. As a brother, should do something to help people in disaster areas survive. Liyan Tong couple donations to the disaster area 1 million Sina entertainment ne

Zhang Xinyu made micro-blog said last night was claiming to be a fan of the man's harassment.

June 19th, Michele Lee drying out her husband Julian and his son's photo, but also with the father's Day gift for father's Day gift photos. Sina entertainment hearing in June 19th, Michele Lee in the sun out of her husband Julian and his son's photo, but

On May 25, Jimmy microblogging drying out of the small son Kyson according to Meng, Kyson with closed eyes, sucking on a pacifier looks very cute, guards, long eyelashes is sprouting of all the users of the heart. " Kyson photos with your eyes closed, suc

Yuan Li was friends spray "prostitutes, more" bitch "and other insulting remarks. Yuan Li forward micro-blog, fight back: "the anus hung up the mouth, quickly change, or feces spilled on his collar. May 23rd, Yuan Li forward micro-blog, counter said: "the

At noon on June 5, Elaine microblogging drying out a piece of herself and her daughter 17 years old to CF, maid naughty look pretty lively, facial features, and mother slightly somewhat similar. " Photos, 17 year old Elaine wearing red chiffon blouse, ski

Na Ying drying out and her husband Taiwan riding on the way to the photos, photos, Na Ying crazy eating steamed stuffed bun to supplement the physical, the husband Meng Tong is in the side to eat bananas. Bicycle Sina entertainment hearing in May 3rd, Na

On April 24, Yang Yunshai with the son of yang to go fly a kite photos and interact with the netizen: "Ma Ma take you fly a kite to, want to please follow up.

Zhang Ziyi embrace her wake up, side face appearance, hugged her daughter. Wang Feng and Zhang Ziyi wake up Sina entertainment news on April 18th, Zhang Ziyi micro-blog in drying out the photo and daughter wake up.

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