Hello everyone, today is the third day of the new year, have you quietly set a new flag in your heart? It ’s true that one of the New Year ’s flags of the sheep is to hope that the new year will look better. On the premise that it is still your own, you can increase the overall face value by three points.

Some people say that Xiao Zhan's face is long! Zhanzhan's face is a flourishing beauty, how can it be long? In the spirit of rigorous earnestness, the fierce sheep use data to prove that Xiao Zhan's face is not long! Poke the video! Look at the true face value of the big handsome guy! Take a look at it and go!

Good evening sisters! It's time to entertain with the sheep to eat melon. It ’s the morning of the sheep ’s family that ’s been fed a lot of dog food by the Liu Shishi family! Near New Year's Day, in order to reunite the family, Wu Qilong and his son deliberately rushed to the Shanghai shooting class where Liu Shishi's new drama was filmed, and while Liu Shishi was working,

# 明星 urge you to lose weight series #What do you look like in your brother's eyes? Fan Ye shouted: Hundred pounds to go to lose weight! Huang Zitao bluntly said: I will not have a fat girlfriend! Xiao Zhan shouted to lose weight girl: Don't dream and wake up! I'm updated to tell the truth. But Hua Chenyu turned in a perfect score.

Good evening sisters! It's time to entertain the melon with the sheep. Don't look at today's holiday. In order to eat D's love romance melon for the first time, the sheep got up early. As a result, both Weibo and the forum were dry Didn't wait ... I'm a bit angry now. I do n’t know if I eat the cantaloupe

Good night, little babies ~ where did you cross last year? Not to mention, sheep are polite inquiries and don't want to hear the whole process of your show and love. After all, the object is called New Year's Eve, and no object is called staying up late at best. I want to say that although it is staying up late for the New Year, there should still be a sense of ritual, so sheep point

Today, Uncle Ox wants to share with you an unpopular beauty. She is also a favorite of many girls. Yes, she is Li Yuan. Although her beauty is widow, but objectively speaking, like Liquor, Li Yuan's five senses are considered to be the delicate and changeable one among the insignificant Yujie Yan. The same level of beauty

This morning when Yangwei brushed Weibo, Yang Chao's new drama Reuters was brushed up. Originally, this Reuters was nothing, but the sheep found Huadian in Reuters, and the younger sister took eye drops! It is said that it is because the opponent can't cry because it is really impossible, but do you think this picture seems familiar? return

The best suspense of the year, is it the distortion of human nature or the loss of morality, is it Xiao Zhan at the bedside or Li Xian in his arms? The answer will be announced in the headline on the evening of the 31st. Missing the answer to the new year will really regret it ~ I am the text dividing line. Good night, cubs Come see what good things the sheep has brought to everyone

Some time ago, when Xiao Zhan's drama "Qing Yu Nian" came out, it immediately exploded the Q & A community. Many people were discussing Xiao Zhan's eyes narrowed? Ask him if he has done the eyelids down to ... and the sisters who are engaged in the discussion are discussing who he and Wang Yibo are more rectified ... naturally such sheepish content is not

The following article is from New Oxy Beauty College. The author, Uncle Oxyx, good evening. ~ Uncle Oxygen has been looking for a small partner to run New Oxy Beauty College ~! If you have a strong interest in looking at the face and aesthetics, love to look at the face, and are willing to dig deeper into the effects of different face shapes, features, hairstyles, etc. on the face value,...

Hello, darlings, cute and beautiful sheep are here! Early in the morning, Xu Zishan was surprised by the news that she would quit the entertainment industry. There may be little cute people who don't quite know who Xu Zishan is, and the sheep first put a picture to awaken Daga's sleeping memories. Miss Hong Kong 2004-Xu Zishan is still quite recognizable,

Little babies, good evening! The cute sheep has appeared again! ~ The film "Manslaughter" is strong and has achieved quite good results at the box office ~ Chen Chong, as always, has received numerous positive reviews. But at the same time, some netizens think that she gave birth to a daughter and played too much. Poor parents, Chen Chong may want to pull his daughter, always

Good evening sisters! Didi has been lively on the hot search these past two days. Yesterday, Humming just went on a hot search, and today my mom went on again. After watching the excerpted video, the sheep finally knew why it was so stubborn, Huo Siyan was a walking treasure! When a group of people talked about the wedding, Huo Siyan for a while because he did n’t have

Ladies and cubs, good evening everyone! What are you doing this weekend? She was really bored at home and started to play the drama, just happened to have a new drama starring Li Landi and Wang Anyu-"Dream Back to Qing". This play is based on a novel of the same name, and is called "Scared Everywhere" and "Yaohua"

Today, the sheep came to Hong Kong and Hong Kong on Double Twelve, hehe hehe ~ Of course, it is not the story of the shopping cart. It is the new movie "Sky Fire" of Da Ling Kunling ~ △ This article has no spoilers, at most it is the official website's plot profile. read. Skyfire is a disaster-themed movie about geologists investigating volcanic inspections

Hello, cubs, welcome to today ’s breaking news ~ I do n’t know if you have visited Guo Caijie ’s airport recently. At first glance, there are several people in the sheep ’s mind as well as netizens name. Yan Ni? Zheng Jun? I did not expect it to be Guo Caijie! This greasy hair and waxy face

This morning, Zhang Ruohuan deleted Weibo from Weibo, causing a stir. I posted a Weibo at 4:52 this morning, which outlined a warm occasion, but at the end came a sentence that you do n’t deserve it, which is considered by many netizens to mean his father, Zhang Jian. I heard Zhang Jian was at the age of one or two

Hello, sheep, cubs. Good night, Dajia. Today, the sheep brought fresh foreign melons to provoke ~ Dajia remember the gentle and dignified Virgin in the "Bao Lin Lantern"? Or the mind-blowing female second Jin Shixuan in the Korean drama "My Girl"? harm! Sheep exposed age again, yes, these two characters have a little contrast

Good evening everyone ~~ After experiencing various negative rumors that Naza had been killed because of his face collapse and the variety show broke up repeatedly on the variety show, Zheng Shuang's face came back beautifully. In the past two days, I saw Zheng Shuang two groups. Beauty photos, female star Zheng Shuang's beauty reopened. The picture below shows Zheng Shuang wearing a black...

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