Many people may have an impression of Ji Xingpeng's name. Yes, he is 4 years ago shocked Nanjing Sai International Criminal case. Reporters exclusively learned that he has been sentenced to death for two years, and now there is a great possibility of bein

A car, starting with the driver of the 3 people, in a strange way is, to reach the destination, two passengers in the car were accidentally killed, but the driver is not serious. A middle-aged couple in a car accident died of poisoning is the 33 year old

"Boss, is there any spicy meat in your house?" "Our meat is cooked very well, absolutely no blood." This cold paragraph, @ Biot THU, comes from Tsinghua University. Tsinghua Wudaokou is a place of many talented men still remained in concealment, academic


At the noon of December 6th, in Jiangsu Province People's Hospital, a female driver was accidentally planted in a three-dimensional parking garage and was seriously injured. It is understood that the garage had been an accident before, in July this year,

Yangzi Evening News Network December 4th news (reporter Pei Rui Xuan correspondent Dee) in November 21st, occurred due to get off the crowded and the dispute of Nanjing metro line two Olympic Station, three female passengers dispute, one of the passengers

The regulations on the protection of the rights and interests of consumers in Jiangsu Province, which was formally implemented in July 1st this year, made clear requirements for the free provision of tableware. Recently, Nanjing a serious public Liu call

Campus trouble. Family members provide small clean loan contract. A small loan ad posted on a university campus. I have. I just want to mentally and physically exhausted, understand why my daughter did not have identity cards in the body, but also repeate

"Life is like a white feather in the air, or fighting in the wind, or floating in the wind, or flying in the blue sky, or falling into the abyss; … …" the word "Agam" has a more direct feel for Bengbu girl Yang Li. How many people lose their

Ai Fukuhara was born on October 13th morning, about 6 pounds of daughter, officially promoted to novice mom. Her husband Jiang Hongjie earlier revealed that because Japan did not have the habit of confinement, so intend to postpartum let his wife rest in

969192128920997.02 yuan! In front of a computer screen with a mouse Huangping site was finally settled this number, a long string of numbers in the end how much is 969 trillion, which is from November 10th at 8 o'clock start, less than 24 ZAKER, personali

Recently, Nanjing Qinhuai police rapid disposal occurred in the cinema in the intentional wounding case, the suspect with his girlfriend to go to the movies, because the front is too big to sleep snoring from the dispute, a word not to come up with a frui

Taobao store sales data record store screenshots of helicopter orders 969192128920997.02 yuan! In front of a computer screen with a mouse, Huang Ping is finally settled the site number, only a long string of numbers in the end how much is 969 trillion, wh

The hot summer of July 1997, in 1998 three a minor Zhengzhou juvenile in Shandong Heze knock on the head pipe robbery causing death, they, in a Heze Court on a sentence. After years of imprisonment, they were released early because of good performance. In

On the highway, find a car, your mind will emerge out of what picture? Is this: or is this: Recently, Nanjing police found the car car like this in the Nanjing Hangzhou Expressway: a look at honest van, demolished two rear seat, inside the brim with ZAKER

The climax of online shopping double eleven is coming, Huaian consumers Ms. Chen encountered strange things, a group of electronic devices purchased on a shopping platform into a package of sweet potatoes. Consumer review group Reporters involved in the i

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