Is football a profitable business? All the industrial business, needs to have the incubation period, just fight cultivation of low income, sustainable development is possible?

The successful methods of Hollywood, is its business model to reflect the process of industrial production: blockbusters. This business model, has been questioned for a hundred years has been challenged, but always steady stand.

Worldwide shocks, from the stock market to each screen and mobile terminal, because the United States and the United States was elected the forty-fifth president of the United states.

In 2016 the global football continued bustling. Abroad, the first European Cup after the expansion extended the length of summer football, Neymar led the Brazilian Olympic Station for the first time

Women's tennis needs a new star is born, women's tennis is so China.

In November 1st, the Zhuhai tennis tournament will officially start, and one of the highlights of the Zhuhai tennis tournament, is Chinese female tennis Jinhua Zhang Shuai, because Zhang Shuai is the current

The "three club Chinese" control, "in the middle", there will be a a dragon and a tiger in combat.

I hope Tokyo 2020 arrives, Wang Haibin stationed in his most should be in the Olympic line.

The whole nation system of the British Olympic Games is a kind of national system, which is supported and supported by the development of the Olympic Games in a public and transparent environment. Seemingly similar, but the national sports system and Chin

Team collective project failure, reflected in the Olympic Games, rooted in the campus, in the family.

Here there will be brave, prize too heavy, will also bring the rewards itself becomes larger than the meaning of Olympic have the order reversed.

The first day of the gold, the brutal competitive sports and magnificent, in many projects have begun to show. But Horton Sun Yang's fierce attacks and accusations, deserves more attention.

Euro Cup 2016, football over the terror, the team to overcome the stars, to the end of the game, to the end of the spirit of movement, in exchange for the Portuguese miracle.

Also welcome welcome message, click the "Yan" follow me on Napoleon's philosophy, every opening a general, he asked the people around, the general.

There are two different individuals, some of which are very different. Is a teammate, is also an enemy.

A football game, how can it not be so mechanical? You have to show me......

Depression is a dog that does not go away. Endeavour in the Welsh, who will not forget the name of Gary Speed. The depression patients, should be the concern of the whole society, is the Chinese society, Chinese football should not forget the community.

"Football is a simple game, 90 people chasing a ball in 22 minutes, and finally the Germans win......" The Germans absolutely agree with this judgment, just to add "ellipsis, unless the Italians appeared......"

China football can learn from the freedom of Iceland youth universal mode, Poland can learn foreign talents, but what China can copy the Iceland miracle, that's great, nonsense.

A fever, and roar, only Conti's appearance. Under the representation of Conti, is a great learning ability, calm as coach.

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