In the industry view, the Chinese film market is growing, the mainland film companies and Hollywood cooperation is also an unprecedented hot, it is possible to shoot a global explosion models movie.


The double eleven, in addition to "chop hands" and "buy buy buy", the most cherished estimates make the film fancier is Ang Lee's new film, "Billy Lynn's war" midfielder.

I according to Bloomberg news, relevant personage revealed pictures to Tencent at least $295 million investment in Hollywood and the China film market within two years, in order to expand its market share in the global entertainment industry.

In November 8th, the National Art Film Union announced a 100 art hall layout and eight theme show.

Thanks to the marvel blockbuster "strange doctor" released last week, the mainland film market finally have a bit of improvement -- a week at the box office at 588 million; the North American market for "strange", the box office rose.

A week of film (October 31st -11 06) this week released 14 new films, of course, the most recommended, "Dr. strange".

The mainland market downturn, the North American Halloween weekend.

In November 4th, the U.S. - China Film and Television Industry Expo, the American Film Institute, China Film Co-Production Corporation, "Hollywood reporter" jointly organized the first "golden screen Award" awards ceremony cum foreign Co productions in Lo

In November 2nd, by the American Film Institute, the State Press and publication administration, SONY Studio Entertainment group jointly hosted the sixth session of the Sino foreign co production film screenings in the grand opening of Losangeles SONY fil

Recently, China Radio and Television Digital Rights Management Forum (hereinafter referred to as the forum) and the American Film Association signed a memorandum of cooperation in Hangzhou. The move aims to promote the film version

Animated movies and music and movies is still in the winter of this year's flagship, famous director have also launched a masterpiece. Interface |BrianTruitt translation: Chen

With "Miss Pei fantasy Castle" file December 2nd, this year the introduction of a large split already scheduled seating. From the beginning this Friday, by Dante "password" "magic hair essence

For 360 companies to stop the personal cloud disk service, the National Copyright Bureau issued a document to give full affirmation, said to strengthen copyright protection for other Internet Co set a good example.

Following the "Sherlock" the sorrows of a happy twist drama produced by the movie "donkey" will be released in the water.

Film technology companies in China has always been ignored, even if the founder of the "Afanda".

Time network | elated good movie awards not only means the applause and flowers, it can explore the potential of new and creative work, for those who are buried in the open literature

According to the Wall Street journal news, the United States, the second largest mobile operator AT&T will be $85 billion 400 million acquisition of Time Warner, the two sides have basically reached a merger agreement, which

Mainland film at the box office in the mainland film market (10.18-10.23), although there is a "Mechanical Division 2: Resurrection," "startled the broken", "Xia Jack: never back

The information this year is the Japanese anime film "seven ball" came out 30 years, carrying countless 70, 80, 90 memories of the battle of the universe will be in such a memorial

Recently, the online copyright trading platform, cloud Lai dock to promote the free copyright protection platform formally launched, it seems that the intention to step

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