After the birth of AlphaGo in 2016, in just three years, Starcraft, Dota2, Texas Hold'em and Mahjong have been conquered by AI. With OpenAI Five and AlphaStar's Bloodwashed Ladder Arena, the game field seems to have been AI

Talent and salary have always been hot topics in the gaming industry. Today (December 11), Gamma Data has analyzed and interpreted the newly released annual data. More than half hope to earn more than 10,000 a month, but only 40% of the gamma data indicates that more than half of the game industry in 2019

Game grape news, two game companies listed on the Hong Kong stock market recently, Dreamland and Leyou Technology have launched a new acquisition plan. Specifically, Dreamland intends to acquire 69.21% of Leyou Technology. It is reported that the acquisition amount is USD 1.4 billion

On December 6, Folding Games held a theme concept exhibition in Shanghai for its 7th anniversary. The theme of this exhibition is the Maze of Minds. Stacked paper designed 6 cottages with different design styles to display different game physical clothing. These outfits include specially tailored Sea of ​​Stars

The new expansion package originally scheduled to be launched at the end of the year should not be seen. American game developer Bethesda has announced that The Elder Scrolls Saga will suspend development indefinitely. Today, The Elder Scrolls Legends Community Manager Christian Van Hoose

Today, game categories and products are becoming more and more abundant, and the artistic content carried by games is gradually becoming more popular, showing a more diverse form. Under this premise, cross-border cooperation between art and culture has become a popular direction. Recently, MMO battle online games under the theme of NetEase Games in the late Sui and early Tang dynasties

Text / Thomas's Skull is in the sky, the mushroom theory is a story that many people are backsliding on. There is a mental patient who does nothing every day, squatting in a corner with an umbrella. Others come to take him away and he does not resist. Every day he stays there, all doctors feel that this patient is not saved. One

The fist didn't stop their footsteps after the release of several new games on the tenth anniversary. Today, Fist announced the establishment of Riot Forge, an independent game publishing division, which will work with third-party game studios to launch new games based on the League of Legends universe. Previously, Fist announced a number of

This article first appeared in the flagship review of Zhihu column, author Necromanov. Game grapes have been authorized to reproduce. Years later, facing critics, Hideo Kojima may recall the distant afternoon when he was first promoted to the role of game producer by his boss. At the time, Konami was a lot of people

Twenty years ago, "Sammu" was definitely a very legendary game series. It first proposed a design concept such as the open world. In order to achieve this game design, the first-generation research and development cost alone reached 70 million US dollars, breaking the time Guinness World Record. This approach

At least in the short term, we will not see a new generation of PS Vita and PSP. Today, Sony confirmed that it will no longer make portable game consoles. In an interview with Game Informer, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan talked about handhelds

Following the public offer of Hong Kong stocks on June 28 this year, the TapTap operator's heartbeat network successfully passed the hearing of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange five months later, a step closer to landing Hong Kong stocks. As of September 30, 2019, Heartbeat Network operated a total of 42 online games.

Recently, Netease acquired a minority stake in Bossa, a British independent game team, "Surgery Simulation" and "I am Bread" developer. It is reported that NetEase led Bossa's Series B financing and obtained London venture capital partners and maker funds (London Ventu

Today, according to LatePost, Kushou recently completed the last round before the IPO, which is the Series F financing. In this round of financing, nearly 3 billion US dollars, Tencent led the investment of about 2 billion, Boyu Capital, Yunfeng Fund, Temasek, Sequoia followed suit. After the investment is completed, quickly

In the past year, the scope of application of incentive video advertising is no longer limited to casual and hyper-casual games. Some moderate and heavy games have also begun to try to integrate incentive video advertising to increase revenue sources. Earlier, when Bowers and Arrows was released overseas, it used two advertising and in-app purchase monetization models, but it has recently...

Self-checkers are not as hot as they used to be. On Baidu, the search index of this keyword skyrocketed to 26,000. When you look at the monitoring results for nearly 30 days, you will find that its trend line has slipped below 2000 points. Despite this, Auto Chess has completed a lot of new products

Yesterday (November 24), an article entitled "Netease layoffs, let security guards kick me out of the terminally ill company" circulating in the industry. The author of the article claims that during his employment at NetEase, he experienced persecution, calculations, surveillance, framing, threats, and even being kicked out of the company by security guards while suffering from terminal illness.

In the mobile game sector, revenue increased by 7% in October, with "Glory of the King" and "Watching Dawn" leading the revenue list. Recently, market research agency Superdata released the October game market report. Among them, the total revenue of the digital game market in October was USD 8.84 billion (about 61.881 billion

At the 2018 UP conference, Tencent announced that it will cooperate with Blueprint Games to launch the only domestically licensed "Hunter" mobile game. This game is adapted from "HUNTER × HUNTER" (Chinese name: Hunter × Hunter) by Fu Jianyibo, the original comics from 1

In the past two years, copyright disputes have been a hot topic in the online game live broadcast and short video industries. Until a final conclusion is reached, the live broadcast platform seeks vendor-side support, and obtaining a copyright license may be a more feasible way. In this regard, the industry has recently had relevant samples. On November 27, Tencent and Touch

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