Bandai Namco released the latest trailer for "Dragon Ball Z Carkarot". The trailer shows all aspects of the game, including battles, stories and basic systems. Of course, there are also famous scenes that are equivalent to Finished the previous information. Video address book for 2020

With the release of the PC version of Halo Master Chief Collection, more and more new players are exposed to the Halo game series with a huge story structure. However, at present, the series of prequels "Halo to Far Star" is only released in chronological order. It is really suitable for newcomers in terms of plot, because it tells

It's been more than three months since the last series of King of Eldor in "Magic", and today's game time brings you an exclusive preview card, which belongs to the new series Theros that will be released on January 17: To survive. Today happens to be New Year's Day, the number one in 2020

This is the second-to-last poll in the UCG game awards election stage. Yesterday's voting is still ongoing. If you have not participated yet, you can click here to participate. This year's election rules are the same as last year. Votes are cast on a monthly basis, and there is no limit on the number of votes. Vote for all candidate games in the month.

VG chat room has been registered on each major FM platform, this program link: Himalayan FM | Litchi | Listening | B Station | Netease Cloud Music | QQ Music | "Subway: Leaving Home" hits people's hearts,

Station B address ED: BULLET MERMAID (Kandagawa JET GIRLS Animation OP) (Cover: Hakuba Hiroshi (Xiaoyuan Aya), Aoi Aoi (Kohara Riko))-Kyle Xian New Year, New Game! High-profile January tour

Japanese large-scale entertainment chain store TSUTAYA (Kiteya) announced the 2019 physical store game sales list. Among them, the Pokémon Sword that won the first annual sales volume, and the Pokémon Shield also received the third largest sales volume. Good grades. As an orthodox work of a new generation, the Pokémon Sword

The "Witcher" live-action American drama created by Netflix was broadcast last month. The eight-episode content is not long, and it is estimated that many people may not have enjoyed it. Some friends said that due to the multiple story lines in the episode narrating in parallel and the time points are intertwined, some people who have not seen the original work will be confused. recently

According to the approval announcement announced by the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism on the official website, the official accepted the application for an administrative license for a 60-person performance by the Japanese conductor KURITA HIROFUMI (Kurita Bowen) and the Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra on December 12th, 1 Month 2

Finally, coming to the last two polls in the UCG game awards election phase, we will choose the last batch of works in the election line, and will also give the highest value prizes in the election phase! Yesterday's voting is still in progress. If you have not participated yet, you can click here to participate. Sea this year

Xbox announced that "GTA5" is now included in the Xbox Game Pass lineup for consoles, and users who have subscribed to XGP can experience it right away. If the player has not previously subscribed to XGP, a three-month subscription now costs only HKD 10

On December 26, local time, a new patent from Sony entered the public notice period. The name of the patent is Input Device (入 力 デ バ イ ス), which looks like a new type of PlayStation gamepad. The patent is currently available in the

For some players, a client-side online game of the year may be part of their youth. Over the past year, WeGame platforms have successively launched terminal games such as "Final Fantasy 14", "Interstellar Warframe", "Sword Net 3", and "Valley of Dragons".

Foreword "Monster Hunter Border" (hereinafter referred to as "MHF") is an online game developed based on 2006 "Monster Hunter 2dos". It was released from July 2007 to December 2019 and will be out of service for a long time. 12 years including

With the advent of 2020, many people have listed their plans and goals for the new year on social platforms, but Suda Gangyi seems to look farther. He retweeted Devolver Digital's Twitter and said that he and "Deadly "Premonition" series producer Hiroshi Hidehiro

In a recent interview with the Japanese media, Kenichi Sato, President and CEO of Platinum Studios, looked forward to the development of 2020 and shared what he wanted to say to fans of Platinum Studios. Sato Kenichi said that the company will have "Big News" announcement in 2020: Last year,

Nintendo ’s "Mother" series has no new action since its third work in 2006. This is undoubtedly a big regret for fans of this series, but fortunately we may be able to be on the PC soon. Play a tribute to the series "Oddity

The famous game producer Hideki Kamiya recently turned on the Tucao mode. He stated on his personal social account that the main menu page design of the Nintendo Switch system is extremely bad, it is just a shit. He mentioned that Switch's homepage had several huge game icons sideways

At the beginning of the new year, "Father of Dragon Quest" Yuji Sakai posted a new year message on social media. He stated in his congratulations that it is too early to talk about Dragon Quest 12 and that other works may be released before then. Since the first series in the series, Yuji Horii has participated in the production of "Dragon Quest"

Recently, netizens found that GameStop's recent Switch game list will be released soon. Among them, there are more than a dozen SKU entries (Stock Keeping Unit) without specific work names. Most SKUs are also marked with NSW.

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