"Bio crisis: Apocalypse" two collections will soon log into Switch, Karp empty announced 1 and 2, respectively built Ghostship Panic and Ghouls' n Homunculi two 8-bit style games. - ZAKER, personalized recommendation hot news, local authoritative media in

Taiwan game software company announced they will B05, Beijing tour to launch the "new" Mobile Games ys. This will keep the "" ys series featuring original characters, setting, perfect transplant. The game is divided into four combat commands, including ru

Yesterday, the PlayStationGran Turismo Sport experience will be held in Beijing, SONY interactive entertainment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Mr. Chiba Mashi, marketing director attended the experience will have PS4 at home and abroad in the new game: ZAKER China

The game is full of attraction for children, some parents are willing to let their children game player experience excellent game, but for some children, only with their little hands were not able to pick up a large handle, the Japanese game peripherals c

In the last weekend of October, at the Everbright Convention and Exhibition Center in Shanghai, the 2017 WePlay game culture exhibition is coming. This event is carefully crafted by the CiGA independent game alliance. What will happen at the scene? There

Remember that artificial intelligence AlphaGo developed by Google's DeepMind team? It became famous in March 2016 and go master Li Shishi fight, let the world know its name; followed by the name of Master, from 2017 to ZAKER, the personalized recommendati

A new phase of the "weekly" published "Fami 2" dragon pole of the latest information, the collection of the highly acclaimed series of real island construction companies and club games, and greatly strengthen the game system. Of course, the members of the

2017 is going to pass, many players have been on the platform of the game lineup has a general judgment, and some of them think this year's Xbox exclusive game is not much. In the Microsoft studio general manager Shannon Loftis view, this statement makes

Since the birth of Xbox, the family's mainframe has never really stood firm in the Japanese market, even the latest Xbox One host. According to Japanese market sales statistics, when PS4 and Switch weekly sales fluctuate between tens of thousands of units

"Another sword 2" (Xenoblade2) in the new issue of Fami magazine disclosed through game information, including the protagonist called companion, will encounter the enemy and can meet the sword '(Blade). The hero is Yu sword (no lumira and clima, Yu ZAKER)

Switch in the morning of 4.0.0 system update, update their game player system found an additional Chinese simplified machine system language, but in the choice of traditional Chinese will prompt only in the corresponding software to Chinese display system

From October 9, 2017 to October 15th the Japanese game week sales chart / hardware has been released, PS4 new "Middle Earth: the shadow of war" with 20 thousand of the sales topped the list, this week in second, third is the Switch platform game "color: Z

Visceral Games, you may now are not very familiar with the game studio name, when mentioned they had developed several well-known game "dead space" series, "Dante's Inferno" tough "battlefield", we should say oh game player, the original of these games is

EA announced the closure of the "dead space" series developer Visceral Games today, in many game player while others sadly sigh, memories of the past: a former Visceral employee, said a "dead space 2" budget and revenue details. - ZAKER, personalized reco

The new dragon ball series, "Dragon Ball warrior Z", has announced new information, which will be priced at 7800 yen in February 1, 2018. The story mode of Dragon Ball warrior Z will be divided into many different chapters. In the background setting, the

In August this year, independent developers Fatshark announced the "doomsday" Warhammer 2 plague, they confirmed the sale in the first quarter of 2018, and released a real machine demo. In the "doomsday" in Warhammer 2 plague, chaos and Skaven reached an

Steam crazy Wednesday program aims to share high quality and interesting discount games with players every Wednesday, and introduce weekly charity package, welcome everyone to participate at any time, recommend your favorite game. Also, please use more of

Kapkorn launched the 1.2.0 version of monster hunter XX version of Switch today, adding a new operating mode and some free button keys. The new operating Type 4 is suitable for the crossbow player's operating Type 4, which can be based on the direction ke

In the PlayStation China new media conference held today, the official announced that the national line "NBA 2K18" limited PS4/PS4 Pro collection suite will be synchronized with the ordinary version of the game in October 20th. Detailed price and content

PSN port service opened Halloween discount today, discounted games and DLC are the content of the PS4 platform. Time will last until October 31st, store the event page please click [Store], the detailed content is as follows: no discount price after the d

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