Developer Gearbox announced today that "Lord of the Land 3" will launch its first paid DLC Moxi's Heist of the Handsome Jackpot on December 19th.

—— End of the book welfare——Chara-Ani's classic SRPG fantasy simulation series The series of HD re-production "Dream Simulation Battle 1 & 2" has officially launched PS4/Switch Chinese version today, the regular version of the game is priced at 1490 Taiwan dollars (about 3

SIEH today announced details of this year's Black Five Special Event: From November 22nd to December 2nd, the PS4 and PS4 Pro prices dropped directly to HK$600, the PS VR package dropped directly to HK$800, and a variety of PS4 games and

From the E3 2015 Sony conference, Suzuki Yu's appearance, four years of sorrow, "Sammu 3" finally officially released on November 19, 18 years of waiting can continue. In order to commemorate the official release of "Sammu 3", the official also released a behind-the-scenes video, telling

Before I start talking nonsense, please readers first review the recent player disputes that occurred in the "Radiation 76" game: "Radiation 76" subscription service triggered class struggle, ordinary players encircle paid members "radiation 76 "The aristocratic member is

The screen and technical analysis of "Bao Ke Meng Jian / Shield" from Digital Foundry has been released. They said that although this game does have the best game screen of the series so far, it has not successfully played the entire host of the Switch. performance,

In the live broadcast of the "Sakura Wars" last night, Sega announced a new debut role - Murakami White Autumn (People Set: Deputy Island Cheng Kee, CV: Zecheng Miyuki), and brought two TVCMs, multiple The artist's person has an introduction video, a moonlight, a BOSS battle demonstration, a flower card game, and so on. new

PS4 Hong Kong Digital Store today has a Chinese version of "Sakura Wars", which is 5.61GB in size. Players can experience the content of the "Sakura Wars" adventure part and battle part in the demo version. For the demo version to get the address, please click [New Sakura Wars]. The Chinese version of "New Cherry Blossom" will be

Oasis Games announced today that the first domestically produced animated film adaptation game "The Journey to the West" is the first DLC. The Tiangong Palace has been put on the PS4/Steam platform and costs 23 yuan. In the big troubled palace, the player will return to Wukong to go to the heavens to make troubles, and where the gods are in heaven.

The sales volume of the game in Japan last week (11.11~11.17) by Famitsu has been announced. The first series of home console platform works, "Bao Ke Meng Jian / Shield" was officially released on November 15th, with only 1.63 million in three days. Sales went to the Japanese region

Buy or Buy The column is intended for shopping guides, providing game descriptions, game version information, and evaluations of games by some foreign media. The game introduction "Civilization 6" is the first 4X strategy game launched by Firaxis in 2016, which is available for Windows PC. right now

Developed by Rebirth Entertainment, EA's action-adventure game "Star Wars Jedi's Fallen Warrior Regiment" was unlocked last night, and the global media officially announced the media review today. The average score for this game on the current rating summary site is: Metacritic 83/100 (PS4

Recently, a 21-year-old college student, Celvx, shared on the social media his experience of using a donkey to pass the "Pokémon Sword / Shield". Yes, you didn’t get it wrong. Only one donkey sheep that has not evolved into a horned horn sheep defeated the champions of eight pavilions and the champions of the Carlos region.

Mojang previously announced that "My World" derivative work "My World: Dungeon" will be released in April 2020. Today, foreign media GameSpot announced this new 12-minute real machine demonstration, introducing the desert temple, equipment interface, skills. Interface and other content.

According to Famitsu's quick news, the sales volume of "Bao Ke Meng Jian / Shield" released last Friday in the first three days in Japan was about 1.365 million copies (excluding pure digital version), and the sales volume of NS in the same week was about 180,000 units, NS has accumulated sales in Japan

Bandai Nanmeng Palace announced that its traditional Chinese version of the comic adaptation game "One Punch Superman Unknown Hero" will be launched simultaneously with the Japanese version on February 27, 2020, and the Chinese preview video will be released. As you can see from the trailer, the hero metal knight, the stinger and the geek Meruza Lududu

Some time ago, Sony's patent for a SSD solid state drive in the Brazilian Patent Office was discovered, but it was not clear at what time the SSD would be used on which device. The manuscript of the patent document was found in the Japanese Patent Office today, confirming that the box-type solid state drive is used for game consoles. This special

Marvelous previously announced that the new producer "Kandakawa Jet Girl" will be on the PS4 platform on January 16, 2020, officially announcing that the 10 characters from the "Flashing Kagura" series will be in the form of a two-person group. As DLC

Acting tomorrow, the origin of the day after tomorrow. This is the old stalk that has been popular for many years in the CS:GO player group. It has been more than two years since the last Hyundai action ended. Players are always looking forward to the new big action. November 19, Valve

Rebirth Entertainment recently released the action game "Star Wars Jedi: The Fallen Warrior Regiment" has been well received by the media and players, but the game still has some texture loading delays, stuck frames and other performance issues. A community manager of "Star Wars Jedi: The Fallen Warrior Regiment" confirmed that rebirth

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