In the United States Navy aircraft carrier, is there a plane in other countries, it is the carrier of the fixed wing aircraft, this aircraft is unique C-2 greyhound. The aircraft carrier restrictions, China is also not similar to C-2 like Greyhound transp

In December 24, 2017, China's newly developed water plane to achieve the first flight, it was originally known as the Dragon -600, later renamed dragon kun. Some people call it the largest marine aircraft developed by mankind, but this is actually no comm

2017 is a very important year for the British navy. During the year, the queen Elizabeth was in service, the 26 frigate was opened, and third tide grade supply ships had opened the return voyage. And in the latest December 2017 21 - ZAKER, personalized re

1989 is a very important year for the history of the destroyers of the United States Navy and the Soviet Navy. In September 16th of the year, the Ali Burke destroyer was successfully launched, and the ship is still under construction. According to statist

Whether from the level of technology introduction or from the purchase of 4 modern class destroyers, the arms trade between China and Russia has great significance for both countries. After the return of the modern destroyer, China gained a rare ability o

According to the scaled composites in December 18, 2017 the latest release of the news and pictures, the development of the stratospheric aircraft launch recently has been in the Mo Harvey airport for the first time this marks the taxiing test, it has ach

Different from the destroyers through multiple types of small run to fruition, the frigate in 054 after the implementation of the mass construction of our country, this is the 054A type frigate. On the other side, the 054A frigate has long been a trusted

In December 15, 2017, the American Ford aircraft carrier conducted a structural test of a dense array of near defense systems. The warship, which cost up to 12 billion 800 million dollars, was served in July 22, 2017. At present, it is still carrying out

When some experts talk about the German Baden tenforburg class frigate, they will always be crowned with the reputation of the frigate king, which is just a misunderstanding about the class frigate. In fact, this frigate is much lower than the main frigat

If at the end of 1990s, which warship is to be evaluated as the strongest domestic ship in China, it is certainly not a Shenzhen ship. At that time, our country was also equipped with large brigade destroyers, but 2 of them were not bad, but whether they

It was no doubt a day for the celebration of the Poland Navy in December 11, 2017. With the help of the tugboat, the Silesia coast patrol ship was slowly moved out of the floating dock and entered the water again. Previously, the Silesia coast patrol ship

According to the latest photos released by netizens, Dalian shipyard is currently building 1 domestic aircraft carriers, 3 052D destroyers and 2 055 class tonnage destroyers. If deployed according to the US Navy's aircraft carrier formation, this should b

In Russia and many former Soviet republics, the Soviet -25 attack aircraft is not a rare aircraft because of more than 1000 production. The attack machine, with its strong vitality, has gained great reputation as a product comparable to the American A-10

In December 9, 2017, the Vietnam Coast Guard arrived in Manila, Philippines, from the CSB-8020 patrol ship purchased by the United States and visited the local port. This patrol ship belongs to the Morgenthau of the US Coast Guard Hamilton class patrol sh

After the end of World War II, the U.S. Navy has a large fleet, so there was a rapid, retired warships cninfo storage or dismantling. Even a large battle ship on the front line is the fate, not to mention the ships. And what we're going to talk about is a

The German Navy First World War is not like this today, the strength is very strong, the elite men, dare ganpin. Even thousands of tons of light cruisers often have a good record. For example, the German light cruiser Emden is a tough guy, the previous ba

According to photos released by domestic social media websites in December 9, 2017, the domestic carrier has begun to dismantle a scaffolding on a large scale. Before that, the antenna array of the four large active phased array radars had been installed.

Even the most acumen of military experts, the Russian aircraft carrier, Kuznetsov, is very easy to fall in the prediction of when the problem is overhauled. After taking part in the mission to combat Syria's targets in early 2017, there had been news that

Mi -26 is one of the most brilliant pearl on the crown of the Soviet helicopter industry. Though it is not the largest helicopter built in history, it is the largest helicopter that has been put into operation so far. In the helicopter world, MI -26 helic

Mi -26 is one of the most brilliant pearl on the crown of the Soviet helicopter industry. Though it is not the largest helicopter built in history, it is the largest helicopter that has been put into operation so far. In the helicopter world, MI -26 helic

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