November 16th, the day before the opening of the Guangzhou auto show, Tencent and GAC jointly launched an intelligent electric concept car iSPACE, the biggest highlight is equipped with the Tencent AI in Car system. Baidu world conference is also held on

Wise things (public No.: zhidxcom) the | Yu Yang in August 22nd, millet today held a small range of internal communication for the intelligent speakers, is the official opening of the beta millet AI speaker. Li Xiaoshuang, vice president of millet TV prod

In August 7th, the first shares of shared bicycles were officially purchased by Yongan bank, priced at 26.85 yuan per share, and 24 million shares were expected to be issued. If successful release according to plan, then the total price is 640 million yua

From the balance of the car to the machine -- to tackle 1 to 20 kilometers short of personal trip"

Automotive industry threshold is high, to some extent is closed.

Summit set up a number of top entrepreneurs and the industry's Elite round table forum, from the capital, industry Multidimensional Interpretation of the era of smart + era opportunities and industry trends.

Wang Chuan: we do not have a certain period of time to launch what products, we will not plan, but also did not have the ability to do this plan, the ability to do the product we will certainly do".

Wise things (public No.: zhidxcom), the nut shell 1, intelligent hardware]CITE2015 opening intelligent hardware industry chain exhibition 20

Firmly do Lenovo newglass toC market was done with National Museum and State Grid "one earth trench" customers, explore a set of commercial AR gameplay.

Can be revealed that the Chinese VR cooperation brands include ants as VR, Ling mirror VR, 3Galasses, etc..

The people of Brazil have deep love wearable devices, but also may be the most obedient in the world with the.

Razer OSVR developer platform to set up 33 million yuan developer fund, has been in cooperation with 320 companies.

2018, smart traffic big upgrade is coming.

Intel $400 million acquisition of NervanaSystems, AI is a way out of the decline of the PC chip market?

Some people have seen the success of apple, they think we are finished, it is because they do not know what is happening.

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