Some time ago, the national Mother Hu He in micro-blog posted a son Anji practice video, let a person feel distressed and moved. In the video, Anji, with a small hand on the side of tears on the side said: I play bad, play bad, I always play bad. Then, th

Nowadays, a parent who is willing to learn and ask for himself is believed to give the child unconditional love. But in the implementation process, I saw my parents will endure it after the volcano erupted, and later regret guilt; also heard a lot of pare

When I was a child, my greatest wish was to concentrate all the knowledge that I had to learn all my life into a sugar, and I could be able to become wiser at once. At that time every day to remember a lot of things, really annoying! (I really want to hav

Source: Emma L Bell blog: Kan village idlers together with children with problem-solving welcome in the comments below write down your answers 17 PM that flowers will be announced in the message at the answer then please self check Oh do to the topic are

Fight a lone battle for so many years, I finally got the ticket man! So I am very happy to have reached the two person's Christmas day, and I am delighted to receive the Christmas gift from the men's ticket, chocolate. Of course, I know you will say, isn'

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