Knowing some computer knowledge, players who can easily save a machine can be very popular in computers today. Relatives and friends can get many compliments and help others when they are asking for help. We can also have a little fun. Cuanji can lose mon

If I want to find a endorsement word for the mobile phone market in 2017, I don't think it's a comprehensive screen. Many new machines released this year will be embarrassed to come out without mentioning the design of a comprehensive screen. However, the

Zhongguancun online news: this year in the field of high-end HUAWEI has released HUAWEI P10, HUAWEI Mate 10 high-end flagship series, but the former for all sorts of reasons, the market suffered embarrassment, which also makes the P series suffered variou

Zhongguancun online news: iPhone X has been listed since November 3rd, has been in a hard to find, partly because of its buddy iPhone 8 not so awesome, we would rather lead to two thousand yuan more experience of innovation of science and technology; on t

On the news of December 15th, we reported on Tuesday that Jia Yueting was listed by the third intermediate people's Court of Beijing. Just today, they put Jia Yueting on the list for the second time, mainly because he was involved in the case of Huafu sec

At present, BOE is pushing the OLED screen. Besides increasing research and development, its capacity is also expanding. It is said that apple is testing their screens and intends to add them to iPhone's screen supply chain system. In any case, now and th

Recently, foreign media have released the concept design map of the Meizu mobile phone. In this group of mobile phone design, mobile phone is not difficult to see that the body is very slim, full screen elements is very popular on the application. It is s

This is a 24 year old boy Saiwen readme, tell him to switch from iPhone Android camp after 120 days of feeling. With apple iPhone in recent years, whenever the new iPhone is going to be released on the eve (exactly about the past month or so), my iP ZAKER

In December 11th, the "Changsha headline" list sent out such a micro-blog. ] November 23rd morning, in the area of E square in the city of Huang Xing Tianxin Faye appeared at the door with a malicious mobile phone shop smashed shop event. According to the

Meizu launched a young product named Xiaolong 625 mobile platform in August this year, the charm of blue Note 6, but almost four months ago, it seems no longer has the signs of the new high pass platform. But do not worry, good food is always not afraid o

If the previous two horse race still simmering, then it is already on the table. At the Fortune Global Forum, Ma Yun and Ma Huateng put on a spaced dialogue. Ma Yun said Ma Huateng was his good friend and would compete with the Tencent but would not hate

Zhongguancun online news: before the news that Samsung will launch a flagship mobile phone at CES in early 2018, the focus falls on the first industry speculation on the Samsung S9, but the Korea Herald reported that Samsung will not be released S ZAKER i

More and more Internet companies use animal heads to make the company's logo, such as Tencent penguins, Baidu bears, Taobao ants, kangaroo, UC squirrels and so on. It's not just a company's own meaning, it has a good identification degree, which makes it

The development of science and technology products, in addition to the intelligence based, the biggest premise is to solve people's pain points, allowing users to use more convenient, but the development is not real, originally for the general welfare of

Like, alarm clock, calculator, telephone and digital camera this special function of single equipment will be replaced, like the traditional mobile phone smart toothbrush, brooms and other tools will be the life of electric toothbrush, mechanized sweeping

Since 2017, more and more display devices begin to use 4K resolution as the standard, and high quality image has gradually become the mainstream consumer's way of watching. It also spawned the innovation of video transmission technology, and supported HDM

Evan Blass, known as the great reveler, has said repeatedly that Samsung's new flagship Galaxy S8 will be released on the CES2018 next year. Many media have also accepted this statement. But today, the Korean Herald revealed that Samsung's CES is publicly

Zhongguancun online news: Recently, there are Post Bar users in the Baidu NOKIA exposed a printed 6 NOKIA second generation on the product label, and that this product model for the new machine TA-1054 is NOKIA 6 upgraded version of the upcoming release o


Zhongguancun online news: yesterday, apple CEO Tim Cook and the executive team to a trip to Kunshan, visit Airpods on behalf of the factory luxshare, visit the Airpods production line, luxshare shares rose 4.47%. The picture comes from @TimCook recently -

Hammer technology CEO Luo Luo Yonghao recently said publicly that the proportion of the screen on the one hand, this year's hot iPhone X home nut Pro 2. Although nowadays, there is not a very clear definition for the full screen industry, but as time goes

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