China Daily, December, 6, according to the report of the daily mail in December 5th, a 13 year old girl in California has been bullied by classmates for a long time. Recently, she hanged herself at home. After her death, the bully still did not give up, f

Data figure: British high iron according to European Times Network reported that the new high-speed trains the Great Western Railway Company purchased the Japanese Hitachi company recently in the first run in a number of issues. British netizens call for

In October 1st, Las Vegas witnessed the worst shooting incident in American history. (source: Xinhua) China daily on 12 October, Cbs Broadcasting Inc (Gao Linlin) according to U.S. News Network reported that a hotel maintenance worker said on October 11th

The Bund as one of Shanghai's most representative attractions, night tours to the Bund is a matter of Shanghai tourism must be done. In September 25, the United States Chinese daily site known to almost have a Q & a plan to China foreign friends post aske

From the bank door is a distance of six or seven metres, a eight year old man walked suddenly fell back out of the blood. As passers-by and bank staff, should not go forward to support and rescue? A group of lovely people made practical interpretations. T

Source: political and business refer to another hundred years the same industry to change! After France, the British government is also preparing to ban the sale of gasoline and diesel vehicles from 2040, with a view to improving air quality. By then, all

Bear through after the damaged parts in the car in August 4th, bizarre events of American Colorado Durango Ron Kerr Neiliusi home, a car crashed into his home mailbox, while the perpetrators are out there. In the end, the police decided that the initiator

The snake fangs pulled out photograph: Reuters China daily on 14 June, according to the UAE "Gulf News" (Gulf News) reported that a India man to sleep when he was bitten by a poisonous snake, dying, he ran to bite his wife's wrist, the reason is not ZAKER

May 28, 2017, Guangdong, Dongguan, matchmaking, on-site exchange of male and female guests eager. On the occasion of the Dragon Boat Festival, the theme of "the love of summer flowers" as the theme of the twentieth Guangdong Hong Kong people's blind date

Before talking about the sun, we think of the British, now, this term has a new meaning - China advanced technology. In May Beijing will once again usher in the 2017 event, The Belt and Road International Cooperation Forum will be held on May 14th, the 28

China news network, March (30) (Sun Ruonan) marriage is one of the important nodes of life, people's memories of this day is usually romantic and moved. Brazil, a young couple's wedding is also very memorable, but because of a sudden disaster. A killer br

The picture shows the birth certificate of Obama's brother on twitter. (photo: Malik · Obama twitter) former U.S. President ·,, even if it is a retreat can not get rid of all kinds of troubles in the rest of the problem of the. A few days ago

In March 11th, Henan city of Zhengzhou Province, a university cafeteria in Longzihu university town is now wonderful dark cuisine, leading diners students onlookers take pictures. There are 5 Dark cuisine dishes: Strawberry green peppers, corn, pineapple,

Prior to this period of time, the United States led TPP, and China's participation in the regional comprehensive economic partnership agreement (RCEP), there are some political aspects of the game. If China can participate in TPP, and to promote its retur

China News Network March 8 U.S. President Donald • Trump's campaign team members and Russian government officials have had contact? In this regard, Trump and his advisers have repeatedly denied in a number of occasions. However, the U.S. media combin


China daily on 9 February, (Pan Yiqiao) recently, the United States first daughter Ivanka brand was well-known department store Nodes Tron (Nordstrom) to stop the sale of performance for the poor, Dad 8 President Trump Pro FireWire, called ZAKER for her t

Luxury exterior. Luxury interior. China daily in February 8 Xinhua comprehensive media reports, the famous master Bruce · handbag; Makovsky recently launched his great work the rest of life for a value of $250 million (about 1 billion 700 million yu

With the rise of the broadcast industry, more and more people to join the army of the anchor, we all want to bite on this big cake. This does not, even the roadside fortune teller trickster is no exception, they also start the anchor, doctor, check things

Is the cat tattoo. (source: U.S. media) China daily (Pan Yiqiao) in February 4, according to a US Art blog website reported on February 3rd, Russia is an avid tattoo lover to a large dose of anesthetic cats as their own, is in its skin above ZAKER, person

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