Recently, data released by the National Bureau of Statistics, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and other departments show that China's pork prices have stopped rising and falling. As of November 15, the country's 22 provinces and the average pork price fell for three weeks, the average price fell to 52.15 yuan / kg. In the official series, guarantee the price

The three major operators will implement the port number transfer service in the country at the end of November. During the trial run, the controversial mobile phone nickname (Auspicious No.), this time again encountered a dispute with the number transfer network. Mobile phone number 0000 of Hebei Unicom user Zhao Wei (a pseudonym) 11


According to Japanese media reports, Tokyo zoo June born baby panda "Xiangxiang" of Japan in December 19th and the ordinary people meet, the zoo took early balloting, 19, the success rate is about 45.8:1 (preliminary value). While watching the pandas on t

House there will be an unexpected surprise, when it is not in the demolition, in the UK, a worker in the demolition of the old house, suddenly found a side wall before and after the two partition, and removed the outer wall after, but found a strange pict

Scramjet free air combat, attack fighters 11B. From the nine day to the sky sea wing at low altitude, the guardian of peace. (source: South China Sea Fleet) China introduced the Soviet Union -27 fighter production line from Russia secretly, and began to p

The author, Li Yan and Zou Chunxia, editor of 5 decades ago a medal for a deceased founding admiral, once again into the media vision. The old general was Yang Dezhi, the 5 medal he had mentioned, as a result of his remarkable contribution to several impo

Former India official: the only way to ease tensions is to make friends with China, and war is not the solution. Can you prove that there is a limit to Chinese tolerance? Is China losing patience? When will you lose patience altogether? At a regular press

Data figure: Indian soldiers Indian media reported screenshot [global network Roundup] according to the "India times" reported on July 18th, the day of Pakistan in violation of the ceasefire agreement of Jammu and Kashmir, to attack the Indian control lin

The national development and Reform Commission held a press conference on the operation of the economy in July 18th. Chinese net national development and Reform Commission in July 18th held a press conference on the macroeconomic situation. In response to

Sina shares Beijing news 18, Bloomberg reported, with the global stock market rose to record highs, part of China's stock has fallen into the abyss. China's gem index plunged 5.1% Monday, its biggest decline in seven months, and its cumulative decline thi

In July 11th, Chinese people's Liberation Army stationed in Djibouti base was established and the troops set off ceremony was held in Guangdong Zhanjiang port. Shen Jinlong, commander of the Navy, read out the order for the establishment of a security bas

In July 11th, Chinese people's Liberation Army stationed in Djibouti base was established and the troops set off ceremony was held in Guangdong Zhanjiang port. Shen Jinlong, commander of the Navy, read out the order for the establishment of a security bas

The morning of June 7th, a 21 year old man in Liaoning Province, Chaoyang City, son of the town of hardware executives to commit suicide by jumping. The man is a high school re reader, 120 medical staff confirmed to have died at the scene. It is understoo


On the eve of the Dragon Boat Festival, a senior male student in a school in Hangzhou wanted to express his love to his beloved girl, Xiao Mei, during his graduation. Small roommate for his advice, brewing a dragon boat festival dumplings heart show actio

6 am, Shenzhen high school held a news conference on the admission of 2017 overseas universities. Reporters learned that, as of now, a total of 41 students in the United States received the first admission of the top 20 universities in the United states.

Korean folk who like the girl in front with Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo's head to kneel down to apologize according to reports, South Korea's chief secretary of foreign affairs and security of Chong Wa Dae in Chong Wa Dae, 6 gold Kui and the Japane

[global network reported] according to the British "Daily Mail" reported on March 31st, Arizona in the United States is currently the world's highest single auction price of $1 million 500 thousand (about 10 million yuan). This one is 124 feet high (about

Earlier, the U.S. Navy aircraft carrier Karl Vincent in the East China Sea and Japan conducted a joint exercise, and then went down to the sea of Philippines, into the South China Sea, while entering the South China Sea, as well as the entire aircraft car

Independent of graphic according to the global network reported [German soldiers have been raped and forced the peer traced to sexual assault reached several months] according to the German "times weekly" reported on March 20th, a soldier of German mounta

In June 5th this year, Apple will host the WWDC conference, no accident, then iOS 11 will be released. There are rumors that iOS 11 will abandon the use of the 32. In fact, in the iOS 10.3 beta, Apple has begun to add - ZAKER, personalized recommendation

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