At least 11 whale collectively stranded on a beach on the North Island of New Zealand on January 4 local time. About 1,000 people were reportedly rushed to the scene to help them, of which 7 whales returned to the ocean in the afternoon under the guidance of a ship, but 4 were killed. Local time

China News Service, January 5: According to a comprehensive report, recent days of heavy rain in Jakarta, the Indonesian capital, caused floods and landslides. Authorities said on the 4th that the number of victims had increased to 53, another was missing, and about 175,000 residents were evacuated. Home, temporary shelter.

China News Service, January 5th. According to a comprehensive report, recently, Ghosn, the former chairman of Nissan Motor Co., escaped from Japan to Lebanon during bail, which has continued to attract attention. The outside world has paid attention to the truth of Ghosn ’s dramatic escape statement. Recently, more and more new details have surfaced, the truth

China News Service, January 5th. According to a comprehensive report, on the 4th, Australian forest fires were on the verge of running out of control, and high-temperature entrained winds made it more difficult for firefighters to control the fire. The Australian Prime Minister announced that this month's visit to Japan and India was postponed. In addition, the forest fire also destroyed two...

China News Service, January 5: According to a comprehensive report, the United States launched an unmanned aerial attack on Iraq ’s Baghdad International Airport on the 3rd, killing an important Iranian figure and the commander of the Holy City Brigade Suleimani, for which Iran vowed revenge. The following is a review of the love and hatred of the United States and Iraq in the past 70 years

China News Service, January 3rd. According to the New Zealand Chinese Pioneer Network, a 2.7-meter-long female great white shark cub was caught by fishing nets and appeared on Orewa Beach in Auckland on the afternoon of 2nd local time. However, it is reported that this great white shark was killed by humans after being caught by fishing nets.

Image source: NASA's official website, China New Network, January 2nd. Recently, the official website of NASA announced a beautiful photo of the Milky Way 23 million light years away: huge black holes, shock waves, and a large amount of gas intertwined, as if an absolute Beautiful firework show is on

China News Service, January 1st, according to Euronet quoted by Associated Press. Recently, a civil servant in the Spanish judicial system was found to only check in and not go to work during a 10-year work period. Waste of taxpayers' money was accused by prosecutors. The civil servant has now been opened by the government

China News Agency, Jakarta, January 1 (Reporter Lin Yongchuan) The Ministry of Finance of Indonesia has significantly reduced the amount of the import tax on cross-border e-commerce goods since January 1, 2020. E-commerce imports of goods worth more than $ 3 a day are subject to import tax. this

China News Service, January 1 According to the US Chinese website, the U.S. government car safety regulator said on December 31, 2019 that it would launch an investigation into a fatal vehicle accident at Tesla in Southern California on December 29. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

China News Agency, Paris, January 1st Topic: France enters 2020 in general strike Macron's determination to reform will not waver China News Agency reporter Li Yang On January 1, local time, France entered 2020 in the ongoing general strike. French President Macron speaks at New Year

The picture shows a CCIC Cambodian company inspector inspecting rice at a rice processing plant. The company's picture in the new network Phnom Penh January 1st (Reporter Huang Yaohui) Local time December 31st, 2019, China Inspection and Certification Corporation (CCIC)

China News Service, December 31. According to the Associated Press, on the 31st local time, dozens of protesters stormed into the compound of the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad to express dissatisfaction with the air strikes carried out by the US military. According to reports, gunfire came from the embassy compound, and tear gas was permeated in the surrounding area.

China News Service, December 31. According to the Central News Agency, the U.S. Congress has recently passed a defense budget bill that requires an investigation into the safety of the US nuclear test waste storage site in the Marshall Islands. According to reports, this cement hemisphere storage site was built in the 1970s., December 29th. According to Eurolink, the European Union News Agency was quoted as saying that on December 27th, a 23-year-old Chinese girl was in San Martino di Castrozza, Trentino Province, Italy. San Martino di Cas

Chinanews Client Beijing, December 29th (Zhang Xu) Which application can help me grab a ticket? This is a compulsory test for the Spring Festival every year. Some WeChat groups have become a discussion group on how to grab tickets. But the survey found that no matter which software

Many celebrities have died in 2019. Many stars from the scientific community, the literary and artistic circles, and the business community have fallen. On them, we witness the demise of the times and let us remember them who were once stars. Yu Min, the father of China's hydrogen bomb, was 93 years old. Pei Mingming, Chinese-American Architect

Has China's economic growth really stalled? Are all foreign companies really evacuated? Has the industrial chain really moved out on a large scale? Is the official data really all made? The National Development and Reform Commission's official website issued four interpretation articles on the 27th, responding to these four sharp questions. Data Map: Just Built

On the morning of the 26th, with the welding of the last two sections of steel beams completed, the Wulong Mountain Yangtze River Bridge in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu, was closed. The Wufeng Mountain Yangtze River Bridge is 6,409 meters long, with a main span of 1092 meters. The lower level is a high-speed line 4 and the upper level is a two-way 8-lane expressway. It is the first in China.

Recently, the Beijing Second Intermediate People's Court issued judicial advice to Tencent's Tenpay Payment Technology Co., Ltd., which is responsible for electronic payment business. In response, Caifutong Company responded on the 27th. The company was very concerned and had started internal discussions and would maintain close communication with Beijing Second Intermediate Court. Beijing...

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