Twenty-one points in the air that the plane may be out of trouble, Wang Junhao, a 20 year old passenger, suddenly wanted to leave something for his parents. He took out iPad and wrote only 25 words: world peace, mom and Dad, I love you, I love you; ×


Taiwan Air Force Base in Hsinchu held 21 open rehearsal activities, the number 1428 IDF by Kuo fighters because of suspected bird strike was the generator failure, after the emergency landing aircraft black smoke from. Source: Central News Agency, 21, Nov

Reference News Network reported on November 21st according to Japanese media, Japan's defense minister Onokazu Temple five code 18, in Kesennuma city in Miyagi Prefecture told reporters that related to combat piracy in Somalia in eastern Africa and the Gu

A man in Guiyang after the resignation of a housing sales company, about 500000 copies of customer personal information to take away, to provide two friends engaged in housing sales. The latter employs people, casting nets every day for telephone sales an

In November 17, according to foreign media reports, local time on November 16th, the U.S. Congress overwhelmingly passed the 2018 $700 billion (about 4 trillion and 600 billion yuan) of defense spending bill, the amount is far beyond the ZAKER, personaliz

CCTV news: first of all, pay attention to the latest trend after the political situation in Zimbabwe. According to local media reports 16, President Mugabe of Zimbabwe met with the commander of the Zimbabwe national defense force Civega on the same day an

The police will suspect Gao escorted to the police station. Ning Gongxuan photo Beijing, Nanjing in November 17, 17 days, the reporter learned from the Nanjing city police, traffic police, the city was dragged rolling in the night when the suspect vehicle

Beijing, November (Xinhua) 16, according to U.S. media reported 15, due to the decline in demand, coupled with the Trump administration tightened travel restrictions on Cuba, Alaska airlines will be grounded routes cuba. According to reports, Alaska airli

Beijing client November 14 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Wang Muqing) this morning, the Russian world cup to decide the winner of the last fourth match tickets, the history of the four won the world cup for the Azzurri team Italy home court by the Swedish team

In November 9th, -2017 Air Force combat against the golden helmet contest appraisal in the northwest successful ending, hundreds of pilot 16 aircraft from the 5 war zone troops gathered in the desert, after 9 days of assessment, hundreds of sorties agains

In November 11th, a collapse occurred in a supermarket in Pudong, Shanghai, and police and fire protection were carried out at the scene of the disaster. Guo Rong photo Beijing, Shanghai, November 12, November 12th, Shanghai City, Pudong New Area Zhu Town

Data map: Chinese Air Force Weapons and equipment. China News Agency reporter Zhang Yao photo Beijing, November 10, according to the China Air Force official micro-blog news, Xi Jinping in the army under the guidance of the thought, modern strategic milit

On the evening of November 9th, Chinese President Xi Jinping and his wife Peng Liyuan held a banquet at the Great Hall of the people in Beijing, welcoming American president Trump and his wife May Rania. China News Agency reporter Sheng Jiapeng, China New

Beijing, November 7th news, Japanese media reports, the U.S. government related personage recently revealed that the United States three aircraft carriers will be implemented in the Western Pacific joint exercises in the near future. Some analysts pointed

China News Agency, Beijing, November 6 (reporter Ruan Yulin) 6, Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Lu Yu, 6 provinces and cities 2+26 city jointly launched air heavy pollution orange alert into the third day. Due to air pollution mitigation in varying degrees, the

In order to secure the air superiority, the U.S. military is secretly developing new air-to-air missile. This missile will replace the AIM-120 advanced medium range air to air missile (AMRAAM) in the 80s of the last century to deal with over the horizon e

In new network on 6 November, (Qi Jun) comprehensive report, the Las Vegas shootings last just 1 months, 5 days in southern Texas again shooting incident, killing at least 27 people were killed and many injured. This event is also likely to make the Unite

Paramotor put word queue formation Wang Youzhe photo Beijing, Wuhan in November 5, (Wang Youzhe) 5, Fai world flight conference held in Wuhan Hannan general airport. In the day of the dynamic umbrella formation flight performance, a total of 69 Chinese si

Dressed in costumes of the Miao visitors to the Sino US toast Guizhou Wen Xinggui photo Beijing Danzhai November 4 Xinhua: American girl author Zhou Yanling as mayor in the melodious Lusheng accompaniment in Guizhou China, dressed in costumes of the Miao reported on November 3rd, reporters from Sanya city in November 3rd Industrial and Commercial Bureau was informed that the Council of the two Sanya seafood shop Qike Zaike a one-time death, revoke its business license. Sanya administration o

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