On January 5th, Beijing time, the AFC officially announced the selection of 10 stadiums for the 2023 Asian Cup, including the Beijing Workers Stadium and Tianjin Teda Football Stadium. The 10 selected stadiums are: Beijing Workers Stadium (71,000), Tianjin TEDA Football Stadium (37000

Tiger flutter January 3rd Recently, the OAG AFC Champions League page again made an oolong, and Guo'an's team logo was actually made into the Canadian flag. In the new season of the AFC Champions League group game, there are 4 games in which the AFC has mistaken the national security team logo, but there are two games that can display the national security team logo.

On December 2nd, Beijing time, the AFC officially announced that in 2021 the host China would automatically receive a promotion. It is reported that in the 2021 World Cup, there will be 3.5 seats in Asia, the host will receive 1 place, the East Asian team 1 place, and the West Asian team 1

The 2019 AFC Champions League has been produced. Saudi Al Hilal won the AFC Champions League for the first time after defeating Japan's Urawa Ruby. At the same time, the technical points and rankings of the member associations of the AFC in 2019 were released. Although the Super League club failed to win the final championship, the overall performance

On November 24th, Japan's Urawa Ruby team will face the Saudi Hilal team at home to compete in the second round of this year's AFC Champions League championship and finals to determine the Asian champion's ownership this year. But on the previous day, that is, on the 23rd, the AFC Competition Committee will gather in Tokyo to participate in the AFC Champions League.

Tigers on October 30th Today, football star Fan Zhiyi has published photos of his professional coaching certificate on Weibo, as well as photos with Jia Xiuquan and Li Weifeng. He also expressed his expectations for Chinese football. Fan Zhiyi wrote: Although the time has passed two months, the process of learning is still

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