This article is reproduced from 36 krypton Author: the outbreak of intelligent mobile Internet has created a myth that it doesn't need heavy assets, and does not need hardware input. As long as there is Internet thinking, as long as there is traffic, it w

Recently, the two Internet giants Ali and Tencent began a war slobber executives personally battle, it is stripped each other. In December 21st, the first phase of a college class aliyun official opening, Alibaba partners, chairman of the Alibaba group pu

Yesterday, Ali and United States released a new product of self retailing, a small seller's cabinet. As the name suggests, it's a self retailing cabinet. So what's the difference between this cabinet and vending machine on the roadside? Let's take a look

By Ali, Alipay, and the huge user base and strong purchasing power, can be said to MA in recent years in overseas but no country Triumphant news keeps pouring in., this market can not refuse China. Plus Ma Yun did help to provide a large number of jobs an

Title: visual Chinese from the balance of treasure can be said to be a full China people are not familiar with the products, control the enterprise Ali Celestica Fund Monetary Fund has become the world's largest monetary fund, the scale is based on the nu

Ezbuy, founder and CEO of Singapore e-commerce platform, released an open letter to Ma Yun in his personal name: you guys are too bullying, no such thing! It said that thousands of Taobao accounts held by its Southeast Asian purchasing website, ezbuy, cou

Despite the 6 day's warning from Chinese Embassy spokesman in Australia, Australian media feel the rage from China, but there is no sign of the calm of the Anti China tide which is triggered by the politicians and media in China. On 7 days local time, the

IT's home December 4th news. Last night's official dinner in Wuzhen, Ding Lei's Ningbo seafood feast, and Liu Qiangdong's Wang Xing Ma Huateng's Dongxing Bureau were bustling, but we found a common fact that Ma didn't participate in the dinner of Ding Lei

This morning, the agenda of the Second World Conference of the fourth World Internet Conference is being held in Wuzhen, Zhejiang. The Internet Conference is from December 3rd to 5. This morning, the chairman of the Alibaba board of directors, Ma Yun, mad

Ren Xiaofeng, the chief scientist and vice president of Alibaba iDST (data science and Technology Research Institute), is located in the Alibaba Dharma Institute, which is exploring the unknown technology. For the first time, it has made public the realit

Some time ago, I had a chat with several friends in the dinner at the Meizu, Meizu was talking about new, Meizu's friend told me that the Yellow chapter will not attend the conference this year, but next year will be able to. As a result, everyone must ha

As a landmark enterprise of mixed reform, China Unicom has a sense of significance for further deepening the state-owned enterprises. Many strategic investors subscribed 78 billion yuan to Unicom A share company, and only three companies such as Ali, Tenc

Recently, the momentum of BAT development is quite good. At least from the stock price point of view, Tencent has exceeded the 5000 mark in this week's market value, successfully overtaking Facebook, and on the other hand, how about the performance of Ali

In November 22nd, in the cloud habitat conference Guangdong branch, Ali cloud CDN price down, the core product discount range adjustment. Among them, CDN decline of 25%, the lowest bandwidth unit cost only 16.2 yuan /Mbps/ months, to create the lowest dom

In November 22nd, in the cloud habitat conference Guangdong branch, Ali cloud CDN price down, the core product discount range adjustment. Among them, CDN decline of 25%, the lowest bandwidth unit cost only 16.2 yuan /Mbps/ months, to create the lowest dom

Alibaba in the field of communication may be with a variety of treasure on the dry, after the release of the ants treasure card, Ali business unit was exposed, and will jointly release a Ali treasure card packages. Ali Bao series products are still divide

In Ali intranet, Ali cloud Engineer Liu Xinting is like a giant panda - he was the whole Ali onlookers. He currently has 2 popular tags, one is nearly 1000 people praise the hero, a hundred people evaluation chowhound. More people praise him, people eat f

In the layout strategy of Ali by Darunfa, the parent company of Gao Xin was also added to the new retail retail camp. In November 20th, Gao Xin retail announced that Ali will invest about 22 billion 400 million Hong Kong dollars to buy Gao Xin retail 36.1

In November 19th, the new book of "Subversion: Autobiography of Zhou Hongyi" was held in Beijing, which is the only Autobiography of Zhou Hongyi so far. Liu Qiangdong also invited to participate in the release activities, and launched a dialogue with Zhou

Taobao double eleven that day, I also made a little contribution. However, the happiness of the time and money I spent on that night didn't last long. After the rational return, I began to regret, why should I buy it? There are too many idle items at home

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