Yesterday, a heavy news raged in the circle of friends, the Alibaba to xiongan theme is almost no suspense, the author not only with certainty, the property market will be more problems in Zhejiang economy, Hangzhou and hook. Is that really the matter? Al

Source: Retail frontier business writer / Dong Jie editor / Guo Juanshuang 12. When chopper party is ready to prepare for the new round of chopper, Ali's good partner, today's strategic ally, Suning quietly reduces his elder brother's stock, earning a ful

In December 11th a new weekly, Barron's senior editor and columnist Steve Sears on Chinese development achievements and Alibaba generous praise, he believes that the Alibaba's stock is a direct benefit from the Chinese middle rise, the rise of the middle

In December 9th, the Alibaba group CEO Zhang Yong attended the annual meeting of the 2017 Chinese enterprise leaders and delivered a speech. He said that there must be a lot of difficulties in the way to the future, and it's instinct to come back from the

[post] embarrassed network reported on December 6th news, a Alibaba before IpO information disclosure litigation in the United States remand. In 2015, Alibaba made a detailed explanation to the public on the lawsuit, the plaintiff of the lawsuit was Chris

On December 5th, Shanghai, was a waste of time and enjoy the local lifestyle -- second of the world's landing in Shanghai Nanjing West Road Starbucks baking workshop, which is currently the world's largest Starbucks stores, covers an area of 2700 square m

That's love (AI). In December 3rd, the annual World Internet Conference was opened in Wuzhen. As the highest standard Internet Summit in China (probably not one of them), the world Internet Conference in Wuzhen has opened to the fourth session this year.

News of December 4th, this morning, chairman Ma Yun, chairman of the Alibaba board, delivered a speech at the Internet communication and social responsibility forum of the world Internet Conference. During the period, Ma said he was very awe about news we

IT's home December 1st news today, Ma announced that Alibaba's poverty alleviation fund was officially launched. Poverty eradication has become a strategic business of Alibaba. In the next 5 years, Alibaba will invest 10 billion yuan to this business. For

In November 20, 2017, Alibaba group, AuchanRetailS.A. (Auchan retail), ruentex group announced a new retail strategic cooperation. According to the strategic agreement, Alibaba group will invest about 22 billion 400 million Hong Kong dollars (about 28. -

The Sina stocks Beijing time 13 evening announcement said Su ningyun in Shenzhen, because companies need to increase strategic investment, the company intends to holdings of financial assets available for sale of the Alibaba group company to choose the sa

Sold 168 billion 200 million a day! This online shopping spree shocked the world! But Ma accepted CCTV finance interview said: "double 11 for Ali, not to make money, just want to bring happiness to consumers and businesses, while improving Ali technology.

New Jingwei client November 11 (Wang Peiwen) double 11 carnival time, in addition to busy chopping hand, I believe that many people are also concerned about the trading volume of Tmall and other electronic business platform will not be high again. New Jin

Male security has become the latest battleground in BAT. In order to seize the strategic high ground, the Ma, Peng Lei personally go into battle to xiongan. In November 8th, Alibaba group, ant gold clothing group signed a strategic cooperation agreement w

[post] embarrassed network reported on November 2nd news, today evening, Alibaba released the second quarter of fiscal year 2018 (July 1, 2017 - September 30th) the performance results, Ali's second quarter revenues of 55 billion 122 million yuan ($8 bill

Every year, Ma will make investors believe in the form of a review of the company's development over the past year, as well as the future market judgments. This year is no exception. In the third years of the Alibaba listing in the United States, Alibaba

Alibaba should have the ability to make money, but it should never be a company that makes money. Our real mission is to use the power of technology and innovation, make the world economy more inclusive sharing, sustainable development and good health, Be

In October 11, Jingwei new client held in 11 Yunxi conference, Alibaba announced the formation of a global R & D center of Alibaba and the Dharma Institute, has begun to form a cutting-edge technology research center in the world. Ma Yun said at the meeti

China Times (public No.: ChinaTimes) reporter Zhang Jie Beijing reported complete rite Alibaba seems to be on their own thinking, gradually complete the layout and new retail, how to realize the sustainable development in the future layout. October 11th m

EST on the evening of September 22nd, 2017 Alibaba Technology Forum Global Science College Tour to the third stations in the United States computer majors ranked first in the Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) launched an in-depth technical dialogue with Pi

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