The eldest son of Allen Lin woods Gilbert, before the "distortion when meter", was friends known as the program stream, compared to other rebel fighting players skipping deformation in the Internet bar, the Hao except for some I do not know the hardships,

At 20:30 tonight, Allen Lin and Chen Ming, the pioneers of two pop singers, are going to be the original big music creative show in Jiangsu TV. Singing the other's classic songs, two former friends are just like a duck in the water, let the whole audience

November 1st is the eldest son of Allen Lin Lin Hao's 18 birthday, Allen Lin and his wife for a son's birthday, grandma and grandma also Grandpa surprise appearance, three generations of the picture together so happy. As the youngest national husband are

It is read on the west coast of the United States ranked the first of the elite schools, at the end of August Allen Lin announced that the 14 year old son Leo Thatcher was admitted to the school, time to send him to report very happy. At the time, Allen L

20 years of marriage, Allen Lin and Xihua family had two handsome son, a brother is a brother Lin Hao, Lin Zixuan. Both brothers should be still at school, and during the summer holidays it is the best day for a family to go on a long journey. No, Allen L

Tencent entertainment news June 15th, when Allen Lin and his wife Xihua wedding 22nd anniversary anniversary. Allen Lin drying out a photograph by visual artist Chen Man penned the retro family portrait in its own social networking platform, will China tr

Allen Lin's wife, married 21 years of sun shine son handsome family portrait of Allen Lin's wife in today

A gift between lovers, never watch, or a necklace, not even those sweet messages and photos. But along the way, old memories.

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