2019 is about to pass. In this year, many stars' acting skills in the field of TV dramas have deeply hurt / shocked / amused the audience. At the end of the year, I just made a summary. (The following celebrities are in no particular order.) Liu Shishi-"If You Can Love This Way" In the play, Liu Shishi contributed her to the film

Recently, some netizens met Angelababy and Little Sponge at a Japanese airport. According to netizens, this time baby was skiing in Hokkaido with a small sponge. This is not the first time to bring children to ski. Last year, a family of three went skiing, but this time I did not see Huang Xiaoming. From the photos, ba

Recently, Yifan Wu, Angelababy and Pan Weibo went on the trend management show "Trend Partners" together. The three of them, together with Zhao Jinmai and Fox, went to Tokyo to run a buyer's shop and sell a brand designed by the show team and other trendy brands. Clothing. Mr. Eight watched two episodes and found this section

Recently Angelababy has completed another pioneering work in the entertainment industry-remote attendance events. Last night, the Le Figaro fashion ceremony was held in Beijing. Angelababy was too busy to attend the scene, but nowadays the technology is developed, and the red carpet does not have to be in person. Bab

Mysterious woman eating hot pot appeared in Netease Entertainment reported on December 6 On the evening of December 5, Huang Xiaoming shared a group of pictures of eating hot pot indoors and interacted with netizens: Guess what I eat In the photo, shabu-shabu and hot pot ingredients are on the table, Huang Xiaoming is dressed in black

Everyone has a first love goddess, not the kind of love, but pure powder, temperament powder. There is such a heart in the eight sisters. She has a full-bodied smile, pure and temperament, and a stunning Keji hip. That is, Li Feier. But these days, a ugly Li Feier

Recently, actor Angelababy (Yang Ying) was shot in Shanghai indoors. According to reports, Angelababy is having a good meal with a friend at a hot pot restaurant in Shanghai. She feels good and she is still chatting with friends. During the period, she lit a cigarette and pumped it up. And this behavior was discovered

It is said that Angelababy proposed to leave the entertainment circle? In the interview series that baby participated in, the host Liu Wei was very bold in asking a question to the baby: Have you ever thought about leaving the entertainment circle to know this question, and it is not a good thing in public opinion, it is always shackled.

"Amazing Life" is really a wonderful program. Angelababy's first phase of the guest directly led to a high-stakes variety. The third guest is Liu Wen. Her sincere performance has brought back the program's reputation. It makes people feel that this is the level of "The Adventures of Life".

NetEase Entertainment Special Report November 4th reported that Angelababy publicly stated more than 10 years ago: I also know that smoking is a bad hobby. After seeing this report, I really decided to give up smoking. In addition, she wrote a friend’s Weibo in 2010.

His life is truly an adventure. The second season of "The Adventures of Life" has just aired two issues, with a score of 6.8. Far less than the high score of 8.9 in the first quarter, the word-of-mouth seems to fall off the cliff. The comments almost all revolved around the first guest, Angelababy. She and Aya

Recently, Angelababy was a guest of Aya's "The Adventures of Life", and the results were recognized in the United States... Aya, Angelababy, riding grandfather and old Xu three people in the store to eat, the owner recognized Angelababy, but to her The impression is just her old

Recently, Angelababy was a guest of Aya's "The Adventures of Life", and the results were recognized in the United States... Aya, Angelababy, riding grandfather and old Xu three people in the store to eat, the owner recognized Angelababy, but to her The impression is just her old

This year, the stars who succeeded in whitewashing all over the world are everywhere. Far away from Wu Yifan: Recently there is Guo Jingming: It seems that the whitening effect is not bad. But this method didn't work on the traffic Angelababy. On the contrary, it also provokes a sigh, the more black spots are washed. Even, Angela bab

With the return of the variety "Amazing Life", a star documentary program re-started. In the second quarter, Angelababy joined as a guest. In this adventure, her mission is to ride. Follow the 72-year-old rider Xu Yukun to complete the final journey through Canada. Xu Yukun, Yang Ying

Angelababy late December 22nd, Angelababy (Angela Baby) in the social network rarely open a nail line map, the abdominal muscle is obvious, the waist is thin. Angelababy has recently seen a lot of people who have seen photos think of life - ZAKER, persona

According to Taiwan media reports, the artist Angelababy (Angela Baby) married Huang Xiaoming nearly 2 years ago. He gave birth to his son's small sponge at the beginning of the year. After being a mother, she quickly returned to slim shape and active in

Shanghai to attend an event earlier, Angelababy departure, Baby was very popular site bodyguards walking difficult, Queen Baby seems to be flattering, the hand has no place to put but still remain dedicated confident smile, tease hair eyes firm aura. - ZA

The day before, the baby model of a group of early period large sexy photo exposure, the film Angelababy wearing a black lace skirt, a small woman's fashion charm. - ZAKER, personalized recommendation of popular news, local authority media information

NetEase entertainment in December 13 reported according to Taiwan media reports, Angelababy (Baby, Angela Baby) and Huang Xiaoming the son of a small sponge birth this year, the couple of baby face protection is good, in the community in the face is never

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