Voice of China "evening peak view military situation" Beijing November 25 (reporter Zhu Xidi) reported that Russia's new generation 10510 leader class nuclear icebreaker design will be completed by the end of this year. Leader icebreaker is considered to

According to the Singapore gateway network on November 23rd, in the Arctic region of eastern Russia, a large number of tourists far saw a pile of ice on the shore, but when they approached, they were shocked to find that these ice cubes are actually a lar

If you are tired of the work in the company, then this isolated work may be for you. According to the British Daily Telegraph reported on November 10th, Britain's most remote unmanned island is now recruiting Rangers, there are more than 200 thousand seab

It is reported that recently, 44 year old AlexanderYakovlev is a biologist, he was in Siberia recently, the Yamal peninsula photographed a pink fox, this group of photos is his research in the local picture, picture of breathtaking beauty. Click picture

Life is a journey, and time is wasted on good things. · · · Simba is extremely old ma in Australia & Donation speech said such a sentence: this world is so interesting, so unique, you need your own personalized recommendation ZAKER, h

In the future, even the Arctic circle can also brush alipay! In December 6th, Alipay announced on the Arctic Circle, double 12 global Carnival officially launched. The Finland Santa Claus Village will be full access to Alipay world famous, this is Santa C

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