According to a comprehensive report, a woman from Australia recently posted a photo of a strange and unidentified creature on the social media page of a natural naturalist in Tasmania. I want to know that this touch will make people feel paralyzed. What is the creature? As you can see in the photo, this unidentified creature is light orange.

It is reported that in Australia New South Wales a sales site, a head back out of the fifth legs of cattle was $672 (4429 yuan) sold. This is only 560 kilograms of cattle, priced at $1.2 per kilogram, recently bought in Gunnedah

Well, there is a strong section, adopted piecemeal! The Department of defense domineering "sword" every word every one is extremely elegant and valuable, country style, you have not been the strength of ring powder? Source: Ministry of defense, Wu Yueming

India has always taken China as the greatest imaginary enemy, and contrasts with China for the purpose of nausea China. Chinese Pakistan railway cooperation to develop Gwadar, India not far away in the territory of Iran developed qiaba Hall Hong kong. Chi

(a) China sudden outburst. As a very rare action, all the embassies and consulates in Australia have recently issued a notice. Please note that the same rhythm, the same content, but also the embassy act together, should also be epoch-making first time. T

Author: Sasha's article, for Sasha's original, declined any media reprint. [Sasha talked about the 484th issue of Military History (military series 217th)) in December 21, 1992, China successfully launched second Australian star using the Long March 2 E b

Original title: |: Australia and Hong Kong media attention is only the tip of the iceberg is China fill this gap -- Hongkong "South China Morning Post" website on December 16th published Yue Linda "in Australia and is only the tip of the iceberg" China is

Because the media alleged pro China and China businessman Senator Sam Denson (in close association, Commonwealth of Australia has 12 special translation of Das ALI) was forced to resign and became the major news sensation in australia. Bill Chaudun, the l

Reference News Network November 12 Daily, according to the Australian dialogue website November 16 Daily said, "world history is full of atrocities committed under the name of law and order, and Latin American historical lessons deserve our attention. By

At the beginning of the Second World War, the Australian Army, like the British, faced the problem of a lack of a submachine gun. Under the leadership of the UK, Australia tested a small number of Thompson rifles in early 1941. Although Australia has fina

Author: old talk. The picture from the South China Sea is a hot topic at present. Since the beginning of this year, the situation of the South China Sea is slowing down. However, some countries outside the South China Sea can not see the calm in the South

Burgess, a resident of Australia, adopted a stray dog and gave it a very warm home. Recently, the puppy often lay down to let Burgess touch its stomach at random, so it seemed to be comfortable, and Burgess found the puppy urinating.

Data: Australian Prime Minister, Li Feng, a global correspondent in Australia, is furious. 6 Australian media described the spokesman's speech in Chinese Embassy in Australia. In the near future, some Australian media have been making news of the so-calle

[observer network comprehensive report] Fang Kengqiang, a member of the Hongkong unelected MP and pro Taiwan member, was suspected of using air guns to destroy the windows of the PLA's dormitory and official residence. He was convicted of three charges an

With the implementation of a series of policies such as "92 consensus" and "going to China" after the Cai Yingwen administration came to power, the cross-strait relations cooled rapidly. Taiwan once reported the news of the mainland's upcoming military un

It China pot, Australia is Australia 2017 radium motives "foreign white paper" recently released the China related content, make people stunned. Australia is making money from its trade in goods and services with China. Why dare it clamour for the hegemon

According to the catersnews website reported on November 28th, in October this year, Nicoli Ms. Hutchinson and her husband Bryce in New South Wales Australia walking down the beach, they noticed a mysterious creature washed up on ZAKER, personalized recom

[compile / Hu Meng Di, video / Liu Chuchu] according to the daily mail of November 28th, on Tuesday, public welfare organization "sea guard Association" released a video of Japanese fishermen's harpoon whaling in the Antarctic waters. This video was taken

In November 23rd, Australian Prime Minister Turnbull, foreign minister Bishop and trade minister Qiao Bo jointly issued a white paper on foreign policy, which is the first publication of this kind of document in the country for ten years. The white paper

[reports] observation net of the person has been in the China related reports in the Australian media to make groundless accusations. Australian Prime Minister Turnbull has been on the spot recently for dinner with Chinese businessmen. Australia's "new da

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