[Text / Observer Network Zhang Chenjing] The Trump administration did not declare war, and suddenly launched air strikes to kill senior Iranian officers. All their own parliaments and allies were blindfolded. The move upsets Britain's hard ally, Britain. British media "Guardian" reported that the British Prime Minister on a Caribbean island vacation

& amp; nbsp; Alahad Television, a subsidiary of Iran ’s “Holy City Brigade,” released on the evening of the 3rd an image of the moment when Iranian senior general Suleimani was bombed. A surveillance video from Baghdad Airport saw a rocket hit a row of cars parked at the airport. Earlier, other media announced what happened after the attack.


China News Service, January 3rd According to the BBC, on January 3rd local time, a knife-injury case occurred in a park in the suburb of Paris, France. The man who committed the crime was reportedly shot dead by at least four people after being stabbed. According to French Radio and Television B

PingWest Pinyin, January 3rd, on January 2nd, iQiyi announced the appointment of Kelvin Yau as Vice President of iQiyi Overseas Business Unit and General Manager of Thailand. The appointment will take effect in early 2020, and Io will IQIYI in Thailand

Unexpectedly digging antiques from home is a pleasant surprise. Recently, a man in Britain has experienced such ecstasy, but the process has been a little bit ups and downs, and even has a taste ... John, Trelissick, Cornwall

[Text / Observer Network Bai Ziwen] Swedish "green girl" Greta & amp; middot; Greta Thunberg accepted a BBC Radio 4 interview on the 30th Skepticism about climate science

▲ Source: BBC British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) reported on the 26th that the Indian University of Banaras (BHU) in Varanasi, northern India, will open a six-month ghost course in January Bhoot Vidya), teach

Recently, mainland netizens and Hong Kong thugs fought a special contest: they fought a police bandit in online game GTA 5 Online. In the end, the side of the mainland netizens who supported more players and played the role of police defeated the masked helmet.

▲ "Mocked Christ" (source: Reuters) The oil painting found in an old woman's house in northern France in September this year was sold for 24 million euros at the end of October, far exceeding expectations. However, recently, France The government announced that this masterpiece of the Renaissance is a national treasure and will be banned

I won't go to work tomorrow! When a Spanish female journalist resigned ecstatically during a live broadcast, she thought she had won the 1 million lottery jackpot. However, the British "Mirror" reported on the 23rd that she later discovered that she had only won 5,000 euros (about RMB 3.9

I won't go to work tomorrow! When a Spanish female journalist resigned ecstatically during a live broadcast, she thought she had won the 1 million lottery jackpot. However, the British "Mirror" reported on the 23rd that she later discovered that she had only won 5,000 euros (about RMB 3.9

[Text / Observer Network Qi Qian] On the 21st local time, US President Trump signed the National Defense Authorization Act into effect. China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs has expressed strong dissatisfaction and resolute opposition to the bill's inclusion of a number of negative clauses related to China. The United States also extended its tentacles of interference in internal affairs to...

According to news on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website on December 20, Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang presided over a regular press conference on the day and answered several questions on China-Canada relations at the meeting. Q: Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau said that unless China releases two Canadians, Cumminka and Michael, the United States will

When it comes to the credibility of BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation), CNN (Cable Television News Network), AFP (AFP) and other media, how high do you think it is? Or how much will people believe in these media? The answer, of course, is up to the public. Well-known market research company YouGov

According to the British BBC, at least one person was killed and five injured in the shooting at the headquarters of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) in the center of Moscow on the evening of the 19th. Another Russian media said the attack had killed three people. Russian Federal Security Agency says the gun

Tiger flapping December 18th Recently, former Arsenal coach Wenger said in an interview that Ozil's remarks only represent his personal opinion, not the club. Ozil has the freedom to speak like everyone else. He uses his fame to express his opinions, but this is not the same

Tiger flapping December 18th Recently, Klopp was asked about human rights issues in the construction of the Qatar stadium at the World Cup Cup conference. The Germans gave the following answers: I think you asked the wrong person. This is a very serious matter. Topic, I think you need to find someone who knows enough about the topic to answer

In the past two days, some British media, as well as American media, have lamented that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is preparing to retaliate against those media that did not face him before the election. They also said that the BBC had become Johnson's first target for revenge. But things are not so simple.

[Text / Observer Network Xu Lei] A Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) in India has ignited angry tinders. Since Assam on the 11th, protests have spread to the whole of India, and universities have begun to join. Also constantly upgraded. Indian Prime Minister Modi remains on the bill

Just now, the British Conservative Party, led by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, has won the 2019 British election. Although the counting of votes has not yet ended, the Conservative Party has won more than 326 seats in the lower house of the British Parliament, exceeding the number needed to win the election. Many British media

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