Text / Ba Jiuling Source: Wu Xiaobo Channel produces 1.4 billion smartphones worldwide each year, with about 1,500 parts each. Ninety-five million cars are produced worldwide each year, each with about 30,000 parts. China has conquered the mobile phone industry for 20 years,

Deutsche News Agency reported on the 24th that after the United States sanctioned the Beixi-2 gas pipeline project in cooperation with Russia and Germany, BMW confirmed on the 23rd that the company is under investigation by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The reason is alleged to be BMW's suspected sales data fraud. BMW spokesman

According to "People's Attention", a few days ago, a 14-year-old girl was struck by a black BMW car while crossing the road with her family at the zebra crossing near the 29th Middle School of Shachong Road, Guiyang The girl was injured and fractured. Surveillance video shows that the BMW car did not slow down when it passed the zebra crossing.

△ Data source network For Mr. Li, who operates a car rental company in Changsha, Mr. Zeng, who had rented an office near Yunda Plaza and engaged in construction site projects, was a reliable customer. After several car rental experiences, Mr. Li even relieved Mr. Zeng's deposit safely. He did not expect that this year

IT House December 12 news BMW has finally announced that it will start integrating Android Auto into its cars in July 2020, and that it is wireless Android Auto, which makes BMW one of the few to provide wireless An

The domestic high-end electric vehicle market has ushered in a new player. It took 507 days. On November 29, the beam project of the joint venture project between BMW Group and Great Wall Motor was officially launched in Zhangjiagang. This is also BMW's second joint venture in China after BMW Brilliance. BMW is no longer only made in Shenyang

Car stuff (public number: chedongxi) text | July car news on November 20, a few days ago, foreign media motor 1 found a suspected BMW i7 electric prototype on a trailer loaded with BMW cars, the car and the cash 7 No obvious difference,

On the afternoon of November 1, a 20-year-old boy from Chumen, Yuhuan, drove a Ferrari of four or five million. He slammed the throttle in the first second and lost millions in the next second. To make matters worse, this car is still borrowed …… Hey, the car is borrowed to pick up the next day

There is an old saying: rumors stop at the wise. These days, the BMW three series have stopped selling. This topic has been raging. There are reports that the sale is suspended. Some people say that it involves 34 vehicles. Some people say that 67 units are involved. What is more said that the BMW III series has been discontinued directly, and the 4S shop cannot pick up the car. It’s just a...

Recently, there is a big boss in Yangzhou, and he has done something that really makes people laugh. He drove his own BMW sedan and stole a dog across the province to Anhui Tianchang! Also got the door by the police. On the morning of October 28, Anhui Tianchang Yeshan Police Station received a report from the masses Mr. Sheng, saying that he had lost his favorite pet in the afternoon of the...

The Modern Express News (reporter correspondent Zou Hainan Ge Xiaolin) on December 11th at 23 PM, in the city of Changzhou by a garage open area in the Lotus Garden District, a BMW 740 crashed into the garage wall, the owners also tried stepping on the ac

The Modern Express News (reporter correspondent Zou Hainan Ge Xiaolin) on December 11th at 23 PM, in the city of Changzhou by a garage open area in the Lotus Garden District, a BMW 740 crashed into the garage wall, the owners also tried stepping on the ac

The Modern Express News (reporter Ge Xiaolin) the morning of November 28th, Changzhou Liyang BMW owners encounter thriller: open the door to go to work early in the morning, and found the car was a dead man! According to the police investigation, as the m

Tencent technology news, according to foreign media reports, BMW recently said that from next month, China launched the first formal car sharing project, the use of models for I3 electric vehicles. It is reported that the project will be carried out in Ch

More than 5 points yesterday morning, before dawn, drizzle, in Jiaxing City, Zhongshan Road Road intersection, a man with an umbrella to walk the zebra crossing the road. At this time, a white BMW car rushed, hit the old man 57 meters. After the event, th

It is understood that both Stefan Krause and Ulrich Kranz have more than 20 years of career in BMW. Faraday Future WeChat official announcement that the United States of San Francisco on November 10th, the company decided to ZAKER, personalized recommenda

It is now petty really a lot, although most of them are some thieves, but there are also some thieves is a spur of the moment, because of a sudden opportunity, he stole things. But this is the most afraid of thieves, sometimes without police shot, they fi

In November 3rd, iPhone X officially on sale, the attention of the world. The traditional companies naturally will not miss the opportunity to rub hot, such as BMW. As everyone knows, the BMW SUV models have been named X series from X1, X3, X4, X5, X6. No

There was a very touching news: Zhao Haifeng, a tough guy without arms, delivered a family with his feet! He wrote the cargo list in his mouth, sealed the box with his feet, carried the express mail with his remaining arm, and drove the electric car with

At noon on September 26, 2016, at the intersection of Shenyang good Street Cultural Road, a BMW car runs West from the cultural route. When it turns to the right at the intersection, it suddenly breaks into the crowd, causing 1 deaths and 7 injuries. The

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