Nowadays, the standard of living is improving rapidly, and people are more and more demanding for travel. Family cars are almost necessary for every family. In the process of car, security has become the most important issue to note, the car equipped with

I don't know if you think much about parenting. From the baby slowly growing up in the stomach, a series of problems began to surround pregnant mother, pregnant dad. Just how many baby bottles should be given to the baby has caused many pregnant mothers t

The baby has a good sleep in order to have a good mood, good appetite, healthy growth and development, strong resistance, reduce the chance of disease infection. Generally speaking, babies wake up only when they are hungry, wet with diapers, cold, muggy,

Recently, the temperature dropped, even in the South has also been able to feel the obvious coolness, the baby's warm and cold has become the focus of attention of the whole family. Many mothers think that the weather is getting cold, the baby clothes are

Many pregnant mothers will find that their preferences will be from the stockpile before pregnancy after pregnancy to give yourself to the baby, of course, will also be a headache every month to pay the bills on the rise. Indeed, a baby, family expenses w

Once the baby have a fever, many parents are worried about the baby burn out the brain, burn out pneumonia, but in fact, as long as the baby is in good spirits, at a temperature of 38.5 DEG C, parents do not worry too much, also do not need to take medici

When the baby takes the coarse brush and starts writing, you will find her art and writing ability is more and more complex. For most children, art and early writing are a whole. First of all, they're trying to figure out what these cool things called cra

When the baby takes the coarse brush and starts writing, you will find her art and writing ability is more and more complex. For most children, art and early writing are a whole. First of all, they're trying to figure out what these cool things called cra

Shortly after the beginning of autumn, the temperature is sometimes hot and sometimes cold, baby will inevitably lead to the autumn cold because of autumn and fall. So, take care of the baby mother in good health, but also through the food to help the bab

The world is so big, even if the mother, also want to take the baby to see together; the outside is so wonderful, should also take the baby to feel. However, many novice mothers say that the ideal is always too far from reality. When you have kids, it's h

After the baby is born, is happy to complete for a family, because of a cute little members, but many novice parents who do not know how to care for my baby, here is the three most popular need to master the knowledge to the novice parents: Source: visual

A new mother with a baby, after ten months of pregnancy to give birth to a baby. After production, new mothers should also know how to care for themselves and do a good job in postpartum recovery, especially after breastfeeding. Here are some suggestions

The author Ke Jun (wave mother) source shell (ID:boke770), now the children have been admitted to the park for some time, but the backstage mother always asked: "the children are always crying in the garden, do not want to go to school, what to do?" Basic

After the baby is born, as long as Ta is required, mother will strive for perfection, such as bathing dew pick toiletries for that matter, enough to let mom confused and disoriented. Don't look down on the baby's shower gel, the baby's skin is delicate, a

From birth to preschool, each child will have a number of different types of baby stroller, baby stroller, car umbrella, such as walkers, cars, scooters, bicycles and other place. Different types of baby stroller, suitable for children of different ages,

Gift to the baby, in fact, is a very testing thing. Every baby's little thing is adorable and adorable, but not all as a gift. Photo source: visual China wants to send practical and face, also have to consider a variety of factors to consider. For example

Breast milk, for babies, is the most nutritious, perfect food, breast milk contains all the nutrients required for the baby's growth. Breastfeeding is generally recommended for infants up to 2 years of age or older. Some mothers, because of physical reaso

TA TA, step two, tender feet first toddler. As a parent, in addition to the baby toddler guide right, how can less comfortable shoes? We all know that babies feet in the development of the characteristics of different periods, Ta is determined by the need

After the fall, the weather cool day by day, covered with a soft warm blanket, many babies sleep so slowly rise, sleep until dawn. However, some babies sleep quality not only has not changed, but the number of night waking increases, let mom sleep were al

Enter the autumn winter season, weather is constantly changing, cooling, cold face again and again, many parents think the baby young weak resistance, easy to catch a cold is caused, always give the baby to wear a lot of clothes, three floors and three fl

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