On November 19th, we announced that our products are known to be encyclopedia. We officially launched the public editorial program, inviting users to participate in the content creation of the encyclopedia, and further improve the structured content display mechanism. Knowing that the official will know that the encyclopedia is set to know the topic of the upgrade, the knowledge

Wen Hao Fang Hao recently asked an entrepreneur who participated in the Double 11 War how he feels. He said one sentence: it is simply a fight of gods. Ali, Jingdong, and many other three countries killed, taking away all the eyeballs and traffic. Two years ago, the market value of Tencent and Ali was close to 600 billion US dollars. Everyone thought it was ushered in.

News update: At 14:40 on November 21, Netease once again accessed the Baidu page through Sogou browser and found that the website has returned to normal. Some netizens said today that when using the Sogou browser to access Baidu's website, they are forbidden to access. As of November 21st at 14:25 pm,

Another giant launched a network mutual assistance program, Baidu quietly launched a small program on the mobile side of the "lights and mutual help" disease plan. 0 yuan to join, hundreds of thousands of grants, the cost of each case is less than 1 yuan, the "light and mutual help" model and Alipay, which has received much attention after going online last year, "mutually

There are countless reasons why people hate Baidu's cloud disk. Among them, the speed limit is definitely the most resonating one. After being hot searched in June, Baidu.com recently launched a new package payment model for low-frequency users—allowing users to purchase accelerated packages on a single/single-day basis. Baidu’s intention is very

Image source @视觉中国文丨itlaoyou-com, author 丨曹亦卿 5G commercial opening, multiple consumer markets will usher in an explosive opportunity. Smartphones with stock competition will have a new wave of change, and ultra HD, AR/VR, Internet of Things and Internet of Vehicles will

Li Yanhong / Tuyuan: Baidu Encyclopedia In 11968, Li Yanhong was born in Yangquan, a small town in the eastern part of Shanxi Province. In the founder of BAT (Baidu, Ali, Tencent), his origin is the most cold--the father burned the boiler in Jindong Chemical Factory, and the mother was a female worker in the leather factory. He has 3 sisters and 1 sister, as a family.

Two months before New Year's Eve, the technology company once again began preparing for the strongest new conference of the year. The Securities Times quoted the source as saying that as a 2019 CCTV Spring Festival Evening Red Packet Interactive Partner, Baidu will continue to go online in 2020.

At the "Today's Headline Creator Live Conference" conference on November 15th, Zhu Wenjia, who has just finished his headline today, talked about the headlines entering the whole network search field at the beginning of his speech, from the formation of the team in 2017 to 2018. Year low-key online, and now

Beijing is now a well-known Internet company, from the middle to the top, most of them are Baidu people. When Yan Bing said this, the voice improved several decibels. This may be a bit exaggerated, but among the three big BAT giants, compared to Ali, Tencent, Baidu, known as the Internet Whampoa Military Academy, brain drain

Fast bidding to win Ali, fight a lot, byte beat and CCTV Spring Festival Evening reached an exclusive interactive cooperation red envelope budget is expected to be super last year Baidu "late LatePost" learned that the fast has been bidding to win the 2020 CCTV Spring Festival Evening exclusive interactive partner, bidding party has Ali, fight A lot, the bytes are beating.

PingWest product play November 15th, according to Sina Technology reported that former Baidu Apollo (Apollo) product manager David Zhou (Zhou Dawen) announced recently that he officially joined the domestic long-term rental brand freely, as the CTO of the smart home business unit,

What you see, and what you can't see, often make a big difference. This year, in the double eleven busy consumers picking up their hands and emptying the shopping cart, everyone has their own small abacus. However, they may not have discovered that, unconsciously, the double eleven has gradually changed its taste. The double eleven heats are rising year by year.

Editor's Note: This article is from the entrepreneurial column columnist Xing Shubo, editor Amy Wang. On November 7th, the US East Time, Baidu (BIDU) announced the unaudited Q3 financial report for 2019. During the period, Baidu's operating income was 28.08 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase.

What is the confidence to bring 100 billion tuition fees to the education industry in the future? Text / Choi Feng live, travel, play, learn, beauty, body, purchase … … The US group is vigorously extending the scene of life he built, in the field of education, his ambition is also growing

Baidu borrows education to achieve overtaking in corners, but it is also going further and further on the curved roads of diversion, lax review and violent collection. Wen Wei Ding Zhibin originated from the investment network. Let the dreams not have to wait, and have the money to let the dream start. Clicking on Baidu’s money to spend the app’s education loan interface, it’s filled with...

On November 7, Baidu announced the unaudited financial report for the third quarter of 2019. Baidu's total revenue for the third quarter was 28.1 billion yuan, which was basically the same as last year. However, there were two versions of net profit and the difference was huge: US GAAP calculates that the net loss for the period was 6.4 billion

The feel and style of the Internet giant. Tech Planet (WeChat ID: tech618) Text | Zhang Yating Yang Jingwei Into the byte of the vibrato, is it possible to brush a short video every day? , Tencent WeChat Division, graduates monthly salary

Netease Technology News November 7 news, Baidu released Q3 earnings today, Baidu founder, chairman and CEO Li Yanhong said that although the macro environment is still full of challenges, through the joint efforts of all employees, our income for two consecutive quarters to achieve a ring Steady growth. the company

IT House November 7th Recently, Baidu launched a chat social app in the Android app store. The developer is Baidu Online Network Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., version 1.0.0 is updated on November 6, 2019. . Application introduction information

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