Articles from micro-channel public number: rare (fengmaolj), Author: Maureen Michael, title figure from: Eastern IC world is Echo Valley, obsession must echo - Shutong This is an individual rise times, it was an era of community outbreaks When an individual boarded one

Author: Du Lan Origin: Zhenghe Island (ID: zhenghedao) Press the send button, and another internal letter is sent to all Baidu employees. Li Yanhong's heart will definitely be different from the past. Unlike many entrepreneurs, Li Yanhong, deeply influenced by the culture of Silicon Valley in the United States, is used to passing internally

Author | Kiki Sources | Zhou Tian Finance (ID: techfinsight) The famous American writer Malcolm Gladwell once said that around 1955 was the time of the computer revolution, born too early to own a personal computer; and born too late, Computer revolution

Shanghai International Conference Center. On June 5, 2008, Baidu was 20 years old. I wrote an article for 10-year-old Baidu 10 years ago. Although the environment has changed a lot, the Internet BAT pattern in China has become the AT pole pattern

Abstract: It looks like the increasingly fierce competition between the two major search engines in the context of the overall search engine market decline, but behind it is the awakening of domestic corporate brand protection awareness. The year is approaching, pedestrians are in a hurry, and the atmosphere of Beijing's twelve degrees below zero is filled with the taste of leaving the old and...

Author | Fisher is here in 2010, and Baidu is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Twenty years ago, in January 2000, Baidu was established in Zhongguancun, and has gone through the golden age of the PC and the baptism of the mobile Internet. Compared with the beginning of Baidu, today's Baidu has less spirit and more

The year is approaching, pedestrians are in a hurry, and the atmosphere of Beijing's twelve degrees below zero is filled with the taste of leaving the old and welcoming the new. Everyone is in the circle of friends, busy bidding farewell to themselves this year, and looking forward to next year's freshman. Especially in this kind of calendar, the time node switching back and forth, we always...

Text | In history, I left your back to myself, but gave myself to you. (Zero) I'm not fucking done, everyone should not do it, and Baidu is shut down! The last time Li Yanhong said such a thing from his temper, I'm afraid it was 19 years ago. In the summer of 2001, Li Yanhong became enchanted and thought

January 1, 2020 is the 20th year of Baidu's entrepreneurship. In the official 20th anniversary memorandum released by Baidu, two points were selected in 2019: one is that Baidu has over 1 billion users; the other is that China has the largest number of artificial intelligence patent applications in China. 20 years of business, Li Yanhong has a user scale of 1 billion.

Image source @unsplash 文 | If the Internet refers to one word to summarize the public sentiment in 2019, looking at decline may be one of the most popular answers, especially for the Internet industry connected with the market environment. Is a portrayal of the real situation —

Sina Technology News On the morning of December 31, on the last day of 2019, Baidu CEO Li Yanhong turned into a meat pie stall owner and brought executives to distribute beef pie packages to employees in the Baidu cafeteria. According to Baidu employees at the scene, Li Yanhong ’s meatloaf stall was open for a limited time

After the friction between Baidu and today's headlines, the smoke is still permeating. In response to Baidu's recent lawsuit against millions of lawsuits in which it intervened in search results, Toutiao made a positive response on the official WeChat account on the morning of the 30th. According to headline search, since its launch, it has always supported brand protection, regardless of brand

Blue Whale TMT Channel December 30th. Today, Toutiao published an explanation on brand protection through the official WeChat public account. Today's headline stated in the description that it had received Baidu's complaint about unfair search rankings. Since its launch, headline search has supported brand protection; no

In the afternoon of December 26, Tencent issued a group anti-fraud notice, saying that in the first three quarters of 2019, the Tencent Anti-fraud Investigation Department investigated and dealt with more than 40 cases of violation of high-voltage lines, dismissed 60 employees, and transferred more than 10 people to the public security judicial department. Companies

Source | Author of Ginkgo Finance | Edited by Chen Biao | Yang Yizhi In the past two years, the actions of giants and unicorns in Baidu, Tencent, Kuaishou, iQiyi, and B Station have been inconsistent. On December 12, 2019, Ruan Yu, the general manager of Baidu's knowledge category,

Comprehensive: Sunshine Tencent, etc. This morning, the official WeChat account of Tencent's audit and monitoring anti-fraud investigation team, Sunshine Tencent released the "Tencent Group Anti-Fraud Report Tencent Group Anti-Fraud Report." The ministry found to investigate and punish violations of high voltage

Image source @ 视 中国 文 | Li Shi Business Review, author | Zhao Jiong Many people may not know that the first person in domestic online video is Jia Yueting who will return to China next week. In 2003, Jia Yueting, who was not yet Lai Lai, broke into Beijing. This ambitious young man in Shanxi is not satisfied with his hometown correspondent

Production | Tiger Sniff Pro Member Author | Wu Qian Male Head Picture 丨 Oriental IC Tiger Sniff Note: This article is an open version of the exclusive content of Tiger Sniff Pro members, the first article of a Chinese company to go to Japan in Japan. In the deep case column, more company value insights, cases

On December 24, according to the news released by Baidu last year, from December 25 last year to December 31 this year, users who have never logged in to Baidu's web disk will be reduced by Baidu's free storage space from the original 2T to 100G, and at least already logged in

In 2019, there is a key word in the technology industry: retirement. Looking at this year, many big names in the technology industry are associated with the term retirement-including Lenovo founder Liu Chuanzhi, Alibaba founder Ma Yun, and Google two founders Larry P

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