The latest issue of the UK game week sales list was announced today, and the newly released Switch "Bao Ke Meng Jian / Shield" last week has no suspense. Among them, "Bao Ke Meng Jian" won the sales list, which is the best exclusive game in the first week of this year in the UK, and is also second only to FIF.

This article brings you to the introduction of Bao Ke Meng Jian shield flashback file archive damage solution, some people reflect [automatic archiving function] may cause [SD card data damage], damage other game archives, then how to close the game automatic archive? Let's take a look. Flashback file archive corruption solution

Everyone is good at the weekend, Dr. X is coming again~ This week's hot game events are a bit more, one sentence can't be said clearly, or go to this week's hot tour information with Dr. X to see what it is. Key points: "Bao Ke Meng: Jian Dun" officially released IGN to 9.3 points feels a bit outrageous this week

Recently, some netizens have found that "Bao Ke Meng Jian / Shield" will suddenly collapse when playing. Some netizens claimed that the game crash will cause all game archives to be damaged. In this regard, Nintendo officially clarified on social media that Switch's game archive is stored in the memory of the Switch machine.

Dear friends, friends, good evening, "Daily Bus Daily Travel" will summarize the hot game information for the players and friends during your break and off-hours. Let's take a look at the information in today's information circle. "Bao Ke Meng: Sword / Shield rating IGN gives a super high 9.3 points NS

The new week has started again. What fun new games will be waiting for us this week? Let’s take a look. [This week's hot events] Focus: G fat this year to grab men steam double eleven open big push double eleven again, the money in the wallet has been packaged ready to run away from home, this day

The new one, put down the big predecessors in your mouth... "Bao Ke Meng: Sword / Shield" has been officially listed today. The well-known overseas broadcaster [Shiki Games] discovered an unforgettable egg in the game during the game. The characteristics of the ancient moon bird, a missile, the characteristics will make this

This article brings you the introduction of the characteristics of the chemical change gas of the Pokemon Sword Shield. The existence of various characteristics in the game is very important. Let's take a look at the role of the characteristic chemical change gas. The role of chemical change gas is introduced in this work. The properties of double-elastic gas (the appearance of Galer)

"Bao Ke Meng Jian / Shield" because of the abolition of the national illustrations, a large number of treasures can not be on the scene, has been controversial before the sale, but this is not the only thing it lacks. Some players who have already got the sneak game have found that there are hundreds of treasures in the "Bao Ke Meng Jian / Shield" has also been cut.

In the upcoming Switch game this week, there is no particularly heavy work besides "Bao Ke Meng Jian / Shield". As you know, this work has already caused a lot of controversy before it is released. Anyway, "Bao Ke Meng Jian / Shield" will soon be launched, the quality of the game

This article gives you an introduction to the evolution of the Pokémon Sword and the Trick and the Demon. The Trick and the Demon is a evil attribute of the Galer area and a fairy tale attribute, so how to evolve? Let's take a look.捣蛋小妖 Evolution method 捣蛋小妖 Several levels of evolution 捣蛋小妖 32 level evolved into two paragraphs

The preview of the new series of "Bao Ke Meng" animation was officially released last night. This is the stage for all the regions that have appeared in the game so far. It is the first time to adopt the form of double protagonist. The goal is to become the master of Bao Kemeng and to conquer all. Xiaohao, who is the target of Baoke Dream, will jointly embark on the journey of adventure and...

VG chat room has been logged in to the major FM platforms, this program link: Himalayan FM|Litchi|Listing|B Station|Netease Cloud Music|QQ Music|Song Video: Video Address Audio: Participants: Thunder, Zane, Knight , hydrogen ion, EK, LostED: I'll K

Presumably, many players are still remembering the 5-minute modeling of the dreams that the netizens spontaneously held in June this year. After reading a lot of weird treasures, we all realized that it takes a certain amount of time to make a brand new treasure. So the fastest way to create a treasure can be more

Many players have been worried about the cancellation of the National Illustrations by Bao Ke Meng Jian / Shield. Recently, in the interview, Masuda Satoshi once again talked about this issue, saying that this is the result of weighing resources and time, hoping to put more energy into the new gameplay. In a project, we must always consider

Nintendo and Pokemon announced that they will open the "Nintendo Official Store Tokyo Store" and "Bao Ke Meng Center Shibuya Store" at the PARCO Shibuya Shopping Center on November 22, 2019. At the same time, both stores will be based on each other. The characteristics of the store to launch a series of

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