China News Agency, Brussels in August 21, Barcelona news: Spanish police confirmed 21, has been in Barcelona near the town of subirat killed the terrorist attack in Barcelona suspect Eunice? Abu Jacob. Local time on August 18, 2017, in Barcelona - ZAKER,

According to news agency quoted the Reuters news reports, the Spanish interior ministry said, Barcelona truck butt incident has caused 13 deaths, more than 100 people were injured. Local time 17 days, Barcelona city near the famous Catalonia square, a tru

The luggage in the hotel room, the first floor to eat a meal time, the room was turned upside down … … this holiday, Szechuan Liu Jie (a pseudonym) is too bad in spain! Our skin care products, designer watches, sunglasses, new designer bags,

Five star sports broadcast 2016 competition recommended thirty-first

The Champions League group phase sixth round of battle, the Bundesliga West super challenge!

This article source: 178LOL sports the league from December 8th all star game start time is not much, the game will let the audience see. Away from the Mata RNG and leave the Bengi SKT are all in one, the last - ZAKER, personalized recommend popular news,

Football zone APP formally launched! Welcome to click on the link to download the original experience!

Leo  (text / Xiao Yi sports; sports observation covering 1 million readers)   in the morning of the Champions League in the group phase, Barcelona 0-2 win over the Celtics, ahead of the lock

Barcelona football club official overseas flagship store settled Jingdong

Are you willing to participate in the survey, the pilgrimage to Barcelona, Messi and Messi in the restaurant dining, photo.....

Manchester City VS Barcelona 6 points, you look good!

Beijing time on November 7th at 3:45 in the morning, 16/17 La Liga season eleventh ushered in the last battle. In the peace Juan stadium, Barcelona Road 2

Beijing time 3:45 on November 2nd, the 2016-17 season in the Champions League fourth round of group phase, C group of Manchester City at the Santiago Edie Harder, beat the visiting 3-1

Beijing time at 2:45 in the morning of October 20th, the 16/17 season in the Champions League group C group third round of war. At the Nou Camp, Barcelona home court 4 to 0

[Champions League] VS Manchester City, you predict who won?

Beijing time at 02:45 on October 20th (Spain local time 19 20:45), the 2016/17 Champions League third game on C was a focus of the war to compete at the Nou Camp, Barcelona home court 4 to 0 victory over Manchester City, Messi hat trick, penalties and Ney

Barcelona, genius in the left, the madman in the right, the achievement of the art of heaven!

From the beginning of the season all the way straight to Manchester City was nearly three war the Celts, Tottenham, Everton three "British style" team checked, Manchester City and Guardiola suffered

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