A teacher at all costs for education, she found an innovative way to teach her students anatomy: she put on a tights that showed the position of human organs. Comprehensive foreign media news on December 23, Spain's 43-year-old female teacher Veronica & amp; middot; Du

What do you do after graduation? Everyone's choices are different. There is a girl named Sun Ke who chooses to be the king. The grandmother lives in the loft every day. She has to stand in the attic every day, throw hydrangea to thousands of tourists, and then go to church to get married ... What do you think of this job? 24 year old Sun Ke from Kaifeng, Henan

According to the British "Daily Mail" reported on November 25, a man from Australia recently released a video of his motorcycle helmet a few years ago, and reminded everyone to keep their attention while driving, don't look at the roadside The beauty is dangerous. The man said that this dangerous scene happened in Buri

At this time, the breeze does not come back to people. In the "Three Kingdoms" of the "Dragon Power World", one of the princes will fight for the Wanli River, how can they be accompanied by a beautiful woman. When the new service is hot today, there are beautiful women looking forward to returning. The maiko is full of laughter and sorrow, and the body is graceful and has a charm. With the...

In the Tianxia Community of Park in Xi'an, Shaanxi, a female owner is accustomed to putting shoes and socks on the shoe rack at the door so that it is easy to exchange and does not occupy indoor space. On the day of November 20th, after returning home, the lady found that her socks were stained with white, unidentified liquids, and it was also awful.

As the saying goes, love is irrespective of age. Recently, a 70-year-old grandfather in Thailand married his 20-year-old beauty for the first time and sent 20 million baht (about RMB 4.64 million) as a bride price. Because the two people are too different in age, their wedding is very fast.

Anti-drug is often seen as the most sacrificed and most tragic war in contemporary times. The anti-drug police is the most dangerous police in peacetime. Every year, 180 people died from drug dealers to perform tasks or retaliation. In order to protect the people, to avoid hurt the family, they can not sacrifice erected, and see no light life, public

From the face of the face to the description of the 40-year-old who has a 60-year-old look, what did she experience? Let's get closer to … The following case recently, the anti-drug detachment of the Public Security Bureau of Jieyang City, Guangdong Province, combined with the anti-drug brigade of Jiedong Branch to destroy a drug-drug den in Huilai and arrest the drug-related people.

Zeng Li is famous for his good looks in the Chinese opera. In the two hundred years of the Chinese opera, there has never been such a good look. Recently, the actor Bao Jianfeng commented on the actor Zeng Li’s remarks in the interview, which made the fans fall into emotion. The beauty of the Chinese opera is like a cloud. It is also an internationally recognized oriental beauty like Zhang...

What do you usually call a strange woman? beauty? Big sister? Miss? How do you listen to the strange and careful thoughts, do you think you can't even "coke people"? ! I have to say that "calling people" is a question from the university. If you accidentally "step on the thunder", you may be seriously suspected! Especially facing female friends

It is reported that the 21 year old McKenzie mo (MakenzeeMeaux) is a senior from Houston college, when she was young she was diagnosed with alopecia, causing her to have hair all off and never grow back. So since she was 8 years old, she was one.

It is reported that Guinea's former fashion model Tiguidanke Camara off a gorgeous and delicate dress sexy, lost the catwalk, wear heavy shoes gold in the dirty mud, became the first female miners in West africa. Click the picture into the next page

Recently, in southwest India ocean France Reunion island volcano, 26 year old Coralie Giro on the rope, hanging, hanging between two cliffs, and behind her anger raging waves, waves roar, very thrilling. Click the picture into the next page subtitle

It is reported that almost all people will revel in the beauty queen are sexy body and beautiful face, but if you look after their daily life as you will find T under the table when they actually than in the more beautiful. The picture is 2013

It is reported that recently, a bull in Atlanta, USA broke the fence, ran out, accidentally fell into a 12 feet (about 3.7 meters) deep well. When all the people tried their best to help, the stubborn bull was sleeping in place. It was so capricious and l

Recently, Purcell, Virginia States, yoga teacher Angela Nunez and her 10 year old Appaloosa formed a yoga partner, Angela has made a variety of difficult yoga in her love on horseback. Click on the picture to go to the next page subtitle

It is reported that the 24 year old New Zealand woman, 9 years old suffering from cancer and lost a leg, although her life was saved, but the young she caused a major blow. Now, she's brave enough to live and become a fitness model. Her story is undoubted

Bus is an indispensable means of transport in modern life, people go to work every day, not all like to squeeze buses, but there is no way, so it can only squeeze buses. But the bus will inevitably have some decent people, they always love to sneak

Although ancient people do not attach importance to bath, probably one is difficult to use water, two is the lack of clean concept. But ancient people paid much attention to bathing and recorded the process of taking a bath. Throughout the history of Chin

Although ancient people do not attach importance to bath, probably one is difficult to use water, two is the lack of clean concept. But ancient people paid much attention to bathing and recorded the process of taking a bath. Throughout the history of Chin

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