CNN, the latest video on Thursday shows that the wildfire has been spreading red and fire to the half sky of southern California. The overseas students living in this area try to reduce their outdoors, keep fire contact ways and pay attention to their per

According to the American news and World Report (USNews), the average university tuition fees for the first 100 of the top - level row are up 3.6%, and some schools are even more than 10%. Is your pocket ready? The top 10 school TOP100 - ZAKER, personaliz

As for the season, many students ask for American universities require TOEFL score in the background message, usually for the TOP80 school, at least to ensure the TOEFL 80 points or more, if for 50 100+, the TOEFL score is guaranteed, although the officia

Control your new school, school, school, livable happiness | University of California, in the end what is your dish? Review: University of California (University of California), referred to as the University of California (UC), is located in the United St

Last year the share, Stella sister tells us about the application of the elite schools admission requirements of the heart, and detailed analysis for the individual application, we benefit a lot, the original schools also have these rules! Today, Stella's

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