"Call of Duty Mobile Games" has been on the line for almost a month, according to foreign media GamingBolt reported that during this month, "Call of Duty Mobile Games" has received 148 million downloads, more than "Mario Racing Tour" Second only to "Bao Ke Meng G

IT Home November 9th News Today, the mobile application data analysis platform Sensor Tower released the latest research report, which brought the top mobile phone market revenue in China in October 2019. Among them, "Wan

According to GameSpot, in a recent financial conference call, Activision Blizzard Chief Operating Officer Coddy Johnson said the company intends to expand its mobile game business and said that all of its existing IPs have the possibility of launching mobile-side works. Codd

VG chat room has been logged in to the major FM platforms, this program link: Himalayan FM | Lychee | Listening companion | B station | Netease cloud music | QQ music | song list VG game diary, have said that recently played 啥. "Call of Duty Modern Warfare" became the war of 蹲 B?

Prior to Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Infinity Ward's Medal of Honor was just an excellent World War II theme FPS. However, the "Call of Duty 4" was born, and the historical status of "Call of Duty" was raised to the extent that there are not many brands in the entire game industry.

Hello everyone, here is the game of surprise, I am your brother. In today's increasingly influential game, many games invite some famous stars to endorse in order to expand the player group. Some games even make some stars into the game as game characters. So today, the younger brother will come and see with everyone, which

Here is the call of duty 16M4 modification method at a glance, some weapons in the game can be improved and upgraded, then how to improve M4? Let's take a look. M4 skills with skill gun barrels can be customized according to the distance between the custom shooter and the predator

Activision announced today that the annual shooting masterpiece "Call of Duty Modern Warfare", which was just released on October 15th, broke the company's multiple sales records. It took less than a week to surpass all games and became 2019 so far. The best-selling game. In the announcement

There is a picture of the truth, no picture to say an egg! Hello everyone, here is a new game that is updated every Monday. I am a little brother! It’s time for us to look at the game and watch the game. There is not much nonsense, the picture above! "Call of Duty 16: Modern Warfare": Did you take a shot today? Game platform: PC/Xbo

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