On December 2nd, Ambassador Cong Peiwu accepted an exclusive interview with the producer of Canadian Multicultural Television (OMNI Television) in English at the embassy. The interview is as follows: Q: According to internal documents disclosed by the reporters of the New York Times, China has established a reeducation camp in Xinjiang.

After winning with a slight advantage in the last month's general election, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that the Liberal Party he led will not form a coalition government with other political parties, but seek to form a minority government. The new government will be on November 20 Inauguration. However, according to past experience, the Canadian minority government often

On November 18, 2019, in the town of Churchill, Canada, a half-ton of polar bear was restless on the frozen lake, just like Monday, when it was necessary to climb from the bed, the action was very funny.

According to Fox News on November 6th, a Canadian man recently asked the local government to repair the shoulders of the road at home. The result was told that the problem may take nearly half a century to be resolved. Calvin Holly, a man living in Winnipeg, Canada, said that in 1993

BEIJING, Nov. 5 (Xinhuanet) -- According to Canada’s Sing Tao Daily, a suspected racist incident occurred in the Greater Vancouver area of ​​British Columbia, Canada. A white man was in a parking lot in Richmond’s parking lot last week. The Chinese woman yelled, saying that the other party is not like a Canadian and should return to China.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin? Trudeau (Justin Trudeau) recently in an interview with the Canadian National Television (CTV) said in an interview, he believes that the lost Islamic Jihad in overseas returned to Canada after the defeat of the members of t

Local time Monday morning, a beautiful iron (Amtrak) high speed train company in the state of Washington near Interstate 5, Tacoma (Tacoma) near the southern Olympia (Olympia) the derailment accident of a track, at least 6 people have been killed, 77 peop

It is a good thing for ordinary Canadians to have money as long as they have children, and the more they get more, the more it is. But after the Canadian government expanded the National Parenting allowance last month, it might not be more than Winston -

In November 29th, a CF-188 Bumblebee fighter plane from the Canadian Air Force appeared in the hangar of the Boise Air Force Base in Idaho. When the CF-188 fighter participated in the joint military exercise, the tire burst on the Gowen Field runway. In t

Nine years, the "call of duty" series from the modern to the future war, and eventually back to the memory of the World War II. "Call of duty" World War fill the successful previous generations of the theme of World War II, "call of duty" in the Pacific t

Local time November 16, 2017, Vancouver Canada, Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau met with the British Columbia Provincial Governor He Jin (John Horgan), two people spent their feet socks to steal the spotlight. Trudeau foot with gin and tonic bartender gui

Since November 8th, almost every day in Canada, Chinese students lost the news. 8, 20 year old University of Toronto Juanwen Zhang Juanwen (Zhang), missing in Toronto city center. 9, 16 - ZAKER, personalized recommend hot news, local authoritative media i

Recently, the Canadian police released a number of Chinese students lost contact with the news, so that all people can not help but worry. The age of these lost students is between 16 and 20 years old. Toronto police said that the Chinese students who had

(the observer Zhu Xinwei) important meeting held today in Da Nang in Vietnam in addition to APEC, there is another, that the United States has been back, the Japanese tried to save the TPP (trans Pacific Partnership Agreement) leaders meeting. However, th

The hands of the foreigner 95 should be called the type 97 ~97 assault rifle (China Code: QBZ-97), is China Northern Industrial Company (NORINCO) developed specifically for export production of a 5.56 mm automatic rifle. The assault rifle continued 5.8 -

In general, housing prices will increase even more in areas where more people are attracted. But in Canada, something strange happened. There, the real estate bubble and the depopulation crisis are at the same time. According to UBS's global real estate b

Generally speaking, can attract more people to the area, housing prices will be greater. But in Canada, a strange thing happened. Where the real estate bubble and the decrease of population crisis exist at the same time. According to UBS's global real est

In general, housing prices will increase even more in areas where more people are attracted. But in Canada, something strange happened. There, the real estate bubble and the depopulation crisis are at the same time. According to UBS's global real estate b

Data figure: Zaha Lo Va news agency in Moscow in November 3 Xinhua (reporter Wang Xiujun) local time on November 3rd, the Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Zaha Lo Va said in response to Canada sanctions against Russia, Russia decided to ban dozens of Ca

Original title: mother received the phone cheated 300 thousand yuan, a year after the money was recovered in Metropolis Daily News November 1st (reporter Chen Jun correspondent Wu Jiaxuan) really thank you very much! Unexpectedly, also from the hands of c

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