The April 21st launch of public comment flash benefits, Green Tea first opened, opened only half a month, Shan Hui trade volume has exceeded 3 million, and in August this figure has more than ten million, behind a huge volume of transactions is the cashie

[introduction] billion billion euros in Europe in July 30th news today - beauty group public comment through the internal mail announced that the new organization structure and personnel appointment: set up a meal

Million European review heavy mode, the vegetables as the starting point the cost of deconstruction. Contains the cost structure: the personnel cost; logistics cost; the cost of damage; the cost of technology;

[review] billion euros said the 2016 winter of the year, a large number of enterprises fell at the same time, also eliminated a large number of malformation in fattening effect caused by capital.

[global network reported] according to the British "Daily Mail" reported on June 1st, the Swedish company called Goteborg Avenyfamiljens Restaurant Group launched a special menu design for dogs, 3 restaurants under the group provide special diet for dogs,

The traditional enterprise OCS is also represent the general trend of catering industry. Easily subvert the revolution tone rampant for a while, did not bring the whole industry changes,

Chinese Cuisine Association, 8, released in 2015 group meal 50 business analysis report shows that the rise and development of the group meal only ten years time, but has quickly accounted for 30% of the share of China's catering industry.

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