December 24th at 17 PM, Xinhua gun case crime suspect Chen Jianxiang arrested by public security police in the county of three Banqiao Village head Township, seized a pistol, clip two, no casualties in the process of arrest. According to the front line fe

The day before, must taste duck neck double 11 promotional posters for the picture and copy vulgar and full of hints that openly accused jokes, and allegedly insulting and consumption of women, by fierce criticism of many users. The Changsha Municipal Adm

Family photos show ou jianxin. 2017 national day and outside the family travel. Nandu reporter: Ou Jianxin Zhao Yanxiong remake of the gender: male age: 42, Wugang: Hunan's occupation zteict technology R & D Engineer: seagull go family remembrance. Ou Jia

Reporter / editor Zheng Lin / Li Xianfeng Song Jianhua in December 10th, December 8th 13 from Yong Ning limit Changsha Huayuan International Center falls videos from the Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned from relevant channels once deep, this is the la

In December 7th, Changsha City Intermediate People's court, the suspect Kwak in the bailiff escorted into court. I only talked about how to kidnap, not to say to kill. In December 7th, the Changsha intermediate people's court, in the face of the prosecuti

In December 4th, Sina micro-blog Changsha came a girl suspected of abuse by family news: Changsha golden city 9, 1807 little girls often face the hurt is to go to school, and later found more than a face injury, fingers, finger joints are injured, and hai

In December 2nd 4 pm, Changsha Yun Road near the joy sunstar City District 38 Building 1 unit 13 building owners, because the bedroom blanket caused the fire did not pull the plug. There were no adults at home, and only 10 year old boys were watching TV i

In December 1st at 1:33 in the morning, the Changsha Huanghua Airport, Bali Island tourists stranded in Hunan flew back to Changsha, welcome by family and tour enthusiasm. For map / Hunan dream trip, from Bali Island to Surabaya airport 400 kilometers, a

The early morning of November 24th, in the District of Xiangjiang comprehensive transportation hub (the site of Changsha West Bus Station) tragedy occurred near the Delta region of D6, a 22 year old boy came home after supper, falling from the 3 floor of

Twenty-one points in the air that the plane may be out of trouble, Wang Junhao, a 20 year old passenger, suddenly wanted to leave something for his parents. He took out iPad and wrote only 25 words: world peace, mom and Dad, I love you, I love you; ×

Twenty-one points in the air that the plane may be out of trouble, Wang Junhao, a 20 year old passenger, suddenly wanted to leave something for his parents. He took out iPad and wrote only 25 words: world peace, mom and Dad, I love you, I love you; ×

In the afternoon of November 14th, medical beauty clinic Del beauty customers, many people sitting together to talk. A 17 year old girl claims to be coerced into prostitution. Insiders said, in a hotel in Changsha Furong Road branch four floor, a unlicens

[observer network integrated] in November 14th, there is news that Sichuan Airlines CSC8952 suspected of hijacking. The actual situation is about 20:45, the crew reported a hijacking in the cabin. After the unit reports the hijackers for drug addicts, men

In late November 13th 8, in the vicinity of Changsha Muyun town nanteau Ling nanhu road, a gold shop robbery. At present, the police are investigating. 14 morning, reporters came to the shop. Shop a responsible person surnamed long night, a man covered fa

The Modern Express News (reporter Liu Weijuan Xu Hongyan) on site, after this withdrawal really memorable scared … … 0:10 on November 14th, a Nanjing Junior Wang released such feelings in micro-blog. Jing - ZAKER, personalized recommendation

At 1:27 a.m. on November 14th, Changsha Huanghua Airport announced the fire incident on the Southern Airlines flight CZ6406 on the evening of 13. At 21:35 on November 13th, Changsha Huanghua Airport transportation control center was notified by civil avia

The flight route in November 13th at 10 pm, from the circle of friends news: China Southern Airlines flight CZ6406 from the cabin fire alarm, emergency alternate airport is Changsha. Other planes over the Changsha airport are making way around. In the eve

Just experienced singles day, today a costume collective wedding through dog abuse. At 1 noon on November 12th, the second Hunan Public Han style collective wedding ceremony was held in Huang Xing square, Changsha. 31 pairs of Han people wore Han costume

Also for the double eleven fighting prodigal women, is looking forward to the spoils of war were issued, transportation and delivery to our hands? In the afternoon of November 11th, 3 pm, Changsha railway station, G506 train slowly pulled out, in addition

Ballet, four little swans, we all know, but you never know, they also have a lost brother, and in Changsha Yuhua District Shaoshan South road. Yesterday morning, the careful net friend caught it in the current. "Goose, song song of the day hand, feet on t

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