Chen Qiaoen fell in love three days ago when the news appeared in the top spot of Hot Search, although the topic was hot, but the Internet thought it was the hype of the "Daughters' Love" program until this morning. Weibo confess love to record the love of daughters is to come to love me

The following article comes from entertainment Ji Ji, author 8 Ji Chen Qiao En announced the relationship. The whole process was almost unexpected. She was already 40 this year, and love is perfectly normal. The shocking thing is that her target was met through a love program, which was broadcast to two people last week.

Today the sheep opened the hot search, # 陈乔恩 没 剧本 没 表 词 #, # 陈乔恩 明星 #, # 艾伦 发文 #, # 艾伦 ins #, dominate the screen. Alas, wasn't Chen Qiaoen's relationship in love searched last week? Why did he come again today? !! The strong sense of melon drove the sheep to look around

On December 2, born in 1979, Chen Qiaoen, 40, successfully joined hands with a male guest Alan in "Daughter's Love", and the two posted an official Weibo post. Chen Qiaoen said no script, no lines, thank you for your concern. Then Allen also posted a response to be brave and love. Once Idol

On December 2nd, after the official declaration of love by Chen Qiaoen, the man Allen confirmed the relationship between the two. Source: Baidu Entertainment Hotspot

Chen Qiaoen and Zhao Yazhi took a photo with NetEase Entertainment. Reported on December 2. On the evening of December 1, Chen Qiaoen took a photo with Zhao Yazhi via Weibo and wrote with an essay: Sister Zhi, I miss you. In the photo, Chen Qiaoen is wearing a white off-the-shoulder dress with a pill-shaped head and delicate makeup.

The second season of "Daughter's Love" has finally reached its finale. From the beginning to the end, this love-oriented reality show has lived in the hot search Zheng Shuang and Zhang Heng, Xiang Zuo and Guo Biting, Xu Lu and Zhang Mingen , Every pair of cp, every protagonist, every story, is full of luck (dog) blessing (grain) taste includes

Chen Qiaoen and Allen confirmed their relationship in the show. Netease Entertainment reported on November 28. Recently, "Daughters' Love" ended. Chen Qiaoen and Allen confirmed their relationship in the show. Some media asked the staff of the other party on the matter. Chen Qiao Enfang said in his work: We are not in a position to respond to the private affairs of the artist.

Recently, Chen Qiao'en participated in the final show of the reality TV show. Chen Qiaoen and his matching male guest Alan (Zeng Weichang) finally performed a true confession. Allen said to Chen Qiaoen on the flyover: Let's be together. Chen Qiaoen answered: OK. The scene is really romantic and sweet, and people can't help but follow. This is exactly

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