In a world famous general class click below the title junior college, the teacher concerned Evan junior college department director of the past, the classroom is the children of the world, now, the world is the child's classroom. Following the "follow Eva

There are too many such children because they show a mistake, so do not dare to show a campaign captain began to fail, then by the teacher criticism, feel no value several math test well, believe that they will not learn mathematics. I was so stupid, I am

Author: AmanImage source | studio neural builders all over the world recently heard of young artists are watching the same movie: "love Van Gogh". But honestly, in addition to familiar with his "sunflowers" and "starry night", two other artists are nervou

Smile to face life, even if life is hard. In the rough times, smiles are uncompromising life, and laughter is a heartless laugh for illness. In a gathering, smiles are the best wishes for friends and relatives. Today, we are going to talk about a smile th

There is a picture of an old one, which has been widely spread out of a harmonious doctor-patient relationship a hundred years ago. Black and white photographs, a four or five year old, wearing a gown and a China boy wearing a hat wearing a suit of foreig

Look around the child, you will find that some children feel particularly good, they are refined and courteous, lively and cheerful, unmoved either by gain or loss, not stage fright, also very assertive; but some children especially bear, rude, afraid of

Near the end, children learn more and more nervous. This time if the children have learning problems, parents must be very worried that my heart. But here to remind parents: some words, please don't say. Because they are like a sharp knife, cut the child,

The smaller the promise more to keep the book I borrowed your next meal together, these blurt out words are small agreement, abide by the will to make each other happy ah, he still remember the original is not a polite, sincere and trustworthy and give ea

Click on the bottom of the white button to listen to music / happiness paper | multi source | small pigeon friends more kids pigeon (duogexiaopengyou) called Buddha mother, is the mother of two years of above or at least two children, has seen the bad sit

A living in Nara County of Japan at the age of 46 foreign men in the Nara family court proceedings, asked to confirm his estranged wife and without permission to use the cryopreservation of fertilized eggs and give birth to pregnant girls (aged 2) does no

Today, I want to talk to you about poetry. Because, just yesterday, this man, he's gone. Many of the poets, Yu Guangzhong, know Yu Guangzhong's famous homesickness. When writing this poem, Yu Guangzhong only took 20 minutes to go. When I was a child, nost

Text: Shishan package source: Shishan package (ID:rxfx0518) as flowers: December 11, 2017, Song Jiang Tokyo district court hearing the case in japan. In this case, we have seen too many comments and views. The word "blue stamp Song Jiang killed 1st annive

Each read parenting books on parenting skills, will emerge from the enjoyable scene between mother and son felt, sophisticated, able to take time for bear children, but the child the next row up, anger, not roar quickly brew storms on rivers and seas, &he

December 13th, Xuancheng, Anhui. Two children ran up and down the elevator after the mall fell, the yellow boy right little finger was pinched off the elevator in two section. After the fire came to the field, the staff of the mall opened the elevator to

Junior college department director Evan visited Taiwan winchance big coffee sector in this video from Taiwan to organize an interview at the picture's father Hao Guangcai see Hao teacher to less students message size (the 2018 Taiwan winter research camp)

Many novice parents, because of their busy work, will allow the elderly to bring their children, and the children have developed the habit of sleeping with their grandmother. It's easy to go to bed, but how the children sleep is not easy! Those who sleep

All the people who finished the long run and entered the wedding hall were all tearful. We always think that marriage has completely consolidated the results of love, even if it is the end of the victory of love, we can take time to do something else. How

In math and exams, there are some things that are most easily ignored. That's the draft. Many people think that if the draft can be understood by himself, what is it so neat? Wouldn't it be a waste of paper? A few dollars of paper, and not can not afford

WARNING: the long and trying to be patient ^_^ reading slightly you often hear, I talked about a lot of people, but always didn't talk through logical thinking with you a clear break, we hope that in the cultivation of logical thinking ability when the ba

Click on the bottom of the white button to listen to music / good time the | source | sugar sugar sugar idyllic dwelling pastoral pastoral dwelling dwelling sugar cold, remember the spring like? Busy work every day, or around children, young girls from th

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