This is probably one of the most absurd pictures I've seen in 2019. A Chinese traditional food blogger has been followed by more than 7 million people on YouTube and enjoyed by tens of millions of people. Americans, Russians, Australians, Vietnamese, Italians, Iraqis ... and so love China. And on the other side,

On December 3, Zhang Jing, head coach of the Hungarian National Short Track Speed ​​Skating Team, suddenly announced his resignation. The reason why she took the initiative to leave was because of her short track speed skating team member, Csaba Burjan, member of the Pingchang Winter Olympics men's short track speed 5,000 meters relay championship, who has insulted China. This letter

[Text / Observer Network Guo Guanghao] Italy made people laugh again. The Roman Police Department (Questura di Roma) notified on November 30 that they had cracked a Chinese citizen's gambling case while patrolling within their jurisdiction. Police report that recently at Philip Turaty

Osawa Osawa apologized. (Source: Social Media) Overseas Network, December 2nd. In November this year, a man who claimed to be Osawa Osawa, in the name of a special associate professor at the University of Tokyo in Japan, posted on social media Twitter that he would not accept China. People, will put chinese

Why do you always meet Chinese people in foreign countries? Recently, a picture about China was circulated wildly on major foreign news media. At first glance at this picture, does it feel quite spectacular? A large wave of people rushed to the street ... People who do n’t know may think that an earthquake or

Japan's "Diamond" Weekly article on November 29, original title: Chinese view of the Japanese: While the craftsman spirit is admired, the business side is afraid to compliment, what is the reason? In the eyes of the Chinese, the image of the Japanese was single. Most of what you see through movies and TV shows are masculine

After being resisted for a year, the luxury brand Dolce & Gabbana, which is quickly starting to save itself, is quietly recovering in the Chinese market. Its CEO leads executives on a journey of learning Chinese culture in Beijing, Shanghai and Xi'an. None of its Chinese shop assistants resigned when the brand was deeply insulted by the Chinese turmoil. This is not out of right

In response to the continuing violent crimes in Hong Kong, Deng Hansheng, legal adviser and executive vice chairman of the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce in the United Kingdom, said that this seriously trampled on the rule of law and social order and seriously endangered the personal safety of the majority of Hong Kong residents. Violence and restoration of order are the most common in...

On November 23, the Sydney Herald Morning News reported a news: Chinese agent Wang Liqiang lurking in Hong Kong defected to Australia! In the interview, Wang Liqiang, in the name of the Chinese defection agent, claimed that he interfered with Hong Kong's protest movement by manipulating the media and penetrating universities.

The original title "Can a professional layoff company be able to stand this business"-"In the Cloud", an old film, whether it is in Douban or IMDB, scoring is passable: I will mention this movie to students every year, 2. It is mainly used to explain rich media theory.

An "in the cloud", an old film, whether it is in Douban or IMDB, scoring is decent: I will mention this film to students every year, mainly to explain the so-called rich media theory ftf (face to

The Associate Professor of the University of Tokyo (equivalent to the position of associate professor in Chinese institutions of higher learning) recently announced on Twitter that: Do not recruit Chinese from your own company, and screen out Chinese from your resume. These discriminatory statements have caused huge online criticism. Controversy, criticized by many Japanese netizens for...

This article from the public numbers: street youth (ID: maluqingnian), Author: road map from the title: Eastern IC in China, Pang Zhonghua talking about, I am afraid people do not know. Since the 1980s, the country has set off a wave of learning Chinese calligraphy. Many people though

The University of Tokyo (Huffington Post) overseas network November 25th Recently, a man named the non-recruiting Chinese on Twitter in the name of a special associate professor at the University of Tokyo, Japan, will screen the Chinese. Going down and talking about discrimination, causing great controversy on the Internet

Malaysia's "Malay Post" November 24 article, original title: The Chinese ambassador said that the country's tourists will be urged to regulate the behavior of the horse in Malaysia. The Chinese ambassador to Malaysia said in the daytime that China will regulate the country's citizens visiting Malaysia as tourists. Behave. He said that China is based in Malaysia.

This article brings you the Age of Empires 2 Determining the list of Chinese civilization features, interested friends to come and find out. Age of Empires 2 Decided Edition of Chinese Civilization At the Summit of Empire II China ( Chinese ) is set to take the image of the Ming Dynasty to the Ming Dynasty ( 5

The burning of the flag case has recently opened in Hong Kong. On September 21st, a 13-year-old girl was deliberately insulted by the incineration of the national flag outside the Tuen Mun Town Hall. Recently, the girls involved in the case pleaded guilty in the Tuen Mun Juvenile Court, and the magistrate rebuked his actions for insulting the national and national dignity. What is remarkable is...

The first two days, because of a word, the NBA solitary wolf Marbury is crazy in many Chinese fans. On the evening of November 20th, in the seventh round of the CBA League, a battle of the Beijing Derby was ushered in. In the end, Beijing Shougang defeated the Beijing North Control Team with 87-79. Although lost on the road

How much do you know about China? This year marks the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Russia. What do the ordinary Russian people think of China? Recently, overseas media Easy Languages ​​took this issue to the streets of Moscow, the capital of Russia. Talking about the initial impression of China, many

I sweep you? You sweep me? Cash only, cash only. On November 21st, after the update of the "Day of the Night Canteen" in the Japanese drama, one of the clips triggered a hot discussion: When a Chinese diners check out, he took out his mobile phone and said to the owner: I sweep you, do you sweep me? But got the store does not support shifting

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