[observer network comprehensive report] according to China News Network reported on December 17th, 16, when Chongqing high speed law enforcement officers patrol, found two elderly people walking on the freeway emergency lane, the situation is very dangero

After the low threshold of interview, some film and television companies to collect thousands of yuan fee, after the layers of hands, job seekers were eventually or Pianse of fraud. It is reported that similar deception has lasted for at least 10 years in

To determine whether a city is dynamic, population change is the most intuitive, many people are using "counter attack" two words to describe Chongqing, before 2008, the population of Chongqing continually, since 2008, Chongqing's population continues to

The Xiao Shawan Bay Park, which is mainly suspended in Zhanqiao, has been completed and opened to the public on 1 December. (photo source: Oriental IC) the total area of the park is about 20 thousand square meters, and the greening area is nearly 17 thous

Recently, a 720 - degree three - story revolving flyover in the southern bank of Chongqing City, Chongqing, has attracted more attention. The bridge is called the transfer bridge by the locals, and the two routes are seventy or eighty meters high. The old

In November 24, 2017, Chongqing Jiangbei central business district (CBD), known as the upper reaches of the Yangtze River in Lujiazui, is a very important strategic financial center in the central and western regions of china. Here, there are many tall bu

The takeaway restaurant is full of delivery cars. Takeaway restaurant without dining. Busy aunt in the kitchen. Western food light shops open takeaway platform, 24 full 23 minus 30 minus 27 full 15 minus 13… &helli - ZAKER, personalized recommend h

Editor / Zhang Xibin plan / Ji Xin, today (November 20th), Chongqing daily published the article "must pay attention to the implementation of politics from the implementation of the party's nineteen major spirits on the land of Chongqing.". The article sa

Children's shoes, you know, today (November 19th) is world toilet day. The festival was started in 2003 by the United Nations, which aims to build safe toilet environment for women and children in poverty-stricken areas, and promote the construction of sa

In November 14th, Ms. Bai (alias) felt aggrieved, because her husband moved her out of the house. (source: Network) Ms. White said that he and her husband got married last year, her husband before marriage to the main city in Chongqing all the money to bu

Recently, an escalator of a square of the sudden failure. When the escalator is running, suddenly tilted pedal pieces, deformation occurred in operation. According to field staff, before the incident of the elevator is maintenance, maintenance personnel a

[observer network compile / Zhao Kexin] in March this year, Chongqing through the floor and the light board outside media headlines. Recently, Chongqing's tourism has become the focus of foreign media. According to CNN11 reported on 10 may, Hongkong city

Economic Daily - China Economic Net Chongqing November 9th comprehensive report today (9) afternoon, the four session of the forty-first session of the Standing Committee of the people's Congress of Chongqing, through the appointment and removal of person

Some time ago, Chongqing a residential building into a magical Wanghong parking parking, 5 floors, N 360 degree turn halo driver. According to the Chengdu daily "figure Chinese and Chongqing have not been divided into Yu Liang, in the parking floor above,

Expression package creator Yang Bingqian, for this kind of design, she also said by some phenomenon in the garbage pool to see signs of danger appearing everywhere began thinking of countermeasures. Some time ago, in the college dormitory downstairs, clea

From Guangdong to Chongqing, more than 1300 kilometers, if you drive, to 120 kilometers per hour, it takes nearly 11 hours. Can have such an expert, no money, no water, no food, no mobile phone navigation and map, from Chongqing to Guangdong runaway, last

Chongqing iron and Steel Group (hereinafter referred to as the parent group) has a glorious history: Chongqing Steel Group official website information, Chongqing is the predecessor of the 1890 viceroy Zhang Zhidong founded the Hanyang iron factory, is th

GRE examination, details determine success or failure. In addition to the examination before and after careful study preparation work, candidates also need to test related details and matters needing attention to do a comprehensive and full understanding.

According to CCTV News reported on October 24th, the State Post Bureau statistics show that in 2016, China's express business volume for the first time exceeded 31 billion 200 million, equivalent to the annual per capita express use nearly 23 pieces. In 2

In October 21st, Chongqing Fuling red wine town, a steamed bun processing point, people lined up to buy the local giant characteristic steamed bread. It is reported that the length of the steamed bread is 35 centimeters, and the price needs only one yuan.

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