Zhang Ziyi seven costumes inventory, Jen beyond, the snake does not lose Maggie Cheung text / a love letter said that "the actor's birth" featuring Yiwei Zhou, Zhai Tianlin, Ling Xiaosu, blue Ying Ying, acting, actually a love letter, think the biggest wi

The emergence of the circle of friends, let us have a space to share, record their bit, but also let our communications become more convenient, enjoy the fruits of scientific and technological development brought about. But there are also some people in t

Ma Yun played the film! A few days ago, Ma also specifically Po posters for their movie publicity, with the text: the dream that night..! But if you look at this poster carefully, you will find a little red in the green, and a girl is more dazzling. Who i

Occupy the hot search several days bazaar Charity Night is over. During this time, almost every net friend has become a micro facial observation expert. Rob C, the stars say hello, chat, who and who a good relationship, who and who is plastic sisters.....

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