[Global Network Report] I support unification and come and arrest me. The New Party does not divide legislative candidates. The cause of the incident was Lin Jingyi, a DPP legislator and then a spokesman for the Cai Yingwen election office, recently accepted the German media

Recently, Taiwan ’s well-known romance novelist Qiong Yao published a passionate long post on his Facebook account, not only calling Taiwan ’s Nationalist Party ’s election candidate Korea Yu as a hero, but even Jin Wengong, Han Gaozu Liu Bang, Han Guangwu Emperor Liu Xiu, etc.

Judging from the recent series of actions in the United States, including the adoption of the reverse osmosis law, its political implication is far greater than its substantive effect. One of the purposes is to stimulate Beijing to respond, including impulse. On the last day of 2019, at the request of the United States, the DPP passed the reverse osmosis law

Today, Zhu Fenglian, a spokesperson for the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, answered reporters' questions. Q: On December 31, Taiwan ’s legislature passed the so-called reverse osmosis law. What's your comment on this? A: The DPP authorities are engaged in green and terror in order to gain political and electoral self-interest.

Is it the popular victory of South Korea ’s Yu, or Tsai Ing-wen ’s re-election? The answer will be announced on January 11 next year. As many media have said, this regional leader election is the weirdest and most elusive one in Taiwan's history. There are signs that everything is possible until the election is over. Fight for the throne

People in Taiwan took to the streets to protest that the DPP had forcibly passed the so-called annuity reform. Our reporter, Wu Yaming, recently stated that Taiwanese leader Tsai Ing-wen ordered the legislature to pass the so-called reverse osmosis law before December 31st. Public opinion on the island states that according to the law

[Global Report] Not many Americans actually know Taiwan? On the 26th, a netizen posted such a post on the Taiwan Internet Forum PTT about his experience in the United States, and lamented that Taiwan seemed to be a political pawn. According to Taiwan's United News Network on the 27th, the

Taiwan's 2020 election is only two weeks away from the final vote. The customs clearance data of various polling agencies in Taiwan came out one after another this week. According to polls released by Taiwan ’s dark green media Freedom Times, DPP candidate Tsai Ing-wen was 54.25% ahead of Kuomintang ’s South Korea ’s Yu

A few days ago, Taiwan ’s Kashin Yang Yangru manipulated the network to lead the wind, causing Su Qicheng, the former head of the Taiwan office in Osaka, to die. His behind-the-scenes lead to speculation. At a press conference of the DPP's Dark Web Army on December 25, the DPP supported the

Taiwanese leader Tsai Ing-wen claimed that the DPP group would complete the so-called reverse osmosis law passed by the legislature on December 31, triggering condemnation on the island. Hon Hai founder Guo Taiming said yesterday (24th) that if the DPP insists on passing the reverse osmosis law at the end of the month, he will take Taiwan

Storms in Hong Kong have continued for nearly half a year, and many thugs have been arrested. Some Hong Kong media have revealed that thugs have fled abroad. On the 4th, a Hong Kong media released a report about the thugs who fled to Taiwan. During the interview, he miserably claimed that he might never return to Hong Kong and felt powerless and uncomfortable.

Destroyed and inhuman! Everyone may remember that in September last year, Japan was hit by a strong typhoon Swallow, among which Osaka's airport was forced to close, and many tourists, including Chinese tourists, were stranded. Afterwards, the Taiwan network posted news that mainland diplomats had

Shi Dawei (Source: Associated Press) Overseas Network, December 3rd. Assistant Secretary of State for Asia Pacific David Stilwell stated in a seminar that he did not call Taiwan a state. Excessive politics

Chinese spy farce, the oversized headline in bold on the front page of the Australian version of the Daily Telegraph, like the fingerprints left by some Australian media after their face was severely beaten. For a week, these Australian media have been trying to turn the story of Wang Liqiang, a senior spy who has been sincere, into an anti-China and anti-China tide.

Australian Sky News reported on November 29 that veterans of the Australian intelligence community said that Australian intelligence agencies had high doubts about the identity of Wang Liqiang, who claimed to be a senior Chinese agent and had fled to the country. Sources bluntly said that Wang Liqiang had almost

Australian Sky News reported on November 29 that veterans of the Australian intelligence community said that Australian intelligence agencies had high doubts about the identity of Wang Liqiang, who claimed to be a senior Chinese agent and had fled to the country. Sources bluntly said that Wang Liqiang had almost

Author | Zhu Xiao ▲ Tsai Ing-wen (Taiwan media) is only one month away from Taiwan's 2020 election. An island netizen in Taiwan approved kicking on the 26th. Write an article for the topic, citing hot debate. The netizen posted that, look

According to Taiwan media reports, the Taiwan Ministry of Education requires that if universities in Taiwan organize educational exchanges with the mainland in the name of schools, they must log on to the platform in advance and report in advance. Regarding this, some netizens on the island satirized the Taiwan authorities beforehand? Intimidation beforehand? Green is scary! Others say that...

On the morning of November 27, Zhu Fenglian, spokesperson of the State Council Taiwan Affairs Office, the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council held a regular press conference. Spokesperson Zhu Fenglian of the State Council Taiwan Office answered questions from reporters on cross-strait political party exchanges, cross-strait military mutual trust, and cross-strait cultural exchanges. A...

Since the new semester in September this year, Taiwan’s high school history textbooks, based on the new edition, have been used. Its chaotic system, flawed content and distorted value orientation have caused strong dissatisfaction in the academic and educational circles of Taiwan. They called on the whole society to jointly oppose the Chinese textbook, not

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