The energy stone she wears on her body every day. The amount of radiation per day is equivalent to doing nearly a hundred chest radiographs. Speaking of radiation, is the first thing that pops out of your mind is the leaked nuclear power plant or the X-ray detection in the hospital? However, a recent inspection by Dalian Customs found that the danger was lurking in a seemingly healthy way.

Tiger flutter January 2 When the news that Wanda is about to withdraw its capital came out, the players in the Dalian club couldn't believe this fact, and when the Wanda statement was released, the players also realized that Wanda really wanted to gone. According to the "Football News", many players are worried about the contract

At noon on the first day of 2020, Wanda Group announced that it would bring people back from the New Year's celebration atmosphere to reality: Wanda Group decided to withdraw from the Dalian party club. The full text of the statement is as follows: Recently, online media hyped Wanda to withdraw a party from a football club and withdraw from Dalian Football. Individual malicious slander from the...

On January 1, news, Wanda officially issued a statement announcing that it cannot continue to support the Dalian party club in its current form and will seek to rebuild a professional club on its own. De Zhuan Zhu Yi analysis said that if Wanda Group wants to restart the stove, it needs to start from the crown. Zhu Yi wrote: Because Dalian Huayi retired from the championship last year,

Tiger flutter January 1st Recently, online media hyped Wanda to withdraw a football club and withdraw from Dalian football. Individual malicious slander of Wanda from the media is not true football, but corporate failure. In order to clarify the facts, the following statement is made: at the beginning of 2018, the shareholders of

Sino-Singapore Jingwei Client January 1st, on the 1st, the official website of Wanda Group announced that Wanda will not withdraw from Dalian Football, and will seek to rebuild its professional club and continue to support Dalian Football. The announcement stated that the online media had recently speculated that Wanda had withdrawn its football club and withdrew Dalian Football. Individual media

Recently, a small couple in Dalian checked in to the hotel. After they took a shower, they turned off the lights and went to bed.

Recently, Dalian has announced the results of the final award-winning works of the "First Dalian Cultural Creative and Tourism Souvenir Contest", which covers a series of cultural and creative designs such as LOGO, postcards, packaging design, and iPad covers. Among them, a work named Dalian City Logo was awarded

Recently, Dalian has announced the results of the final award-winning works of the "First Dalian Cultural Creative and Tourism Souvenir Contest", which covers a series of cultural and creative designs such as LOGO, postcards, packaging design, and iPad covers. Among them, a work named Dalian City Logo was awarded

Zhangzi Island employees said that Zhangzi Island had purchased oyster scallops from South Korea in the previous year and last year to increase production, and had bought meat and shells. Actually buying from outside does not make money, but after all there is quantity. Old Kong said that in order to ensure market supply, Zhangzidao also lost money (referring to purchases from outside).

In the early morning of December 15th, the 23-year-old Dalian girl stretched a lazy waist after getting up. She did not expect a sudden pain in her chest, difficulty breathing, and immobility. Girl stretched her waist and had severe chest pain. The Dalian girl is less than 23 years old and lives in South China Plaza in Ganjingzi District. Early morning, December 15

In the hotel room, the couple just took a shower and found that the camera hidden in the socket was facing their camera. & Amp; hellip; & amp; hellip; . After the two had taken a shower, they turned off the lights. Xiao Wang uses his mobile phone flashlight

Recently, Dalian citizens broke the news: The first phase of China Resources Banshan Yuejing Community was handed over in late October this year. When the owners checked out, they saw that there were irregular graves on the north side of the hillside withered grass. According to the statistics from the Dalian Zhongshan Government on the Dalian Public Opinion Network, there are about 300...

A few days ago, a citizen reported to our newspaper's official WeChat reporting platform that a large number of cats were raised for sale in the neighbour's home on the 9th floor, which caused great distress to nearby residents. The residents upstairs did not dare to open the window to ventilate the wind, because some people in the building had dozens of cats in their homes, and the smell was...

Recently, 23.71 tons of foreign garbage intercepted by Liaoning Dalian Customs was returned to the port of Dalian Port. According to statistics, from January to October this year, Dalian Customs returned a total of more than 3,700 tons of foreign waste. On November 30, the reporter saw at Dayao Bay Port in Dalian.

Benitez recently, the head coach of the Dalian side, Benitez, said in an interview with the British media "Daily Mail" that he is very satisfied with the working environment and status in China. He does not feel that he is coaching in China. Go to interest. Benitez revealed that his wife had suggested that he return to work in Europe, but he

Tigers flew on November 23rd This afternoon, the 28th round of the Chinese Super League against Dalian Huaxia Happiness competition, Dalian veteran Zhou Ting entered the starting lineup of the game, he will play as the captain. Zhou Ting’s first launch also allowed him to break China’s top professional league.

The Cuizhu Community of Dalian Development Zone staged a realistic version of the 鸠 鹊 鹊 nest, a man arbitrarily moved into the house of others, and lived for 8 years … … man stealing 8 years from others There is a house in the Cuizhu Community of Dalian Development Zone, and later

Recently, a gas leak occurred in the staff quarters of a catering unit in Changping Street, Shahekou District, Dalian, Liaoning Province, resulting in 1 death and 3 injuries. How did the accident happen? Only 4 people were injured by a clothesline! In the early morning, I found a gas leak in the building. Mr. Zhang was the first to discover a gas leak.

The hero is on the side: 呜 —— A freight train is driving to the vicinity of Houge Village, Gezhenbao Street, Dalian City, Liaoning Province. The train driver does not know that it is not far away, a large stone weighing more than 100 kilograms. Being placed on the rails, if the train drives over, the consequences are unimaginable. Just in this millennium

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