Five minutes to understand the New Year's event. The New Year is coming. The League of Legends official has prepared a series of rich events to welcome the New Year. Let's see what activities there are. The sweepstakes of Panpan finally opened.

Sony Interactive Entertainment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. announced today that it will release the PS4 Pro New Year Masterpiece Set and PS4 New Year Masterpiece Set on January 1, 2020 in mainland China. PS4 Pro New Year Masterpiece Set (Black / Glacier White 1TB)

When Destiny 2 entered its third year, one of Bungie's most used slogans was called the Evolving World. This is the promise they made in the early days of Destiny, but they haven't really realized it: a game world that constantly changes with version updates like MMO

In the beginning, there was nothing. From nothing to existence, it is divided into two-order and chaos, where dawn and night are born, and eternal battles are endless. Two and a half years ago, the two were transformed into a messenger of the dawn, Rui Wen and a messenger of the night, Yasuo, after a struggle, and finally ended with Yasuo's staged victory.

Douyu Live DCA vs Geng LOL Night and Dawn Theme Match

Hi everyone, this is Dr. X. For a long-running online game, the update speed of the version is usually not very fast, and once a version change in three or five months is already good. The speed of launching new heroes in the game is basically the same. If it is spread out in Blizzard and V company, it is slow.

From December 18th to January 15th next year, the new year's dawn festival will arrive in the world of Destiny 2 as scheduled. As the dawn season kicks off, the new season of exotic weapons and game systems gives the guardians a new combat experience. Now it's time to start the carnival of Dawn Festival.

In the game, do you know what the lava stone of the mini world is? Do you know how the lava black dragon summons? Let's take a look at the method of lifting the seal of the lava black dragon of the mini world. After a lot of hard work in the mini world continent, after defeating the black dragon, a mysterious dragon will be generated on the altar

In the lol game, the latest obtained Night and Dawn will soon meet you. This is a big update. How should this event be played? Interested friends will follow the editor to see it. lol Night and Dawn 2019 Event Introduction Night and Dawn 201

"Lawn News" scene map overseas network December 12th, recently, as many as 200 Pakistani lawyers went to a hospital in Lahore to protest violently. They not only damaged the hospital's internal equipment, smashed doors and windows, but also set fire Police car outside the hospital. This mess also caused 3

For the new hero of "League of Legends", the slain of the lingering moon. A few days ago, "League of Legends" official blog posted an introduction video of Epheus, detailing the hero's background settings and skills, let's take a look. Your browser does not support the most video playback

Previously, due to a mistake in the PSN store, the cover of the game Resident Evil 3: Remastered, which is being developed by Capcom, was leaked. At the same time, TGA 2019 is approaching, so many players speculate that "Resident Evil: Heavy

The immortal season of "Fate 2" is coming to an end. Recently, "Fate 2" officially also officially announced the upcoming new season, the dawn season, and announced all the upcoming updates in the new season. Your browser does not support this video playback in the upcoming new match

This article brings to you the introduction to the eighth level of the One Piece Burning Will Adventure. This adventure has been around for some time. Playing this level is moderately difficult and the benefits are considerable. Let ’s take a look. The eighth pass of the adventure, the first round of the customs clearance technique.

Soraka reveals lace news. Recently, the official announcement of a new series of skins-Nightbringer & Dawnbringer series. There are four night messengers this time, including Epherius, Blind Monk, Vampire, and Soraka. There are three Dawn Messengers, including Kalmar, Nidre and Soraka. Sola

In the mobile game sector, revenue increased by 7% in October, with "Glory of the King" and "Watching Dawn" leading the revenue list. Recently, market research agency Superdata released the October game market report. Among them, the total revenue of the digital game market in October was USD 8.84 billion (about 61.881 billion

Is dawn here? SKT finally officially announced their large list. With the departure of Kkoma, this time SKT introduced former DWG coach Jin Jingxuan. In terms of player recruitment, SKT introduced the former GEN order Roach and trainees order Cann.

[Global Times reporter in Pakistan Ding Xuezhen Wang Huicong] The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is not a burden, and the relationship between Pakistan and China will never wear out. Pakistani plan and special task minister Umayer held a press conference on the 23rd to respond to US officials one by one.

Last month, a truck ice corpse occurred in Essex, England, and it was confirmed that all 39 deceased were Vietnamese citizens. It has been more than a month since the incident, and many of the victims have not been able to go home. According to their family members, they must borrow money from the government to pay for the return of the body to the country. The Vietnamese government has clearly...

At 3:48 pm on November 20, the Command Center of Changsha City Fire and Rescue Detachment received an alarm saying that a fire broke out in Building 1 of Shuguang Community, Shuguang Community, Renmin Road, Furong District. After receiving the alarm, the detachment command center immediately dispatched Wuli, Labor Road, Gaoqiao, Xianghu, Wuyi Square, Luo

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