Recently, in a vegetable market in Changkeng, Anxi, Quanzhou, there was a sudden and horrifying incident: a female stall owner was slashed nearly 50 times by the host of the next stall! The video screen is startling! ▼▼▼ Yesterday, Mr. Shen, a citizen, reported that relatives of a friend's family were chopped dozens of knives at a vegetable market in Changkeng

Modern Express News (Reporter Yu Lu, Lu Jie, Ma Zhuangzhuang) Online consultation has established a bridge for rapid communication between doctors and patients, bringing convenience to patients. However, some medical information websites have been exposed, and many seem to be doctors ’answers. In fact, it is the content copied and pasted by part-time workers, and few of them have medical...

Recently, an unusual operation was performed in a hospital in Serbia. A 36-year-old man was born without a testicle and was unable to have children. In order to fulfill his dream of becoming a father, the twin brother volunteered to donate a testicle. After 6 hours of high-risk surgery by an international medical team,

Although seeing a doctor is a very common thing, there will always be some embarrassing things. Recently blogger @ 我 与 老公 's daily initiation of a topic # Small but once embarrassed, I am afraid to find a place to dig into the sea

When the weather is cold, the food enthusiasts cannot control themselves. When a few friends get together, it is inevitable that drinking will help. Among them, fruit wine is also very popular ~ However, some people drink fruit wine and drink something big ... In the evening of November 30, Jieyang

Normal walking, normal bed rest, normal sitting and eating ... these are not ordinary for us. But can you think that these actions are more like a luxury to some people? Li Hua, a 46-year-old Shenzhen neighborhood, is one of the & amp; darr; & amp; darr

The 46-year-old "folder" patient Li Hua spent more than 20 years with his chin pressed against his thigh. The doctors of Shenzhen University General Hospital have performed 4 operations on Li Hua since June this year, "interrupting" him His legs and neck not only “straightened” his whole body, but also enabled him to walk down.

In the morning of December 14th, Neto, one of the survivors of the Chapeco crash, announced today that he will retire. Netto is 34 years old and is a defender. He was one of six survivors of the 2016 Chapeco crash, which killed 71 people in that crash. Inside

The baby's lips just after the full moon are dry. The confinement babysitter said that this is the child's autumn dry and getting angry. Feed ‘Luo Luo Wei’, cool and detoxify. A pair of novice parents in Taizhou Yuhuan had little experience. I felt that Yuezheng's words would not be wrong. I acquiesced. I didn't expect to have a big problem. Xiao Zhang couple in Taizhou Yuhuan,

From January to December, seasonal flu enters a high season. The number of cold consultations in major hospitals in Hangzhou has increased rapidly, and respiratory infections have ranked first in the emergency department. Many flus are like colds and fevers at first, but if you don't pay attention to them, the disease will suddenly go down within a few days. Doctor Zeng Xiaokang of the First...

Above: The incident happened in thousands of hospitals. Recently, a shocking incident occurred in the African country Namibia. A pregnant woman was sent to the hospital for delivery. The doctor even broke the newborn's head when delivering the baby. Comprehensive foreign media reported on December 11 that this incident occurred in Na

"Lawn News" scene map overseas network December 12th, recently, as many as 200 Pakistani lawyers went to a hospital in Lahore to protest violently. They not only damaged the hospital's internal equipment, smashed doors and windows, but also set fire Police car outside the hospital. This mess also caused 3

Modern Express News (Reporter Zhu Jian He Jie Gundam) is useless to me. Sheng Jinyun, 85, said something like this after he was awarded the 7th Chinese Pediatric Lifetime Achievement Physician. The highest award set by the Chinese Medical Association and Chinese pediatrician in 2019 is only 1 in the country.

Image source @ 视 中国 文 | Arterial Network (ID: vcbeat), author | Zhang Xiaoxu After years of exploration, the Internet hospital finally ushered in policy certainty last year and entered a new stage of development. This year, the construction of Internet hospitals has entered another round of peak periods. According to the Beijing Daily

23 years old, bilateral femoral head necrosis, such news is undoubtedly a sunny day for Zhejiang Xiaozhou Xiaoxie (pseudonym) family. Why did I get this disease? Will I only be able to live in a wheelchair in the future? Xiao Xie's mind hovered around these two questions. Xiao Xie is a sports enthusiast, especially running,

Ella Snyder is a blogger living in the United States. This 20-year-old, she is tall and beautiful. She is a college student and a part-time model. She often shares some daily life with everyone on the Internet. Today, her tubing has more than 100,000 fans. Many years

Recently, a 4-month-old baby girl in Xi'an died after doing massage. Can pediatric massage be used as the main treatment? Is the pediatric massager in the massage shop professional? Recently, the reporter visited several children's massage stores in Hefei and found that the industry has low entry barriers and unprofessional phenomena. Related experts

Kunming Children's Hospital recently treated a 3-month-old baby girl who was bitten off by a rat's wound on the face and was bitten on the right side ... It is understood that the baby girl came from Chuxiong Shuangbai and was alone at home. To the rat's food. Because the local hospital could not be treated, the child was urgently transferred to Kunming

It looks so ugly. What kind of work here? It's worthless. I have the ability to hit me. & Amp; hellip; & amp; hellip; Recently, a Wenling man made a night outrage at the hospital and insulted the nurse to provoke the security. As a result, the incident became serious. ? ? & amp; hellip

Speaking of stomach problems, I believe everyone is not unfamiliar ~ once there was a joke among 10 people, 9 had stomach problems! DV Jun shed tears of pain ... A small symptom of stomach problems sometimes makes DV Jun tossing enough ~ Either tolerate or take stomach medicine or there is no other way! Huang Bo, Haizhu's Neighborhood

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