Produced by: Tiger Sniff Young Group Authors | Hu Zhanjia Titles | Oriental IC, countdown, 54321 open grab, spike. After adjusting the lights, putting on makeup, and sitting in the studio, Wei Ya quickly entered into working condition, and a series of skillful movements appeared naturally in front of the camera. November 14

01 Snow began to write up, the seller earned a hundred dollars a day in order to create a sense of realism for the southerners, the northern partners have a chance to find business opportunities from the snow, began to sell snow to write services. This special trading moment, which is customized by the buyer, written by the seller on the snow and photographed.

This article from the public numbers: New Jingwei (ID: jwview), Author: Chang Tao, the original title "red envelope back now, selling spoiled miserable & amp; hellip; & amp; hellip; you escaped promotional messages, no one escaped seller Fancy to praise", title map from: Oriental IC double 11

Revenue growth, loss expansion, a lot of money can be profitable, perhaps the next quarter earnings can give an answer. On November 20th, Beijing time, a lot of (NASDAQ: PDD) announced the third quarter earnings report for 2019. In the quarter, the total revenue of the company was 7.519 billion yuan.

At the moment when online traffic is getting tighter and tighter, Zeng Yi’s clear online and offline lines are being re-aggregated. On November 19th, at the Ali local life conference, Wang Lei, president of the local life service company, revealed that the growth rate of the take-away industry has dropped from over 90% in 2018 to the current 3

Pindodo (PDD.US) will host the 2019 Third Quarter Results Conference on November 20th, which will introduce the company's third quarter performance in 2019, business review and future development plans, and will answer investor questions. Come and see the double in the past

Tide is a new social password for modern young people. Double 11 is the consumption vane, and more worthy of attention than the figure of 268.4 billion GMV is: changes in consumption trends. What is the new consumption trend this year? Sink, live, green, smart …&hell

Xiaobian used advanced mathematics to calculate the double 11. It has been 7 days since I heard that I have entered the buyer and sellers to wake up each other. Are you sleeping? I am ugly and can’t sleep. You slept and deleted the photo. The money is returned to you to sit still, and the rice in your hand is 2019.

In the home appliance industry, the price war is no stranger. Some people have concluded that there have been three price wars since 2000, and each price war has had a greater impact on the industry and the market. If you jump out of the whirlpool of price wars, in the long run, there is still competition in the home appliance industry, and its future lies in

On the one hand, the giants with brand and resource advantages are eye-catching, one is the all-opening and powerful take-out delivery platform, and the other is the entrepreneurial players who have come to the present, let this instant distribution battlefield that never lacks disputes once again . Every reporter Zhao Wenqi

Everything is just beginning. Qiu Shui sells an average of 367 high-waist jeans, 478 sweaters, 379 fairy pajamas, 10 pairs of New Balance shoes, 4.5 UNIQ jackets, 11 cervical massagers, 20,000 bottles per second.

The original title "Double 11 blind box, sneakers behind the fire, hidden second-hand rivers and lakes" with the increase in consumption levels, material life is becoming more and more abundant, how to deal with old things become a problem. At the same time, with the influence of environmental awareness and the concept of disconnection, people’s use of second-hand items

Netease Technology News November 13th news, the 5th World Zheshang Conference was held in Hangzhou, Ma Yun, founder of Alibaba Group and president of Zheshang Association, expressed his opinion on the double 11 just past. In his view, Double 11 is not a digital event, but an innovative force

In 2007, Chuck Prince, the famous capital of Citigroup and former CEO of Citigroup, said: But as long as the music is playing, you ’ ve got to get

The distant western continent has a variety of magical legends and is the hometown of the Tuen Mun knights. In recent days, somewhere in the western part of the mainland, there have been frequent blooms at night, illuminating half of the mainland. After the major sects personally involved in the investigation, they found that it was like the fairyland recorded in "The Happy Remnant" - the land...

Gree, which rarely carries out price wars, has a high-profile profit of 3 billion yuan in the double 11 promotion. Already the air conditioner boss Gree in the end what? Text | "Chinese Entrepreneur" reporter Liang Ruiyao editor | Li Wei head map photography | Deng Pan dull white electricity market, waiting for the eve of the double 11 eve. 11

Double 11 How happy is the hand on the day, how painful after the double 11 is, the earth is really not good. When you are still immersed in the irrational consumption sorrow, Li Xiang has smothered his own double 11 live broadcast on Weibo: the transaction amount is 130 million, and the number of transactions is 960,000 single +,

IT House November 13th News Double 11 Shopping is over, but waiting for the double 11 express package is even more exciting. However, during the double 11 period, the news that the two couriers were destroyed by the fire was heartbreaking. According to reports, on November 12, a Beijing drive to

Double 11 has passed, how much have you lost? On November 11th, 2019, we witnessed history again. 500 million people bought and bought collectively. The major e-commerce companies also handed out eye-catching transcripts: Tmall's transaction rating was 268.4 billion, while Jingdong turnover

This article from the public number: DT Finance (ID: DTcaijing), Author: He Shuyao, edit: Ami, Tim, Design: Zhao Yun, title figure from: Eastern IC the double 11, we also created a new record for 2684 The interpretation of this number of billions is overwhelming. but

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